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    Good morning all! YardMaster blend coffee is freshly made and we have a variety of flavored creamers for those who don't drink it black. Waffles are on the menu with real butter and several flavors of syrup available. Bacon is also available for your dining pleasure.

    Overcast and 38 with a high later of 45 and rain here in SE central Illinois. Our nice spring weather has gone back to late winter this week. Can't wait for the warm and a little dryer weather to come back so I can get some things done outside to prepare for gardening. Hoping to raise a good size garden this year so my wife is able to can a lot of produce. With prices the way they are with no drop in sight, we hope to can or freeze a lot of food.

    Another busy day at work yesterday, though not as hectic as the two prior days.We've been trying to get the computers in one of our classrooms upgraded to Window 11 lately but for some reason it isn't working on all of them. My colleague at the district office pushes out the upgrade overnight and several of them upgrade, but not all of them. I made changes in the BIOS on some of them yesterday and hoping that will help, but some already had the changes and still wouldn't upgrade even though they should. May have to do each of them manually.

    That's about it from here. Hope you all have a great day!
    Ken Pryor
    Oil Belt Traction Company (someday!)

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    Good morning, Ken. Thank you for opening.

    It's sunny and 36F with 50's expected here in northern WV.

    I had a second job in charge of computers for several years but when renewal time came around I declined. The extra pay was welcome at the time but enough was enough.

    I plan to paint stairs today; I did the risers yesterday and plan to do the treads today. If I'm energetic I'll get out for a walk before an appointment this afternoon. Then more scenery work.

    Have a great day!



    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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      There's a ball of fire in the sky this morning; not sure but it might be the sun? But it's been so long......

      Coffee and more coffee and now tea......and a bagel with cream cheese and bacon.

      Got office stuff to shuffle and re-org, and then shop time; making a 4 wheel truck unit for under a bobber out of a 6 wheel pass truck; white metal and brass and pain. Already took a bite of my one finger......tape and gauze....but we'll trek on to the finish line today, I hope.

      Looks like it might warm up enough to get some painting done!

      In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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        Good morning Ken and the rest of the crew. It is 38 and heading into the low 40's today under cloudy skies.

        Ken, I've been declining the upgrade to Windows 11 so far.

        I'm up to the log load on the Wheel Works log truck. Didn't come out bad.

        As you probably noticed, Jim (our Burley Jim) has been MIA for a while. I've talked to him a few times in that interval and last evening he told me to fill you in. While undergoing pre-op tests for some back surgery, they determined that 3 of his major heart arteries were severely blocked, so in for a triple bypass. The surgery itself went well, but he quickly developed some severe gastrointestinal problems. Still can't figure the cause. He is now out of the hospital and into rehab for the next 10 days. As Jim says, the good news is that the Estate Sale is on hold. The bad news is that he's having a rough time of it right now. He says "hello".

        A bit of modeling today is likely.

        Have a great day. And Jim, hang in there buddy!


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          Hoping all the best to Jim for a speedy and full recovery. Kind of missing his cooking too.
          Mark B.


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            Good morning Ken, Mike, Martin, Bruce, Mark, and all incoming crew. Thanks for the chat and cup of brew Ken.

            51 and cloudy here in Rhode Island today. Rain expected to clear up by this afternoon.

            Bruce, thanks for the information about Jim. Wishing him the best. Sounds like he is going through a lot right now.

            Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

            Louis L&R Western Railroad
            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              Mornin' All!

              SSDD in the northern mitten, forty-something going to forty-something, rain and WGFA mix on the way, and fog creeping in on little cat feet, staying to observe a bit and then moving on.

              Mostly Good News about Jim there, although I'm sure he can do without the back pain (mine were horrid, and are not missed) and the GI issues. Hope he has a speedy, complete and permanent recovery. Estate Sales are not good things, so I'm glad that's on hold....

              Make it a great day, All, be positive, test negative and stay safe!

              in Michigan


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                Good morning from somewhere over Ohio. Took off awhile ago from Teterboro, NJ. On my way to home in Wisconsin where there are Pete’s wonderful WGFA on the ground. Still, it will be great to be home for a while. The road trip starts back up around the 25th.

                I have been doing the internal email thing with BurleyJim. Glad he allowed you Bruce to let the rest of the forum know what was happening. We miss you Jim!

                Karl, as I mentioned I also enjoy watching the big boats on the Duluth Webcams. I also check in a few days a week at the Soo Locks. It is amazing what the Army Corp of Engineers have done over the last 75 years to make the Great Lakes a safe navigation. The new colors on the Anderson are outstanding.

                I know I will need to grocery shop later today. The wife is still in Phoenix but heading for a few days on Paradise. The house has been started with the footings completed last week for the house, the garage, the stable and greenhouses. That is Terry’s thing and as long as the garage is big enough for my layout and model area I really don’t care. There are no basements on Maui and other then 4 steps leading to the back yard the house is one level.

                Enjoy your day


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                  Morning everyone

                  I was going to ask if anyone had heard from Jim.

                  Thanks for the report Bruce. I hope he has a speedy recover e all miss him!
                  Your in my prayers Jim.

                  Everyone have a great day!!

                  "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                    Bruce, glad you checked up on Jim, pass along our regards! And tell him to lay off the funky coffee in the morning breakfast bar.

                    Well, those problems you-all report on Windows updates are why I'm a Mac guy. More importantly, it really pisses me off whenever some government/municipal agency asks for more money for IT people because they choose systems that are so labor intensive! Both my city and the school district want substantial increases in their IT staffing. But of course no one ever gets fired for buying Microsoft, they just get larger budgets.

                    The new MrMark decal stuff should arrive sometime today.

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      What Windows update problems? I seem to not have any. Most of these I suspect are PIBKAM related.....
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                    Just another ugly day in MI, too much of the same ole stuff, cold, grey,wet. Add grumpy in there as well and it’s a joy.

                    Jim need’s to get back on the RR-L diet, boiler wash coffee, Gramma Sweeter’s biscuits and gravy and maybe double up on the Red Pills. GI stuff sure isn’t fun. It’s looking over my shoulder nearly every day.

                    Got stuff I need to do. Later.

                    Everyone enjoy, KS
                    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                    Cedar Swamp
                    SW of Manistique, MI

                    Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                      Good afternoon, all, and a wish for the best outcome for Jim. The NH seacoast had maybe an inch of rain overnight. It was above 60 for a bit, but clouds returned and it's a little cooler. My lawn is threatening to need mowing next week, but I used my tractor on my daughter's driveway last winter; she will use her mower on my lawn. So far, computer work all day.