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 treefoliage made out of gardenpond/aquariumfibers
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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  06:19:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Actualy this is a reply on a post in a thread in the "crew lounge" and after watching carefuly what is was going about( the : crew lounge") I decided it would be better to put this post overhere...( I think

Poly fibers are just great materials to make the "green stuff" on any layout, O HO or N even Z..
They are made in several colors but I think you mostly have to "paint" those fibers because of the non-natural colors of it
I use the fibers too but I cut them first in very small parts( about 1/2 an inch), collect them in a large ( shoe)box and add /glue them on the frames by praying glue on the outsides of the twigs/branches..than directly after that: add some fine grassfibers at/over the outside of the braches with fibers and last: adding the leafs with a teasieve, like Ws fine turf in N/Z scale or coarse turf for HO scale. Also the leafs from Noch can ce used/glued on the colored fibers..
Any tree can be made by these fibers!
like a (Fagus) beechtree:

or Betula( birch) trees:

shrubs and firtrees:


Country: Netherlands | Posts: 350

Tyson Rayles

Premium Member

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  06:43:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Fantastic looking trees Jos!

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Premium Member

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  07:49:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please tell me that the picture of the birch trees is of real trees and not ones you made.
I have made a couple of birch trees and they do not look anywhere as realistic as those.
I need many more so I am interested in what you did.

If you made these trees how about posting a tutorial with a little more of an explanation than is found in your first post.

John Bagley
Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  09:51:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Way to go, Jos! Excellent!

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Posted - 09/15/2008 :  09:59:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit UKGuy's Homepage  Send UKGuy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Some of the best trees I have seen indeed. I'll certainly second John in a request for a more detailed process how-to.

Terrific modelling.


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Premium Member

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  1:26:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I also love the look. You really hit the realism nail on the head with these!!

Look out for #1, but don't step in #2!

Andy Keeney
Dewitt, MI

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Posted - 09/15/2008 :  1:52:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Outstanding trees Jos, great job!

Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast
Post count: 5000 posts added to below count.

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Tabooma County Rwy

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  2:04:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Beautiful trees, Jos! Thanks for sharing your techniques!

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Premium Member

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  4:04:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit LVN's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Very very nice indeed

Chris Lyon

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Frederic Testard

Premium Member

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  4:25:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Fantastic trees, Jos. You just can't show it and not tell us more...

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Don Brimmer

Posted - 09/15/2008 :  5:51:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Great looking trees, show us more!!

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/16/2008 :  07:08:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Frederic Testard:
Fantastic trees, Jos. You just can't show it and not tell us more...

yes I can, Yes I can Yes I caaaaaaaaan! lol
Back to topic: yes of course I will / TRY to make a "how to"..but unfortunately our "main"PC is shutted down for a while šause of a ( probably) virus so I cannot get/have acces to my pics...:(
I've got only some "ready trees" on 'picoodle' so I just show you some more...
Hope to start next week with the "how to"...

and after the storm:...

the frame of a beechtree:

some pollard willows:


scotchpine trunk:

so hope to make the tutorial soon...!


Edited by - scotchpine on 09/14/2011 03:11:34 AM

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Posted - 09/16/2008 :  07:41:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Jos, manneke lief da sen schoone boomen, can't wait for the tutorial!! I really like how you have tapered the bottom of the trees to look like they have a root system. Glad my little note has brought you back, Pat

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Crew Chief

Posted - 09/16/2008 :  08:42:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Scotchpine (Jos), are the polyfibres from aquarium filters or from aquarium plants?
They look very good indeed

Edited by - shortliner on 09/16/2008 08:43:08 AM

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/16/2008 :  12:38:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks everyone for the kind/nice words! :)
Shortliner: "are the polyfibres from aquarium filters or from aquarium plants?"
No they are just , as you wrote, polyfibers used in filters. The y are not artificial plants ( made of plastic)
They can be bought in different size : very thin ,thin and more a "rough kind.
I use the "fine" ones( pale white-green) for the birches and the "rough"( blue) ones for the "common" decidious trees(+the "rough ones" they make the proces of making trees faster! ;-)
Hope i can show you the pics of "the how" to and the fibers soon!


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Premium Member

Posted - 09/16/2008 :  1:02:14 PM  Show Profile  Send akimmons an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Those are great looking trees! I too am looking forward to a detailed tutorial on how you do it.

Arnold Kimmons
General Manager
Royal and Edisto Railroad


Edited by - akimmons on 09/16/2008 1:02:55 PM

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