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Sunday morning brunch

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  • Sunday morning brunch

    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers from rain soaked N.E.Indiana. Over 2" yesterday and last night. Sun is out this morning. The coffee urn is READY with Diesel Starter blend in 'to go' cups. The crew van has been cleaned out, and ready to start shuttling crew to 'The Greeks' for our Sunday morning get together.

    Yesterday was a 'blah' day, as I'm still restricted in not driving, weight lifting amount, etc. So, it's been reading, re-reading, and waiting for the green light on some restrictions. How many times can you read Dave Frary's tips? I need to put hand to model work. Maybe I can find some LP to take out the frustration on, and Frankenstein a few. I'm going nucking futs with the inactivity!

    I've got about a ton of Winter/Spring branches to clear off before any mowing could ever take place. Now if I could only train the 8lb dog (that is afraid of rabbits) to fetch the smaller branches.....

    Have a Super day! Can't get any wackier here!


    Take the red pill

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    Good morning, Jim. We have 60F and rain in northern Mountain State. No mowing today!

    Yesterday was one of activity--walking, gardening, model railroading--but at half speed because I have a cold.

    I think I'll take it easy today.


    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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      We had a heavy rain and light show much of the night, grey wake-up and 50s temp this morning. It was interrupted briefly by a passing sucker hole of sun. But we’re quickly back to the regularly scheduled day of dreariness..

      Visit from the Doll’s daughter and entourage was fine. Son in law help the Doll download photos from her iPhone onto the PC.

      I spent some time at the bench replacing gears on all 4 axles of a Proto 2000 GP30 I picked up with adv bad gears from eBay. No false adv there!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2C3619D4-4D26-48F7-830A-80434703CA04.jpeg
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      I used A-Line replacements I have on hand. Easy job and it’s all back together awaiting decision on further work, keep it’s EMD Demo paint or strip/repaint? Future decisions, I also painted the grey truck side frames silver. I found the gears were much more normally lubed, not full of Jif peanut butter like most P2K stuff. I added 1 drop of lube to each axle as I reassembled them. The thing has a monster weight that will need some cutting down before any extensive dcc work is done. The basics chassis was very Athearn Blue Box like, electrically hot with one power lead to frame-via weight and one side power from the trucks.

      Hearing complaints about the pretty yellow flowers dotting the lawn….

      Things to do. I missed the ride to the Greek’s, steel cut oatmeal slow cooked on the stove in all it’s ‘organic’ beauty was soooo…..healthy…

      Later y’all.

      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

      Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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        Good afternoon to the entire crew. We had a nice (but short) visit with my sister. She arrived yesterday afternoon and just left to continue on to Holland, MI.

        Time to get the new Photo Gallery set up and check out the rest of the forum.

        Yard work begins tomorrow...

        Enjoy the rest of the day.



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          Decaling the B&M cars is proceeding, albeit a bit slowly. I did mess up one decal when I put my thumb on it before it was completely dry. But I do have that spare set that I've been able to recover, although they don't go on quite as nicely as the untreated decals.

          (This is the weekend of my geology course's field trip to the White Mountains. I figured it was better to stay home, since wife was not feeling well....)

          Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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            Good evening, all. The Gulf of Maine coast was nice today, sunny and long-sleeve temperatures. Another day at Seashore, repairing overhead wire, cleaning turnouts and talking to people. My family came along as it was Opening Day. Tomorrow I'll be around home, but plenty to do.