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    Originally posted by Bernd View Post
    Unbelievable how nice a job that little laser will do and at a good price to boot. Looks very nice.

    Did you have any smoke problems?

    Smoke problems? Yes. I don’t have an enclosure for the machine, so I keep a fan on and the garage door open!



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      Originally posted by BurleyJim View Post
      Donnell, Will you do the scribed siding and shingles using 2D and then assembling, or do 3D cuts with the laser? What CAD/CAM software are you using?

      Hi Jim, I tried 2D scribed siding on the shed, and it turned out alright. I’ll definitely have to refine my process to get the correct relief. Oh, and diode lasers don’t really like scribing on white mat board or card stock. It will though, but there always the chance for some reflectivity.

      CAD is Inkscape, CAM is Lightburn. I also use Alibre Design Pro for the 3D stuff, and cannot wait to incorporate the router and printer (Elegoo Mars 3)! CAM for Alibre is Meshcam (of which I have yet to figure out) and the much user-friendly Estlcam.

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        Thanks for the rundown. I had not heard of Lightburn. I use Fusion 360, and will probably have to write a post processor when I get the laser completed. F360 exports .stl files that the Lychee slicer does a nice job with on the Elegoo resin printer.

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          I tried using Fusion 360, but my computer’s graphics card was not up to par. In fact, it’s not even that great for Alibre Design, but it works good enough though the more complex designs take longer to render.

          On a somewhat related note, I placed an order for the Comgrow Comgo Z1 10W laser engraving machine on the 18th that is scheduled to arrive this Saturday. I’m looking forward to cutting thicker materials, those in the 6mm-8mm range. The working area for this machine is 15.75” x 15.75” (400mm x 400mmm). This will be large enough to do projects from N to G!
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            Originally posted by sd80mac View Post

            CAM for Alibre is Meshcam (of which I have yet to figure out) and the much user-friendly Estlcam.
            I used Meshcam when I first got my Sherline CNC mill. I later found CamBam 1.0 from a British company. I use that for the Robo and Sherline. CamBam has a free version that allows you to do 40 fully functional evaluation sessions before having to purchase the program. I think I paid around $150 for it and it's well worth it in my book. I've tried 360 Fusion and even bought a faster newer computer system to run it. I do all my CAD work with Draftsight 2D and export it to CamBam for the CAM. Another free 3D program is DesignSpark Mechanical. Not as powerful as Fusion but is a good program for getting used to do 3D design work. Design Spark outputs in an .stl format.

            Right now my CAD work is on "slow" speed with the summer months consuming other activities.

            Enjoying your input on this subject.

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