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  • Michael_Hohn
    Good morning, crew. It's a cold but sunny 23F here in northern WV with expected high of 46F today. Unless we wait a while it will be another chilly walk like yesterday. I think we saw only one other person on the rail trail yesterday: a young fellow in shorts. We all looked at each other with expressions like " we are a bit crazy, aren't we." Nevertheless we felt good afterward.

    Did some scenery yesterday and will continue that today. Have some NMRA editorial work to do also.

    Have a nice day.


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  • Orionvp17
    Mornin' All!

    It's a glorious sunshiny day here in the northern mitten. 23, headed for 46, feels like 16 and it's just gorgeous out there. Of course, as Bruce and Karl have noted, this is all temporary, as the Winter Weather Advisory has been hung out, and Wintah returns tonight and into tomorrow. But with rain and ice, not snow.... Yuck. This has indeed become tiresome.... Need to remind myself that I live here because I can....

    Appointments today, followed (hopefully) by some soldering time later on, and then buttoning up the Doodlebug. Time will tell. Make it a great day, All, be positive, test negative and stay safe!

    in Michigan

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  • k9wrangler
    Sun and 20s going to ?-40? With the same gotcha coming from the weather folks Bruce mentioned. Who knows what trouble a couple ole’ folk can get into on this day. I spent much of yesterday futzing with itty bitty lites.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	619E56C5-33BC-4410-B52B-FD5BAB27847D.jpeg
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    Looking at MarineTraffic this morning it looks like Mackinaw has a group “in tow” and headed out onto Lake Superior around Whitefish Point (area Edmund Fitzgerald sunk yrs ago). Coincidently, Arthur Anderson that was first on location that night is in the group of boats lined up.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	78A53F15-62AC-46E5-A4FE-E28F7C6C7E5F.png
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ID:	990464 God Speed

    Time for breakfast.

    Everyone had a fine day.

    K9K in mid-west-central-lower Michigan…at this moment

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  • Rusty Stumps
    Morning Bruce and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Cold here in Crossroads of America. 32F last I looked. Had a K of C Officers meeting this morning. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts and picked up a box of Munkins. 25 pieces for $8 is way too much. Won't buy those again.
    Running the last item on Steve's large order so hopefully I'll be able to send that out tomorrow. I have one other order from another Model Kit manufacture but it's not that big. Glad to get those done then I can work on cleaning stuff around here.

    Everyone have a Fun and Save day in the frozen Train Yard.


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  • desertdrover
    Good morning Bruce, Martin and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge this morning Bruce. It is the best way to start off the day with a chat and cup of brew.

    It is back to cold weather once again here in Rhode Island. It is only 24 degrees, however sunny. They say the temps should go up in the next few days. We will see.

    Not sure what my bench time will be today. I'll have to take the day as it goes along.

    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

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  • mwbpequod
    23* here in VA this morning, but nice and warm still from last night's fire......supposed to be in the 70's on Thurs. - still on the weather roller coaster.

    Coffee and more coffee, and a poppyseed bagel with berry jelly for me today.

    Got to wrap up the galleys and send out some invoices (), pay some bills (), and just maybe get into my shop today......

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  • Dutchman
    started a topic Tuesday Morning Lounge

    Tuesday Morning Lounge

    Good morning from a still chilly S.E. Michigan where it is 18 degrees under sunny skies. We should approach 40 later today, but a mix of freezing rain and snow is supposed to hit us over night.

    Breakfast today is French Toast with maple syrup and bacon on the side. Our coffee is our Backshop Blend.

    I got more work done on the Coal Tipple yesterday and the set of stairs with railings attached is now in place. Last evening I decided to so some 'slicing and dicing' on a few figures to have one climbing the stairs and another leaning on the railing on the platform on the top. Things went fairly well until on little fellow's detached arm went flying to wherever all my NBW castings have flown off to. More looking for that appendage this morning. If not successful, the rest of the LP will better hide, because I'll be looking for an arm donor.

    Have a great day!