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    This goes out to everyone:

    I got this in an email from a friend. It is about Laurie Green

    I chatted with Laurie by phone this week! As you noted, he had some serious health issues through 2020-1, but thankfully is much better now. He’s at home and is actively modelling again, and his layout features in NGDU’s January issue. Some of his health issues will require ongoing management but it’s fantastic to see how far he’s recovered already.
    Outback Model Co (which Laurie operates with John Hunter) is also going well. I know they recently decided to focus on O scale craftsman kits and detail parts, and as a result I think the website is offline for a ‘rebuild’. Hopefully this is back online soon - at the weekend I saw the pilot model for their next kit, “Nott’s Boathouse” which is quite spectacular. Hopefully this will be released early this year!

    I’m unsure why Laurie’s website is also offline - I’ll ask him, next time we chat!

    So that is good news.


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    Thank you Rich, all good news. I was unsure what I was going to read when I saw his name.
    Met him at a Mansfield hobby show years back. Great person to know and learn from.

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    • Pennman
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      I hear ya Louis, usually it's about someone's passing, but not this time. But it's surely an attention getter.


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    Hello Rich & Louis. Yep Laurie is doing OK these days. Last few years his health wasn't the best, but seems to have recovered OK. Not 100% but certainly a lot better, and is modelling again.
    I see him a few times a year as he is in my NMRA division, so caught up with him in November and December.

    Both his & Outback models websites have been offline for a while, so maybe just doing some updates.

    Interesting about the Notts Boathouse. I'm assuming it's a copy of Geoff Notts boathouse on the Muskrat Ramble layout.
    Laurie and I have discussed this over the years, and they were going to do a kit of it a few years back, but never eventuated. I guess it is now.
    I have been building my own version the last 12 months, and will finish up the diorama soon.
    Will be interesting to compare .
    Regards Rob

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