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  • Orionvp17
    Mornin' All!

    78, mostly cloudy, and having passed the predicted temp of 77 for the day, we're apparently going to be treated to a celebratory thunderboomer in an hour or so here in the northern mitten. Karl is correct... there are over 2000 acres burning northeast of here, and it is not under control at the moment. The incoming storms won't do much, either, as they're supposed to ease on through with minimal rain. Yuck.

    Division meeting via Zoom this afternoon, as the Covid numbers are once again on a major uptick here, but that will depend on whether or not I still have electronics when the meeting gets underway. After that, the Plan is to hit the recycle center, then the hardware store for rattle can paint, and then the grocery for comestibles. Thrill a minute around here....

    Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

    in Michigan

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  • George_D
    Good morning, Jim and crew. It's a rainy morning in Tidewater Virginia. We may make it into the 70's later today. The club's scenery chairman is giving a clinic this afternoon, so I'll be heading that way before too long.

    Have a good day.

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  • desertdrover
    Good morning guys and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge as usual Jim. It is the best way to start off the day.

    67 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today. Rain expected later this evening to early morning Sunday.

    I'll be posting the start of my critter build today. Get me away from structure building for awhile.

    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

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  • Michael_Hohn
    Good morning from sunny WV. Only 60F right now, going up to 80's later. We will try to get out for a walk promptly this morning before it heats up.

    Yesterday was one of small tasks, including an NMRA project meeting. Still waiting for rain. Today might be a good one to give the grass a shave. The first iris of the season are blossoming.

    Have a nice day.


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  • Dutchman
    Good morning from S.E. Michigan where the sun is currently shining and we are at 67 degrees (heading to 83).

    We got the Tonneau cover on the new truck yesterday and the actual registration came in the mail, so its ready to join the 'fleet'.

    I also activated the sprinkler system for the year. All seems well as I tested it.

    No big plans for today. Some computer time and some modeling time will occur.

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  • k9wrangler
    Sun and warm here in the lower central mitten. Cooler comes back the next few days. The Farmer’s Frenzy is in full force here as well. Great clouds of dust follow the big, huge, equipment traveling the fields nearby. I roughed up a couple hundred square feet of ground in the way back behind the pines for a grass seeding task. The remains of the decorative pear that split apart last year is blooming quite spectacularly:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	F8064419-D1DE-4CFD-AFBC-4AB30CA895B2.jpeg
Views:	48
Size:	111.8 KB
ID:	994236 while the rest still needs cutting up…
    Time for some chow. Gotta run.

    Be well everyone.


    News report of the first big wildfire formerly known as forest fire, in the woods of NE lower MI

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  • Bernd
    Cool and sunny this morning after an 82 degree day here yesterday.

    Todays project is to get the gas tank back in the boat and get the engine running. Finished installing a Garmin Echomap UHD the last three days. Then the boat will be ready for the River. So my modeling days has dwindled own to almost nothing as summer approaches.

    Have a great day everyone.


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  • BurleyJim
    started a topic Saturday morning lounge

    Saturday morning lounge

    Good morning all from 68f->85f humid N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Drovers Caboose blend. The special is a Hoosier Haystack, Oatmeal pot is at the end of the line with the other drinks, and the salt tablets. With fever pitched 'farming' going on in this area, the Drovers Caboose fit right in. The fields have apparently dried out enough to get some of these massive GPS enabled tractors out in the fields. They were planting in the dark all night long. Rain is expected later this morning.

    Son #1 came over yesterday, and I watched him chainsaw one of the 70' maple trees that split in this spring's ice storm. Glad he was able to get down without any damage to the house. That took up most of yesterday, keeping an eye on that action. An uneventful Friday the 13th.

    Today looks like a light 'fitness center' schedule until the rain starts. Then some continued work on the photogrammetry project. My old desktop system was a 'beast' in it's day, but is an also ran today.

    The Sun is up, and I've got some work to get done before the rain starts.

    Have a Super day!