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Northwest Short Line new owner?

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  • Northwest Short Line new owner?

    I've got a HO Bachmann Climax that does not run. The piston cylinder goes up and down but the wheels down go round and round. Quite obvious I need new replacement gears for the plastic gears that came with the kit. Did NWSL go completely out of business or did someone take over the line? Really like the looks of the Spectrum HO geared engines; but Damn those plastic gears.

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    NWSL changed hands a couple of years ago, but the website, as of thirty seconds ago, shows a 2022 coptright date, so I suspect they're still rocking and rolling. I've bought stuff from them within the last couple of years, but that's Old News.... Great people, too....

    Good Hunting!

    in Michigan


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      They are in business, but I'm hearing that some stuff is not in stock and you may have to be patient while they make it for you.
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