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  • Ordering Athearn Parts

    While this topic may be better suited to "General Info" I thought it would get more traffic here.

    After a week of communications with Horizon Hobbies (Athearn) I have finally placed my order and it is supposed to ship Monday, the 23rd.
    Bottom line is : You will need to use the "chat line" located on the Horizon Hobbies website for orders. If you have part numbers for the items you need, the chat line person may be able to help. I did NOT have part numbers so I was referred to a technician who contacted me by e-mail the next day. Trying to describe what I wanted in an e-mail was a little more difficult than speaking to a real person. I even sent my cell # and asked that they call but no deal. The tech finally got a grip on what I was needing and sent a booklet on the locomotive I was needing parts for, via e-mail, which had a blowup parts listing with item descriptions. I was able to list all the parts I needed, typed it up on my word processor, scanned it and sent it to the tech via e-mail. After one more "e-mail communication" he was clear on my needs and even offered me some alternatives to the parts I ordered. The techs name is Dave and he was very helpful once we were on the same page.
    After you place your order, an administrative person will call you with the total amount due and shipping options. They do credit or debit.
    So, if you need parts, having part numbers puts you way ahead in the game.
    There is no direct phone number to order Athearn parts anymore.
    For Athearn Genesis "F" unit parts (Highliner) you need to go to the Highliners website. Very few parts for F units are available at Athearn.
    Also....Arnies trains is a place you can order Athearn parts from. Pnone #714-893-1015. I tried them but they have only one person who handles Athearn parts orders and he was busy with a customer. He was supposed to return my call but never did. So I don't know how they handle orders there. They are in California.
    I hope this may help others in placing orders for Athearn train parts.


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    After reading John’s experience I find it interesting that while it was a bit convoluted to get there, there was some positive results. From what I read from others on the “Atlas Resue” forum, replacement for the AtlasRR forum once Atlas dropped their support, in this age of preorder and limited numbers of models being produced, the availability of parts is extremely limited from most manufacturers, or more accurately, design and importer businesses. They don’t stock extra parts.
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