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  • foscale o scale neptune's bait

    i want to add this structure to the norton's diorama i've been working on lo these many years, so i figured i'd do a build thread on it. here are all the wall sections braced according to the instruction card, and stained with one application of silver wood. i am planning on using scale 1 x 6s to side the building using the included milled clapboard as a gluing guide. it's quite a bit of extra work but the look is totally worth it. not all of the walls are clapboard. two are craftboard and will have 2 x 10s added as siding. yeah, the directions say 2 x 10. the jury is still out on that one...
    braced wall sections:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wall sections braced.jpg
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    and here they are after an application of silverwood that dried overnight. i'll give then another one tonight.ll b
    Click image for larger version

Name:	wall sections stained with one coat of silverwood.jpg
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    i needed another shoreline structure, and this one fit the bill. i've only built one other foscale kit, the gas station, and that one went together pretty well so thought i'd try another one.
    based on a suggestion from karl a (uk guy), i'm gonna do this one in dirty blue. dirty white combo. oh it'll be aged......

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    Looking forward to your progress. If you have talked with Karl, then you are in the right company.

    I model in HO scale, and really like the Foscale line of kits. I'm also in his kit of the Month club, worth the money IMO.

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      Thanks Louis !

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    I'm looking forward to see what you do with this Kevin. A very nice kit, and Doug always does wonderful designs.
    I did a scratchbuilt, reversed version of it three years ago, and have just recently finished the dock diorama it sits on.
    Regards Rob

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        louis, bob and carl,
        thanks for the comments and for following along.


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          Originally posted by robert_goslin View Post
          I'm looking forward to see what you do with this Kevin. A very nice kit, and Doug always does wonderful designs.
          I did a scratchbuilt, reversed version of it three years ago, and have just recently finished the dock diorama it sits on.

          i love what you did to the dock on your allnut's scratchbuild. i'm going to borrow your lower level idea. i won't be adding barnacles because mine is a fresh water diorama, but i'm going to try to copy your dock mod. thanks for the great idea.


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            Count me in Kevin! I'm sure it will be down and dirty!

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              welcome aboard.


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                i estimated (accurately i hope) how many 1x6s i'd need (went the square inch route). i might end up a couple boards short.
                anyway, i took 30 boards from my stash and grained all of them with three different brushes, then i put toothpicks well over half of the boards:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	boards being knotholed.jpg
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                then i clipped the toothpicks with a straight toenail clipper, and stained them with one coat of silverwood stain:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	knotholed and stained.jpg
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                so here's what i'm considering doing with a 5 board sample i'll slap together tomorrow. i'll grain and stain them, but no knotholes...
                i'm thinking about damp brushing whitewash over them. then after 24 hours, running the boards through steel wool and 'painting' them with mineral spirits. once that dries, painting over that with 'baby blue' craft acrylic paint. when that dries, taking scotch tape pressing it down on the paint and peeling it off. i'm hoping it will give the appearance of a building that was white at one time. and got painted baby blue several years ago. i'll post pics of the test boards in the various stages.


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                  I've looked and relooked at the photo with the toothpicks. Can't quite figure out what is going on here. Is this a new technique that I should know about? I'm probably the only one not to know but if something the great modelers do I'm all ears

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                Great looking boards Kev and nice progress so far. The knots will show up through the peeled paint nicely.
                Your blue over white plan is a good one, and yes, it does work.

                One thing about your technique plan... don't let the mineral spirits dry before painting the blue, that's not how the technique works.
                Hope this helps and look forward to seeing your results.

                Karl. A


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                  thanks for the tip karl. i would've let it dry and then lamented that the tape wasn't strong enough.... lol


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                    Try and apply the blue over the wet board with one swipe of the brush in each area of the board, I work my way down each board about 2" at a time, two swipes is the limit. more brushing will mix the MS into the paint and ruin the resist, you want the paint sitting on top of the wet board.
                    Once the blue is dry apply the tape and peel away. Super quick and easy.
                    I keep meaning to make a video of it for someone else, if you have any problems I'll prepare some boards and do it in the next couple of days.

                    Have fun !!
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                      Thanks for the technique info, Karl….

                      anxious to follow your progress, Kev



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                        i'll be able to get to the bench this afternoon.....


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                          Your board on milled siding approach produces beautiful models and I expect the same here. Neptune's Bait will be a great addition to your diorama.

                          I'm interested in seeing the resist method in action and the results you get. It's something I need to try some day.



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