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very first Shay locomotive

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  • very first Shay locomotive

    Here's a 3.5 minute YouTube video with a brief history of the Shay including a nifty photo of the very first one.

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    Interesting. Thanks for posting the link, Bill.


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      So as far as the static Shay is concerned, I guess they did have piston and flywheel mounted on the boiler with a chain drive. I stand correct. I now have seen everything.

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        My favorite type of locomotive. They are the North Coast Railroad's primary source of power.
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          Interesting video, Bill. As an aside, Ephrain Shay started his lumbering business in the same township I live in, Sunfield Twp, in Michigan. A village or settlement within a mile of where I live was Shaytown and while there is only two ramshackle houses, one abandoned, there, the North/South roadway there is Shaytown Rd and runs for over a dozen miles. Shay moved farther North in lower Michigan and it was there that he had the locomotive built for him. There is a house in Harbor Springs, MI that he had built that is constructed nearly totally of steel. A Shay festival of sorts is held in the Summer in Harbor Springs. The Doll and I went once.... SOMEhow I came into possession of a SHAYTOWN Rd street sign and it resides in my barn/shop building.
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            Good video! I learned something today. Thanks for posting it.



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              I shay that was very interesting, thanks for posting this Bill.