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Friday Lounge on 4/15/2022

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  • Friday Lounge on 4/15/2022

    Good morning Crew. I know this used to be TAX day in the USA, is it still? Terry did our taxes back in February and for the first time in maybe 35 years we received money back from state and federal. Covid even messed up the taxes!

    The silver bullet urn contains my favorite coffee as it’s so easy for this non-drinker to remember irs name, Ashpit Blend. The other favorites like cold soda, teas, milks and juices on at the end of the line. Breakfast is Texas toast sized French toast with the real Northern Wisconsin Maple syrup and a chemical substitute made in Chicagoland. Bacon from Nuzkese in North Central Wisconsin thick sliced with a applewood smoke. Taylor ham from the New Jersey area, American fries sliced from stuff grown near Plover, Wi. Keeping with mostly Midwestern food stuffs the bread is my own baked Sourdough. Need to practice eating for the day of overeating on Easter Sunday where the brunches in Wisconsin seem to double in price and everyone and their brothers show up. Much like Christmas Day or Eve church services, the unseen emerge!

    Weather in So. Central Wisconsin was a bit chilly yesterday as we only reached 45 but often during the day the winds ran faster then the air temperature. 31 now feels like 20 with the high guessed at 40. The winds are way down though, blowing at 15mph with some gusts in the high 20’s. Nothing like the winds of Thursday.

    The brother’s g/friend is not handling her breast cancer malignancy very well emotionally. Spoke to my wife last night who saw her in Phoenix last night. The brother still has his phone off and Terry says he has withdrawn into himself. Not like him at all! Terry and my sister Sharon will be here tomorrow afternoon. Personally, I am shocked they are not getting a second opinion but I am not there or involved.

    I will go visit the horses this morning, I have already done the 30 minutes of slow laps in the pool. This afternoon I meet with the diabetic dietitian and this evening with my PT. The dietitian should be very happy, in 70 days I have dropped 14# but more importantly dropped the A1C from 8.4 to 6.1 as of the lab tests done on Wednesday. The gut hasn’t reduced much though but the waist most definitely has!

    I will venture hopefully into the train room for trains today. Yesterday was mostly spent racing slot cars after school with the grandson. I did solder 10 feeders, about 30 more pairs to go.

    Jim, good to see you are checking in.


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    Just found these online. Laughing is allowed

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