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    Good morning all, from 64f -> 73f overcast and breezy N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn has flashed the READY signal with Boilermaker blend. The special is an egg , cheese, hash browns and bacon bits casserole. The oatmeal pot is an alternative. All other drinks are at the end of the line. With TomO sticking around for the rest of the Summer, we will be assured of the Smoothie machine and his concoctions (he calls them his specialities ) to provide a healthier breakfast.

    The layout redraw is complete, now I'm going back and assigning turnout names, setting up blocks, detectors and signals. Tedious.

    Before I start into that, I'm meeting my old crew for 1:1 breakfast for the first time since last December, at "The Greek's". That should be fun.

    Later this morning, I've got to move around some equipment in the potting shed, as the gardener is doing a purge of the shelves in there, but can't get to them with the seeder, tiller, tractor, yada, yada, in the way. .

    Have a Super day!

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    Good morning, Jim and crew. It's another beautiful day in Tidewater, Virginia.

    I'm still working on the cassettes. I need to post a progress report, using the word "progress" liberally.

    Have a good day.
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      Good morning Jim, George and the rest of the crew. It is 59 and drizzling right now in S.E. Michigan. We might hit 70 later today. The heavy rains over night finally gave everything a good soaking. Since the rain will continue until noon, no outdoor work today.

      I finished the Roundhouse Tank Engine build. It actually runs quite smoothly - just a bit noisy as those open framed motors tend to be. I'll update my thread later today. While I'm in the mood, I'll probably grab another locomotive kit off the shelf and do the build.

      Have a great day!



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        Good morning. It's a cloudy 72F in northern WV with rain expected. Good for the flowers but reduced chances of getting out for a walk.

        No layout progress yesterday. I spent much of the day straightening up a room upstairs. It became a place to dump furniture and miscellaneous stuff when I worked on other rooms earlier this year.

        We also planned a weekend getaway for later this month. We changed where are going to go and how many nights we will stay away.

        Well, it started to rain, so I guess we'll be staying inside.

        Have a nice day.


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          2 cups of coffee after making the weekly run to the grocery......and a plate of hash browns with peppers, onions. mushrooms, and fine chopped chicken.....yup, cleaning out the frige breakfast,

          Office and shop day (maybe a dash out to the PO...), but back spasms have me knotted up a bit.

          Looking forward to making the run up to the O narrow meet in Harrisburg on Fri. Got some stuff to deliver to 2 guys - Hurray! More stuff out of my office/shop space...

          But another beautiful day (so far...) and my wrens are out singing up a tune.

          So it goes....
          In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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            Overnight rain has it wet, breezy and cool this morning. Some sun maybe later. May be out in the shop later. Bought a new jug of agricultural generic roundup yesterday, 500% price increase , passed the gas station on the way to town:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	9CA27299-4464-4131-922D-91B49163983A.jpeg Views:	6 Size:	88.6 KB ID:	996716

            sure changing everybody’s life plans with this obscenity.

            A project to work on out in the shop today. The Doll’s cat is out hunting…no catch and release for that guy…
            Click image for larger version  Name:	124E0C4D-7C4C-455C-AAC5-10128A5391DC.jpeg Views:	6 Size:	148.7 KB ID:	996717

            I guess I’ll probably mow later, sort of a quandary, let it go and it will need sweeping, leading to more Brandon Juice in the tank than just mowing, so..just buck up and keep on.

            Jacked the zero turn up to check blades, center blade is bent, bad! $o off to the part$ store could buy ju$t one but like to keep them in matched sets

            Everyone have a fine day. Be well.

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              Good morning from Wisconsin. Terry is out on the trails without a horse or her hubby (me). Weather is ok, low 70’s this afternoon and finally no rain.

              Today I feel old and in the almost 70 years that I am, this is the first time I really felt that way. Yesterday was fun. 2 under 18 Women’s World Championship hockey games on the UW-Madison campus. With 90 minutes between games to have time for a decent dinner. Got home at 11:15pm and in bed around 11:45. Woke up at 8:55am just 5 minutes before Terry said she would get concerned. Hockey has never been a tough sport for me to watch. Man, I am beat! But we are going to do it again today.

              I doubt I will see the train room today. I called the UW Health scheduling group to see if I could move up my radiation treatments starting June 27 and 2 weeks after that for 6 treatments. When the lady said yes they will put me on a list in case someone dies I said forget it. That I think would feel strange. I also think it is their way to discourage treatment changes…

              Smoothies, yogurt with granola and Glucerna shakes have become since January my go to breakfast. Jim, thanks I thought Fast Eddie may have pawned the smoothie machine. I will clean it today.

              Gas last night on the 12 mile drive home was $4.89 at most stations for no lead

              Enjoy your day