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  • k9wrangler
    commented on 's reply
    Gee, same feeling I had during my very brief time at the Modelers Forum, one of a super-club of pseudo celebrities and insiders and name droppers. So perceptions differ, hopefully everyone will be happy with their choices. I sure have been in my years at RR-L. Too little time in real life to let stuff on the fake world of online get your, or my, hackles up. Lighten up and find your groove, dude..sure plenty enough humo(u)r here…we do have Canadian’s present ;-)

  • greg_s
    Joe, I first want to thank you for all of your hard work over the years in allowing RRLines forums to become one of the best model railroad structure building forums in the world!
    I've been lucky enough to be a contributing member here for well over a decade now.
    It's wonderful to have a place like RRLines to share our collective model railroad passions with other modelers from around the world!
    I have always found the members here on this forum to be friendly & courteous when it comes to my interactions with them.
    So I'm a bit befuddled by the fact that someone can be banned on this forum, simply because they posted news regarding another forum not being closed but instead still open.
    I'm not a member of this other forum, so I have nothing to gain there. However when I see a member being banned here on this forum for simply doing that(whether their intentions were informational or self serving), I feel that kind of treatment is way to harsh! Besides, I very much doubt that you would have lost any members here on this forum to this other forum.
    Infact it's just the opposite, I know that we have gained new members here at RRLines, from that same forums now former demise.
    Joe, I hope you will reconsider your decision regarding this ban.

    Greg Shinnie

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  • rrladmin
    Originally posted by gregd View Post
    Very diplomatic post Ron.....however, I'm not real impressed with the follow up post.


    Rather than wait for Ron, maybe i can clarify a couple things for you.

    First.. thanks for the kind words as to how impressive and awesome the RRLine forums are! Having hosted these forums for over 25 years I am super proud to run this group! I want to thank all the super talented modelers for their work and contributions and for the overall camaraderie in the group ! AND the greatest news of all is we are approaching our 1,000,000th post !!! That being said I'm sorry that you had a bad experience here... and to all those who had a low tolerance for Greg i hope we can improve on that in the future ! As far as rules are concerned i feel like every group needs some rules.. Please LMK what rules you feel that were unjust. Ill be happy to look into them !

    ! will agree, there's a serious bunch here.. Im proud to say we have the finest modelers on any model railroad forum hands down. Please don't feel belittled by that, as I would be lucky to put an atlas kit together. ( im just here because i love trains )

    On to the subject of Tom aka ACL 1504. as stated i have built and ran this forum for at least 25 years ( probably longer ) and i have never heard of him... maybe he was a member once.... maybe not ( and again i don't really participate in this forum much, other than to keep the servers running, database working, internet connected, etc. ) Now, Tom may be your hero, but i don't know him from Adam.. and for him pop on with a first post about jimmy's forum just set me off. Personally, like you, i might lurk on a forum for a couple weeks, or introduce myself in a couple nice posts rather than to blast an ad to another forum... just me though, savvy ? then to follow up with a " well.......... i was gonna post pics and stories to my model railroad " after the fact... sorry i gotta ROFL on that one .. its like getting pulled over with an expired registration then telling the judge later " i swear i was gonna send the check in the mail " So, not to be rude but if tom is butt hurt so be it.... i don't have an obligation to explain anything to him... he can play choo choo's with his middle aged buddies!

    Now to the railroad line gang !!!! As stated before i have NO issues with helping out another forum please feel free to do so as our hobby is dwindling as we get older so lets preserve all the fantastic work wherever we can !

    Couple notes since i have your attention..

    Everyone is welcome here... if you choose to NOT be a member here that is fine with me as well

    i noticed someone mentioned that they were submersed with ads when they were viewing the forum as a guest... yes.. may as well let the bots generate a little income. If you register, there are no ads and registering is free !

    To be transparent the google ads generate about 20 bucks a month. aside from a few generous members who contribute, i pay for this forum totally out of my pocket 20 bucks doesn't even cover coffee... there is no money to be made here i do it for the hobby and the group of people who are here and enjoy this. I'm not looking for any donations or atta boys...


    Joe Durnya
    Railroad Line Forums

    ps, i have attached a link to the Modelers Forum post regarding this issue

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  • gregd
    Very diplomatic post Ron.....however, I'm not real impressed with the follow up post.

    When I got back in the hobby about 15 years ago, the internet was beginning to become a factor in acquiring information and I began to explore around a bit. I looked at the RR-line forum because it was the first one that popped up in the search engine.

    I thought the RR-Line forum was impressive, as it included a great many forums on how to and general model railroading information. I joined and being a new guy, I kept quiet, mostly observing what was being said and and the general level of modeling being done by the members.

    After a few weeks, I came to the conclusion that, for the most part, these guys had a very low tolerance for opposing opinions, had many rules and many members who were lacking in a sense of humor.

    The lack of humor kind of got to me. If you look at it sideways, model railroaders should have a great sense of humor.....we're a bunch of adults still playing with choo choo trains like we did when we were kids.

    After Jimmy announced that he was officially closing, I began to look around for a new place. I noticed that Curt and John had joined RR-Line and I joined again, Tom followed not long after. I was hoping that RR-Line had evolved over the years and it might be an easy place to keep in touch with a great group of guys that I had been involved with for many years.

    To clear up the misinformation.....Tom joined this forum with the intention of participating in and sharing his vast experience, A&S Railroad build and his kit and scratch builds with all here. He did NOT join this forum with the sole purpose of announcing the continuation of the Modelers Forum. It might be best if some people learn not to jump to conclusions and then unilaterally act on those "rude" impulses.

    After seeing what happened to Tom, it looks like I was wrong. This is the same old attitude this forum had 15 years ago, time hasn't improved them. So, thanks to Jimmy, I'm going to stay right where I am. This doesn't seem to be a very welcoming environment for those who aren't members of long standing in the club.

    Apologies to all those members here that do not fall into the above mentioned category.....see y'all around the hobby.
    Last edited by gregd; 06-06-2022, 04:20 PM.

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  • rrladmin
    Robert, I don't have any issues our members discussing another forum and i did acknowledge the help from a couple other forums last year when we were having the new software developed and our information migrated to new servers. I was a bit annoyed when one of their members ACL1504 joined up here with the sole purpose of announcing Jimmy's decision to re-open their forum. so i deleted his post and banned his butt.. It was just rude...


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  • robert_goslin
    started a topic Modellers Forum is running again

    Modellers Forum is running again

    I see that the Modellers Forum is still up & running, and now has a message that it’s not closing.
    Sounds like someone has come to the rescue to host it.
    So that’s good news for them. And quite a few of our RRL members are also members of the Modellers Forum too.
    So now they have a choice.

    I do see that it was announced here under the Admin tab, that it was up and running, but I can’t seem to view that post ?
    Seems odd.

    I remember last year when our forum was down for many weeks, that there was a thread on the Modellers Forum all about our problems, and any updates were available there.
    So that was good of them to allow that.