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    Looking great Dave!

    All my Shay's are screwd & now need attention.


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      I was hoping not to come across as "critical" in a bad way. I really liked your model and was hoping to just share what I have learned from my shay project. Two years ago I knew very little about shays and when I decided to try and 3D print one I learned just how little I knew. I find that building models is easier when I know what it is that I am building. In this particular case of the "pipe" knowing what it connects makes it easier to know when it fits. When I started making 3D models I quickly learned how lacking and confusing most model press drawings are, and building from them is almost impossible. The California Railroad Museum has lots of the Lima Shay drawings used in fabrication the real shays and I found it was better to purchase those drawings. I also took a few trips to see and measure some real shays, and that was a real eye opener to how they really look compared to models, both brass and plastic. "Is all that detail and accuracy important?", maybe not, maybe to some more than others. Most little things can be just close enough, but some of the bigger more visible items draw more attention and maybe accuracy on those is more important. In the end you could have piped it to the headlight and it would have still run fine and be a fun model to see. You build a great model and kitbashing and scratch building is alive and well with you, keep up the good work and keep posting.


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        Excellent work Dave. Shays really are a such a special / quirky looking loco. Looks like you have really gone to a lot of trouble to get it right.
        And of course, all the extra info provided by Jeff should clarify anything you're not sure about.
        There are so many knowledgeable people here, willing to help. Nice to see.

        Keep up the excellent work.
        Regards Rob

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