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    Good morning all, from 37f-> 50f and partly Sunny N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Track Inspector blend. The special is a Western omelette with hashbrowns and roasted jalapenos on the side. Oatmeal etc pot and other drinks at the end of the line.

    Another day of high inactivity was on yesterday's agenda along with about 4 hours of getting driven around to appointments etc. Maybe the driving restriction will come off tomorrow.

    I played around with the Digital microscope again yesterday, and here is an example of the resolution. The construction cones were printed with the resin printer and sprayed with Tamiya DayGlo orange. Just in time for the Spring traffic festivals!.
    Click image for larger version

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    Glad I'm not a rivet counter, I wouldn't be able to shut this monster off.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Interesting photo. I always enjoy extra closeup shots of things. You’ll next more of the cones, it IS that time…some real traffic messes coming this year around here.

    Sun, 30 and ice on the birdbath again. No big news, A/C guy coming to annual the system, not sure how you check it when is so cold out.

    Little news here….well, none actually.

    Be well.

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      Good morning, Jim, Karl and crew. I don't have any excuse for my day of high inactivity. Maybe today...

      We're in the 40's headed to the low 60's, at least the sun's out. I have some yard work to do, then if I can get motivated, some layout work.

      Have a good day.
      Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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        36* here this morning..........

        Coffee and a blueberry bagel, and it's back to the galley proof. Got maybe 1/2 way through it yesterday before my eyes and brain flaked out totally.

        Might get motivated to do some NMRA chores and wrap up a product review that I'm stalled on for too long. Got to think about (not really do...) clearing the debris field off my desks.

        Still have a 6-7 bags of mulch around back that my back & hip are refusing to cooperate over distributing.........sigh.

        In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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          Good morning to the entire crew. We are back in Michigan and woke up to bright sun and 27 degrees. A bit of a difference from the past week in Florida.

          The highlight of the day yesterday was a full body pat down at the airport triggered by.... wait for it... a plastic comb that I left in my back pocket. Then again, I guess that I fit the terrorist profile. While the nice young man was searching my body, I felt like asking him to look for some logic while he was at it. But I did want to get home.

          I'm heading out to pick up the mail and will return to finish unpacking. Then it is time to get ready for my sister's visit this weekend.

          I also have to dig out my Have-a-Heart traps to lend to the fellow in charge of the neighborhood pond. He just stocked it and wants to move the resident muskrat to some distant pond. Apparently I'm the only ne'er-do-well in the group with any traps. They have been waiting for our return from Florida.

          Okay, I'm off.


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            You should have claimed asylum. and the plane ride would have been 'free', without a hassle.

          • TRAINS1941
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            I guess you looked a little shady to them!!

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          Mornin' All!

          Welcome home, Bruce, and thanks for bringing some sunshine with you! Severe clear in the northern mitten, 38, headed for 52 and ... wait for it... yep, more clouds this afternoon. Great morning, though, and magnified by Jim's chow line! Good to have you back, Jim!

          Might be a good day for some outdoor model photography... will have to investigate and see if the frost has gone away. Make it a great dy, All, and sty safe!

          in Michigan


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            There was snow further north, and ice on the porch roof in SE NH. And LOTS of wind last night!! Today it's sunny, a bit warmer, but still breezy. I'll do some yardwork :-( :-( and then head down to the train room.

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)