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  • Morning Gents,

    Rick thanks for the coffee. Have a good day on the Dinky. Your home base is going to be SD?
    Is that South Dakota? Heck of a long ways from Joisey.

    Mike enjoy the Market Days and hope your stamina holds up.

    Jerry safe travels and I'm sure the grandkid will enjoy seeing his Grandpa.

    Dave I'm right there with you on the retirement thing; although I did work until 67 just for Medical Insurance
    for my better half. So far though retirement has been fantastic. It's fun seeing what's in your head turn into 3D;
    have fun.

    Karl I agree, it sucks being around "old people" that's why I try very hard NOT to be one of them. I see your point
    about missing the graduation. It's kinda sad what some of today's youth has become.

    Louis I'm sure your next project will be as different and unusual as your previous ones have been.

    Ron have a great weekend.

    The rest of the Crew hope your all doing well.

    A nice sunny 59 with a high of 66 here in New York. Ordered the steel for the garage roof yesterday so that should be
    here in about a week so project #3 can start. In the meantime I have a few things outside to mess around with. Today
    will be taking the surface rust off the bottom edge of the driver's side doors and spraying them with Rustoleum rust
    inhibitor; trying to stay ahed of the curve on that one.

    Have a great day and be well!!!!
    Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


    • Ok Karl close your eyes.

      The other day we got stopped with Terry driving. Sort of freaked the lady police officer out when she asked about any guns in the car and was told yes.

      We just came back from a local breakfast place. As we were sitting in there that lady officer pulled in to pick up a breakfast. Said to Terry very quietly, are you carrying because this is a no carry bar? Nope, we can read the signs. They chuckled. I didn’t but kept my mouth shut. Small towns sometimes suck, this is one of those times.

      Ok Karl it’s safe again.

      Fricking rain the next 72 hours with some of it to be severe. Crimps what plans were talked about as it also may not get above 64f degrees.

      My Radiation treatments and the fact the 2 Clinics on Maui I found do not accept referrals for non-residents has messed up the summer travel plans. Looks like day and overnight trips for the days I feel good. Not complaining as chemo is worst but radiation and my body just do not get along for the 48-96 hours after treatment. Terry will fly out on the 9th because on the 10th as my brother’s house should be completed. That is the final walk through day scheduled with the contractor. The brother can’t make it.

      Seriously thinking of turning the heat on. 71f degrees upstairs and the normal is 72 with the AC set to kick in at 76. The downstairs where the trains are generally and naturally stay at 68f. I do turn the heat on down there but that’s rare even in Winter. The heavy fleece and slippers are on and Terry is preparing to bake. So I will hold off.

      I will check out the train room sometime this afternoon. The SIL and grandson called to let me know they are coming over to hit golfballs on the simulator. We will have the Bethpage Black course up on the screen. I have 6 courses I can put up, Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Chicago Golf that I actually played a bunch in person before graduating from college, Spy Glass and another Chicago area course I basically grew up on Cog Hill #4: Dubsdread.

      Enjoy your day
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      • Good morning everyone.

        Coffee, hot water for tea and a selection of chilled soft drinks are ready to enjoy.

        Sunny, with a high near 77.

        Jerry, congratulations to the grandkid.

        Mike, hope you had enough stamina and enjoyed the day.

        Dave, you're making good progress on the layout.

        Karl, get everything done yesterday?

        Louis, any progress on the tossing?

        Ron, how was your day yesterday?

        Larry, yes South Dakota.
        Won't actually live there will only have an address there mostly for tax reasons.

        Tom, sorry about the travel plans.

        Philip, you out there?

        Used another vacation day.
        Plan on having a yard sale next weekend if the weather cooperates.
        Need to sift through the many boxes and somewhat organized.

        Have a great day everyone.
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        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
        FaceBook link:


        • Good morning Crew. It is 57f degrees outside in So. Central Wisconsin and I just flipped the furnace on. It’s 69 in the house that we normally keep at 72 in winter and 76 in summer. The rains yesterday were sporadic but heavy at times and a drizzle others. Today we are to have the same as it is raining now but with heavy T-storms supposedly moving in around noon.

          The coffee urn is loaded with the Ashpit blend. Teas, available hot today along with the normal diet sodas are in the cooler. Crisp bacon,ham, tomatoes, lettuce, olives both green and black along with eggs for scrambles or omelettes are ready for your delight.

          Another miserable weather day will keep us in. Groceries around 10 and we should get another $.50 per gallon of gas off today so somewhere near $2.75 per gallon of gas discount today. Yesterday the gas price locally was $4.79.

          enjoy the day


          • Good morning Rick and Tom and all the incoming crew!

            It's 57° and mostly cloudy in the Good land this morning, heading for a high of 57 and rain headed this way soon.

            Thanks for the coffee Rick, and the unintended, (I assume) laugh.
            I had to go back and reread Louis' last post when you asked how the tossing was going.
            Good thing he's not in the UK, tossing means something completely different there. LMAO!

            Tom the bacon and eggs sound like a winner!
            Good deal on the gas for sure!

            I'm in store for the same weather as you this morning so I guess I'll be forced to go down to the shop.....again.

            Enjoy the day everyone!


            • Rick
              Rick commented
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              Definitely unintended.

          • Morning everyone

            Rick thanks for opening and the coffee.

            Tom a nice breakfast thanks.

            Weather in South Jersey sunny/66.
            Later on 75.

            Looks to be a beach day!
            Nothing from the bench just to tired.
            It's been a busy month and we still have two graduations to go.

            I hope the rest of you guys get to do what you want today??

            I'll be back later after the beach to see what's going on.

            Everyone have a wonderful day!!


            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


            • k9wrangler
              k9wrangler commented
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              We’re planning a Son Ofa Beach day in MI…

          • Good morning folks,

            Rick, thanks for coffee. Good luck with the yard sale. I need to have one of those, too.

            Tom, the breakfast was tasty, thank you.

            Dave, been enjoying your thread. Sorry about having to go down to the shop.

            Larry, good luck with the rust removal. I bet it is nasty up there.

            Louis, have fun starting a new project.

            Jerry, graduation ceremonies can be long, but makes our chests bust out with pride.

            Ron, good luck with convention.

            Kyle, I see you are still at it with the magic paint brush.

            Philip, still printing those barrels?

            Market days didn't happen yesterday. I woke up feeling like the side of my face was going to explode. Sinus infection is taking its time going away, otherwise feeling much better. Hope I feel like going to Lowes today or tomorrow. I have a long list to buy.

            Have fun,


            • Morning Everyone,

              Rick thanks for the java this morning. If you can save money by using a SD address, then by all
              means go for it. NYS is the "land of the taxes".....matter of fact they even tax the taxes.Lol.

              Tom thanks for the I won't have to make anything. 69 isn't too bad inside.....I
              woke up to 64 in here this morning. Just grabbed the flannel shirt for awhile.

              Dave it's a shame your "forced" to go work in the shop again.....Bet they really had to twist your arm
              on that one. Yup "tossing" in the UK can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

              Jerry hope you enjoy your time at the beach .....hope it recharges the "old batteries" for you.

              Mike hope your sinus infection clears up soon....I assume your on meds for it. The rust on the car door
              bottoms was surface rust so it was sanded off and given the rust treatment. One thing about New York
              you have to stay ahead of the rust or it will destroy your vehicle.....I don't plan on buying another one
              for a long time.

              Hope the rest of you Guys are doing well.

              A sunny 50 with a high of 73 here in New York. Noticed last evening our Hummingbirds returned so we filled
              up a feeder and hung it on the front of the garage.....they stay around all summer and their fast little buggers.
              Probably going to do some "weed whacking" this afternoon to clear around the back of the garage for future
              work to be done. Not much else going on here currently.

              Have a great day and be well!!
              Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


              • Good morning Rick, Tom, Dave, Jerry, Mike, Larry, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge as usual Rick. It is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

                Dave, I spent 3 years in the UK while in the Air Force, and know the meaning. In this instance, I guess I could be doing that as well with this project idea.

                62 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today. The temps are crazy still with the ups and downs in Temps.

                I believe I've got an idea what I'm going to tackle next for a build project.

                Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

                Louis L&R Western Railroad
                Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


                • 58 and a monochromatic marvel of a day in MI with a moderate chance of a light rain a time or two today. It looks in places as if there may have been some rain in the night.

                  I seeded an area at the area back behind the pines that show up in my photos at times. 25x200’ I’d guess. That had been the Doll’s gourd garden a few years and weeds more than that. Sure have lessened my prep for grass over the years. Ran the disc behind the Big Red Ford to break it up 2-3 times, broke up some chunks with the bucket on the Deere then ran the seeder over it 2-3 times with contractor grade Scotts seed. What happens, happens. No worry for perfection..22 yrs ago the first lawn here was hours in prep, grading, walking for rocks, raking…then seeded it, covered with straw took days in prep and $$ in seed and straw….that night we had a torrential rain of 7+ inches that washed it all downhill The Doll cried….over the years the lower, SE corner of the yard still has the thickest grass you’d ever want.

                  Low key day until evening when we will visit some friends and listen to the talk and gossip surrounding their church and locals. Our neighbor that walks several miles a day to keep a bumb leg loose stopped and visited a while yesterday during his noon walk. He just lost his wife 2-e weeks ago and loves to talk. It’s alway entertaining.

                  I try not to frequent places that deny people to carry in their business. I feel that they don’t need my business as they certainly don’t agree with me on much.

                  I ran out,of time again….Red Triangle and !!! So….L8R

                  Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                  Cedar Swamp
                  SW of Manistique, MI

                  Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


                  • Good Morning! Thanks for the coffee!

                    Mike Glad your better!
                    Since you asked, yes I'm over a barrel, under, inside, beside, looking down, up, left, right, and through.

                    Other than being in the dungeon all week. Bored! I'm still on restriction until Wednesday! Finally!

                    My SIL came and fixed a loose shingle last Saturday near one of the roof valleys. He knocked it out in about 30 minutes.
                    SIL and Daughter bought a new/used home closer to where they work. Nice place in town in a great area.
                    We went to cracker barrel after the roof fun and toured the house. They plan on moving in mid June. Painting and carpet cleaning.



                    • k9wrangler
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                      At least you’re on a roll—barrel roll

                      Hope you get cut loose Wednesday. I’m sure you’re feeling ready.

                  • Good morning everyone.

                    Coffee, hot water for tea and a selection of chilled soft drinks are ready to enjoy.

                    Sunny, with a high near 81.

                    Philip, good luck on Wednesday.

                    Karl, good luck with the seeds.

                    Louis, good luck with the new idea.

                    Larry. good luck with the "weed whacking".

                    Mike, good luck going to Lowes.

                    Jerry, good luck with the other two graduations.

                    Dave, good luck in the shop.

                    Tom, good luck with the gas prices.

                    Ron, good luck finishing the convention chores.

                    Feeling a little silly this morning.
                    Back to work but only for one day.

                    Be lucky everyone and have a great day.
                    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                    FaceBook link:


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                      Good Morning Crew!

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Thanks Rick!!

                      Have a good one everyone!


                      • Rick
                        Rick commented
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                    • Good morning crew,

                      Rick, thanks for coffee. Those one day work weeks sounds nice.

                      When I read the forum, the diversity of interests, skills, activities and modeling never cease to amaze me. It is so cool that our hobby brings us together to share our uniqueness. It seems many of us have shared common ills and treatments. I always find we have other common interests and the diversity adds to the fun, e.g., Rick likes dogs, classic cars and music and so do I. Oh, there is the common interest in trains, too.

                      Have a happy day folks,


                      • Good morning from wet Wisconsin. Today, maybe more of the same.

                        Karl, I don’t have any issue with signs saying no carry ins. It’s my right to carry, it is their right to say not in their place. No biggie, but I believe I am also in a much more liberal area then you. Places like church, bars and government buildings. The 2 big Malls are no carry but definitely ignored as that is where many of the gun fights occur but in the parking lots.

                        Trains and ice hockey today. On Campus is where the under 18 Women’s World Championship will be played over the next 2 weeks. We will see at least 3 games and possibly 6 this week. Next week will depend on which countries advance. Campus is definitely no carry.

                        Hit the grocery store before the gas station and picked up more discount $ per gallon. $2.60 off the $4.89 price yesterday when I filled up with 13.2 gallons. I last filled the pickup in late April. Terry’s car on the other hand gets filled a few time per month. The pickup averaged 33mph her roadster gets 18 if lucky.

                        The freezer and the refrigerators plus my beverage frig in the train room are packed. Things were fairly empty as we were supposed to have left last Friday for our Summer travels. Just had to fill them up. But it did help the vehicles.

                        Have a great day