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  • Wednesday "Mid-June" Lounge

    Good morning from S.E. Michigan where the skies are clear and we will break 90 degrees for the first time this year.

    We took a Corned Beef out of the freezer, so Bonnie made a big batch of Corned Beef Hash, top that with some Sunny Side Up Eggs, a slice of Sourdough toast, and there's our breakfast. Our coffee is our Turntable Blend.

    My excuse for the day for not doing any outdoor work is the high temps and humidity. I think Bonnie is buying it.

    I have some computer work to do, an errand or two to run, and then I should get some modeling time in.

    What is on your agenda?

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    Nice here in the morning but it's going to go up, up and up in temp and humidity. Coffee and a bagel and we'll see...

    Back is still a mess but hobbling about a bit. Got to flip that cabinet over it that SWMBO'd it working on in the garage. More Advil.....

    Errand to the PO and library and then it's hunkering down in the home office and shop. Got a Lobaugh tank (just the tank) to work with to make into a tank car.....and other projects that have been lingering. Maybe gt something to a painting stage?

    So it goes......

    In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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      hotter than:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	98F0741A-CAF0-446F-A5F7-85D4B51026D1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	278.1 KB ID:	997433

      No breeze and ‘tis humid…the humids are stacked up like Firewood…..not fit for man nor beast.

      Hope Jim’s doing ok, the message regarding trees down and no power was distressing for sure. Will be laying low around here today. I trimmed trees yesterday until bouncing off the wall. Will clean up the limbs tomorrow. Gave long handled Dewalt saw a workout, or rather it gave me one. It’s a neat machine but 6’ plus pole is a bit headstrong and old arms do have a limit

      Everyone have a good day, Bonnie’s corned beef hash should put a fine mellow on your moods…ah….is it nap time already? I’m sweating just looking out the window.

      Be Well, stay hydrated!

      KS in MI
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      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

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        Good morning Bruce, Martin, Karl, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge today Bruce. Coffee, it is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

        Bruce those high temps and humidity is a reason to stay out of the weather. The older I get the more I know I can't stand the high heat anymore. At one time I could take the hottest days with no problem. And, that Corned Beef Hash sounds great, I get it from a can, but homemade has to be the best I'm sure!

        70 and sunny here in Rhode Island at the moment. Suppose to be in the 80's today again. We'll see.

        The new Critter project in the logging and mining section is still ongoing for those interested. May thanks again to all for your comments on that.

        Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

        Louis L&R Western Railroad
        Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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          Good morning Bruce, Martin, Karl and Louis. It's already near 80F in northern WV. We might get out walking but it will be soon or not at all.

          I puttered around with my model barn yesterday but made minimal progress. Working on the roof.

          Not much planned for today other than get ready for a couple of days away from home coming up. Need to get the bills in the mail (I still pay for many the old fashioned way), etc.

          Have a good one.


          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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            Going back to less online bill paying here. Have a couple that invariably claim the password you saved from last month is wrong and take you down the rabbit hole of forgotten and lost souls in password Hades. But then I have the same thing happen on this forum when on my desktop PC..

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          Mike & Karl...........I still do bill paying by mail. I like paying when I am ready to pay and still have the option to dispute if there is a problem.

          A nice lady at my bank told me NEVER sign for auto-pay, very easy to sign up for but almost impossible to get out of. This as a result of me taking a "discount if auto-pay" option on a satellite TV offer. They billed me for 4 months after I had terminated their service.




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            Plus they can jump your rates without you noticing unless you’re astute at keeping an eye on your account balances.