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need cab handrail for HO Atlas S2

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  • need cab handrail for HO Atlas S2

    I was just given an Atlas S2 (made in China) that had burnt out decoder. Replaced it and it's running fine, but the fireman's (left) handrail from the cab back wall down to the steps is broken right where the railing plugs into the back wall of the cab. It's a slippery engineering plastic and can't be glued securely. Atlas doesn't list any spares. Does anyone have an extra one?
    I'm pretty sure the same railing is on the Atlas S1, 3 & 4. Any help is greatl appreciated.

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    Bill......There is a person that has an E-bay site called, That Train Place and So Much More. He carries a lot of Atlas parts and a lot of railing. Can't guarantee he will have the S2 railing but it may worth a try.



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      Thanks, John.


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        Bill here is what you are looking for, picture below. I can't post the website here on RR-L so I sent you a message. Also here are the S-2 instructions (PDF) if you don't have them.

        Click image for larger version

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        [ATTACH]n998088[/ATTACH] Locomotive S-2 parts manual

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          The pdf file indicates parts for the latest Atlas Gold/Silver China engine(s) and I think that is correct for what Bill is searching for.

          However, it appears the pic illustrates handrails for the older Atlas/Roco S series.


          Do you know if the engine you have came from the factory with sound? If so, you have later China version and the above pdf is illustrates what you need.

          If you have the older Atlas/Roco (no add-on details. Basic heavier handrails only), the the pdf parts will not fit. I also think the China produced "Classic" series are clones of the basic Roco molds from the Atlas/Roco S series.

          Here's a couple pics of one of my Atlas Gold recent release S-2's. Do the details match the ones on your engine, Bill?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	062122_1.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	062122_2.jpg
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          If so, you have either a "Gold" version with factory equipped sound, or a "Silver" version with end-user added sound.

          Hope the above helps you find the right parts.



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            Thanks, Andre. It is an older S-2 from China, probably late 1990s or very early 2000s at best. I don't think it came with any decoder originally. When it was given to me the burnt out decoder was from NCE- definitely not factory installed.
            Originally the grabs were molded on and at some point replaced with bronze grabs and steel eyebolt lift rings. There are no separate uncoupler lift bars and no other added details and the other rear cab/step hand rail and siderhandrails, end rails are all black, flexible engineering plastic that look like the photo Lou posted.

            Another member emailed me and is sending me a railing from his spare parts. His photo looks like what's needed. I'll let you know when it arrives if it fits. Thanks for all the info.
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              Sounds like you have a "Classic" series S-2. If so, it was based on the Roco, but it might have a bit different handrails. (I have several of the original Atlas/Kato "yellow box" RS-3's and an Atlas China produced "Classic" RS-3, and there are subtle differences, including the handrails.)

              Hopefully, the parts on the way will fix you up.