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  • friscomike
    Good morning folks,

    Ron, thanks for coffee. Hope you enjoy the game.

    I was under the weather a bit yesterday so didn't do much online. Today have to work on taxes and maybe watch a ball game.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

    Have fun,

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  • friscomike
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    Rick, I used to go to Garden City to pheasant hunt. Always got our limit. The smell of all those cow lots is horrible. It even seeped into the hotel rooms and soaked into the walls. There was one good restaurant though, very country. Hope your travels go well today.

  • friscomike
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    Tom, I keep hoping my mute button doesn't break from using it so much. Good luck with the sale and your teeth.

  • friscomike
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    Louis, looking forward to your quick build.

  • friscomike
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    Karl, did vehicle shopping happen?

  • friscomike
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    How did the window construction go?

  • friscomike
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    Larry, good luck mulching.  Looking forward to your next project.

  • elwoodblues
    Good morning everyone, coffee is on as well as the hot water for tea and there are soft drinks in the fridge.

    Karl, nice picture, only good thing about fall is the colourful trees as they change colours.

    Jerry, hope the window jig issue is solved and you can start making windows.

    Larry, looking forward to see what you do on your layout.

    Well time to grab a coffee and he'd out to the game.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • Larryc
    Good Morning,

    Ron thanks for the coffee this morning. Glad your clinic wet well....maybe too well if they
    want you to do more. Enjoy the game.

    Rick thanks for breakfast. I see you've headed south, 83 sounds much better. Hope you find a better
    place to camp and the scenery gets better. Safe travels.

    Tom O sounds like you're going to be a busy guy today. Good luck with the house sale.

    Louis looking forward to your new build ideas.

    Karl lettuce can be tricky stuff especially if too much was ordered and it sits in a cooler for a few days; says the
    old produce guy. 33% higher price means there're not going to sell as much...ergo crappy lettuce. I had to chuckle
    when I saw your lounge post in Philip's thread; it was probably at the top of the list and you just clicked on it
    thinking it was the lounge. Nice Fall colors by the way.

    Jerry good luck with the window jig; hope it works out well for you.

    Hope the rest of you guys are doing well.

    A sunny 45 with a high of 64 here in New York. Now that the rain and wind has stopped it's time to change over
    the lawn equipment to mulching mode and grind up some leaves this afternoon. Had a little bench time this morning
    and maybe some more later on. I've started to work on something for the layout and will post when I have something to show.

    Have a great day . Stay safe and be well!!!!!

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  • TRAINS1941
    Morning everyone

    Ron thanks for opening and the coffee.
    And Rick for the breakfast.

    Yes NE can be a boring state unless you like crops and cows!!

    Sun just came out here in South Jersey 52. Later on 70.
    Another nice Fall day for us.
    I finished the jig for the double hung windows just need to try it out today.
    Had to call Ken Hamilton on how to do one part of it.
    Rick you might want to stop off to see him in SC.

    Karl everyone has one of those bubbles pop once in awhile!!

    Ron have fun at the game.

    TomO sounds like you have a busy day coming up.

    Louis looking forward to the next adventure.

    The rest of guys hope you get to do what you want today?

    Everyone have a wonderful day!!

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  • k9wrangler
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    The mute button is our strongest ally in televiewing. Followed closely by fast forward. Who makes up all the drug names? Psoriasis, diabetes, metastatic hemorrhoids or irritable bowels…Camp Lejuene or car crashes…

  • k9wrangler
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1956E55E-9BF4-48C6-B5E3-D7790DB63625.jpeg
Views:	28
Size:	279.7 KB
ID:	1013362 Just a little color at the corner of the state hey yesterday. Looks better in person.

    Bright sun and warm…somewhere in my imagination… 39o going to the mid 40s in reality…rain could fall around 60%

    The Doll’s granddaughter had a fine time in visiting and out shopping yesterday. I went the opposite direction, picked up an Rx and some groceries. The store had some of the worse looking lettuce I’ve ever seen at 33% higher than last I paid.

    Mmmmm sudden sunlight.

    i guess I was a bubble or two off plumb yesterday, posting in the midst of Philip’s thread hopefully back to just a half bubble or so off

    Plans may include some vehicle shopping today. See what happens.

    Enjoy the game Ron, LarryC, et Al, have a great day.

    Stay Safe

    KSin the fog
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  • desertdrover

    Good morning once again Ron, Rick, TomO, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge Ron. And with the coffee. We just have to get that Coffee, it is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

    66 degrees, and still rain for the day here in Rhode Island.

    Starting a quick build idea today.

    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

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  • k9wrangler
    commented on 's reply
    Duh…areal Homer Simpson moment…

  • tloc
    Good morning from a chilled So. Central Wisconsin. 32f degrees feels like 26.

    Meetings with the dentist at 9, a real estate developer for lunch at 11:40, attorneys at 2 and dinner with the daughter’s family as they will pick me up at 5. I am finalizing things to accept or not the latest offer on the house. The hang up is the stables.

    I watched the NHL last night as Toronto beat Washington and my BlackHawks lost to Vegas. The sound ended up being muted for both games as the announcers for both were atrocious and I couldn’t handle it.

    Enjoy the day

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