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    OK, sports fans, Up and At 'Em!!! There's fun to be had and you sleepyheads need to move out and get with the program!!! Luftwaffles, local sausages and Michigan Maple Syrup are on the menu, the oatmeal pot is burbling and the Silver Bullet is READY with Getoffyerduff Blend, which, as we all know, is one of Jim's favorites. Other beverages at the end of the line.

    Sun, sort of, here in the northern mitten, and rain later on.

    Don't forget National Drug Take-Back Day, too. Good time to clean out the medicine chest. And as Bruce likes to say, What's on your agenda?

    Stay safe!

    in Michigan

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    Grey and cool with foreboding looking clouds due to be weeping of wetness today. Windy too.

    Been watching a bird or two flying in and out of one of the pines in back, nest building or feeding newborns. The maple out there has a start of leaves, the rhubarb and bulbs are like freshly awakened, before the first coffee, slow growth, full of promise for the next few months. The freshly mowed grass looks fairly decent as well considering the lack of proper care it’s had the last couple of years.

    One of the Doll’s girls, son in law and grandnerd are coming later. She’s baked cookies and loaded up on salty and greasy stuff. Nice folks.

    Couple things to do, post this and then get a look at the bench.

    Good day, all. Thanks for opening Pete

    Be Well

    Somewhere else in Michigan

    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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      Sleepyheads for sure. Thanks for opening up Pete. Got a call about 02:30 from some drunk in area code 661 looking for Linda. Got another one about 02:25....Linda is still NOT here...CALL BLOCK! 0500 finally got back to sleep.

      More reading about LCC is the only thing on the agenda today. But as usual, some distraction(s) will pop up.

      Have a Super day!


      Take the red pill


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        Good morning from wet and dreary Wisconsin and it’s heading your way Pete and Karl.

        We have the granddaughter for The weekend and she and I will be swimming in a few minutes. In about an hour the twin neighbor girls will be here to watch her for a few hours. Grandmom is tired as she has had an extra shadow since 3 yesterday afternoon. The g/d can be a hand full but loves the twins so that will be a definite help to Terry.

        Rain drops will fall here all day. The train room is off limits to the granddaughter but the slot track is not. We will be doing that before dinner. She is getting better controlling her car but still is a sore loser. The grandson can beat me sometimes but is getting better at losing. Losing is what they are doing at his hockey tournament in Minneapolis this weekend. They got crushed yesterday 0-8 per the SIL and have 2 games today and only one in the losers bracket tomorrow. They might be home after the 4.5 hour drive around 6 Sunday evening.

        No modeling for me today. The daughter just texted, 0-9 after the 1st period of game 1. Be safe



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          Good afternoon to the entire crew. Overcast right now in S.E. Michigan with temps reaching the low 60's . Rain moving in later.

          My sister is arriving mid-afternoon for a visit on her way to Holland, MI. She is on the Board of the Western Theological Seminary associated with Hope College, and she has some meetings and the graduation ceremony.

          Modeling put on hold for the visit and then yard work will kick in next week, cutting into modeling time. I'm going to try to do some each day. We will see.

          Enjoy the rest of the day!



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            Good afternoon, all. Seashore Trolley Museum's Annual Meeting just got over. I've added Vice Chair to my previous VP title. Now off to a wedding, modeling today is unlikely.