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    Good morning to the entire crew. It is in the mid-30's and heading up near 50 here in S.E. Michigan. Breakfast today will be a ham & egg scramble with sourdough toast. Our coffee is Hostler Blend.

    A number of errands this morning. Perhaps some modeling time after that.

    I did finish painting the latest group of LP. 29 new figures are now in the mix.

    What is on your agenda?

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    Good day Bruce and all the come aboard today ...
    I'm getting ready for another day at the desk and the daily grind.
    Hope everyone has a good one and finds some time for a bit of modeling,


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      Been out to HD and back for paint and the list of other stuff; some serious sticker shock but I'll recover......probably. More yard work and work on the big cabinet in the garage, work shop time after it gets too warm outside - not acclimated to 80*.....had fire in fireplace less than a week ago...

      Did start to bring up the plants from the basement; bulbs out in the one light...........sigh..........another fun chore there.

      Got magazine work today on deadline so more coffee......................NOW!

      In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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        Good morning Bruce, Paul, Martin, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge Bruce for a chat and cup of brew. Best way to start a day.

        53 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island this morning, and temps to rise throughout the day.

        No plans for bench time again these days. I'll take the day as it goes along.

        Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

        Louis L&R Western Railroad
        Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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          Well, 70, almost, Wednesday, 65 yesterday with heavy rain, bright sun and 38 going to,55 with winds to 55mph today then that “S” word back in for next week…

          Good sounding breakfast, Bruce, thanx.

          Hit the time barrier writing on geezers today so, I’ll go now. Might roll the yard some more today, started yesterday when the rain paused and Mullet next door did his and the kid on the corner did his for the 3rd or 4th time…lawn shaming

          Thoughts for those on sick call. Red pills as needed next to the silver bullet.

          Be well everyone.

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          Such fun…lol…
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            Good morning. Thank you for opening, Bruce.

            It's 66F and overcast here in northern WV with rain expected in the morning. We will probably get out and walk today, keeping a close eye on the weather.

            More household maintenance is the plan for today. Also, work on an NMRA project.

            Have a great day.



            Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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              Good morning, Bruce and crew. The NH seacoast is gray, damp and not expected to get much above 50F. I lit a fire this morning and got out the bills to be paid. Uncle Sam and the Great Stone Face are in there too. I'm a little sore this morning from my 'brakeman' work yesterday. It's also given me to think about switching and 2-man crews these days. We were just engineer and conductor yesterday. There was a lot of time I was out of the engineer's sight, and several times I had to do something to the car, then walk to where he could see me to give a motion. If what I'd done didn't work, repeat. Local switching productivity per locomotive hour must be way down since 1970. The kid's concert is tonight, so modeling is unlikely.


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                I was here about 6:30am CST but looked at who was online and saw BurleyJim lurking. I figured he might do the opening so I went elsewhere. Bruce thanks for prying open the doors.

                Around 8am I decided I was hungry, there is grocery store gas discount money expiring so I decided breakfast would be out of the house. 45 miles later I had a great Lumberjack breakfast of 4 pieces of French toast, 2 bacon, 2 pork sausages, 1 piece of small ham, 2 scrambled eggs and American fries. About 3/4 of each came home to be my dinner tonight. All for $10 and $2.25 for a unlimited diet soda. I battled the 25-35mph wind and the up to 50mph gusts on I94 and that was no fun. Saved $.97 per gallon and our gas today was at $3.49. Only 1/2 a tank though with the discounted price of $2.52 as I really didn’t need the gas or the breakfast

                Lots to do within the house and hobby/train room, but no ambition at this time.

                Njoy your day


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                  Thanks for opening up this morning Bruce. Opening up the forum from my iPhone 5 isn't ever going to happen. I may get sprung home tomorrow morning. Still hanging in here.

                  Have Super day!

                  Take the red pill


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                    Good evening all. Tom O, I wouldn't want to do any actual lumberjacking for a few hours after eating that breakfast - instant digestive coma. Jim, I hope you get sprung soon.

                    Back from the kid's concert performance, I'll note that I saw two area modelers there, one with a recent MR article. The performers they were there to see are grandchildren.


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                      James, Lumberjacking is no longer part of my activities. The 40% of the breakfast I ate was great. That little white foam box contained the other 60% of which I had almost 1/2 for dinner last night and the balance was just eaten after my swim.

                      The old days of eating that big a meal in one sitting disappeared maybe 20 years ago