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  • Tuesday morning lounge

    Good morning all, a possible doubleheader this morning, couldn't connect earlier. The coffee urn is READY with Yardmaster blend. The special is a short stack, sausage patties, scrambled eggs on the side. Oatmeal pot is still good, other beverages at the end of the line.

    It's going to a 90+ day, so some yard work early, and retreat to the cave this afternoon. Maybe actually do some modeling.

    Have a Super day!

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    Good morning, Jim and crew. We're going to see temps in the low 80's today. It's primary day in Virginia, but our congressional district isn't having a contest, so there's no excitement around here.

    First on the agenda is a haircut. After some yardwork, I'll be spending some time at the workbench.

    Have a good day.

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      Good morning Jim, George, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge Jim. where is everyone? Coffee, it is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

      Back to 67 degree weather, with sunny skies here in Rhode Island at the moment. Not going to get much warmer though.
      They say summer is here tomorrow, I don't see it!

      Not sure again what today will bring yet. I'll have to play it by ear. Try to get motivated again I guess.

      Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

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        Morning Jim and incoming crew. Back home for a week to mow the lawn and take care of those pesky bills they keep sending me. Got some 1:1 projects to do. Supposed to go to the mid-80's today and 90 tomorrow so it sounds like a good time to spend in the shop.

        Enginehouse windows are coming along fine. Should have this project wrapped about about the beginning of August. Been working on getting the ROBO router to see if I can make corrugated sheets. Got the head all designed and almost complete. Not sure yet if I'll get a write up for the whole machine for an article in the RMC or not.

        That's about it for me. Have a great day everybody and I'll catch you at tomorrows breakfast.

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          Went over to grab some lumber and trim work this a.m. with SWMBO'd -- found what we wanted and she got a case of sticker shock on the mill work. Trim is gotten a wee bit pricey, All I have to do is install it my usual hourly rate, too.

          So I cooked up some potatoes and sausage in the pan and shared that with her over 2 cups of coffee and we got through recovery mode on the finances.....enough for her to start planning replacement of bathroom vanities.........

          Not as nice a day today and maybe some weather later, but I hope to get through another wave of painting today. Got a mystery brass hopper to solder back together and add just about everything on to torch has a little too much heat so I'm getting me adjusted to it. Other than that,I've got a book to finish on the stand and the wrens to listen to for entertainment.

          So it goes....
          In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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            Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. Yes, it will get to 90 degree here in S.E. Michigan, too. Mowing early, a trip to the store for some angle iron and castors so our son can weld us a base for a Cusinart Smoker our youngest son gave me for Fathers' Day will follow. I want to be able to wheel it in and out of the garage when I want to smoke some meat or fish. After that, some bench time is planned.

            Have a great day!


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              Sun early but grey and cool. 60s along the lake. Travel went well, we had some rain but the rough looking stuff had passed but it was a holiday so the orange traffic influencers were sidelined.

              Grass to mow and plenty of work to make trekking N to chill out a joke. Already encountered the tick invasion ​​​​​​

              Bob has already been here with 2-3 meals worth of fresh bluegills and a few tall tales since our last visit. Night crawlers are $8 for two dozen!

              Everyone have a good day.

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              • mwbpequod
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                fresh bluegills -- now I'm hungry again........

              • TRAINS1941
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                God don't tell me the nightcrawlers are getting in on the inflation market!!

              • BurleyJim
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                Sounds like a small business opportunity to make a compost box/nightcrawler ranch. Worms will be $10 by the mid-terms.

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              Good morning from warm at 83f degrees heading to 95 this afternoon in So, Central Wisconsin. Diet Dr Pepper for me on ice this morning.

              Today is the 3rd and last day I will be Covid testing. Negative since Sunday. But now for the slow recovery back. The 80% good feeling is good and well the bad 20% sucks.

              Pool and the train room this afternoon as the temperatures should make the decks unusable at around 11AM till about 5PM.

              have a great day


              • BurleyJim
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                Is this the 15th or 16th time you've tested positive?

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              Good evening, all. Today was a nice day along the Gulf of Maine; I spent it working on 1:1 turnouts. My 34' radius closure rail only needed a couple of adjustments and by quitting time we had one end cut & drilled. Completing its installation will probably take most of tomorrow, but that's the hardest part of this turnout rework.