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  • Tuesday morning lounge

    Good morning all from 12f with light snow in N.E. Indiana. The timer is set on the coffee urn, and it will be READY when you come in to the lounge. I've got the stove set with an egg, cheese, potato, and ham casserole on the timer as well. I'll be here in a little while. I took a 'little nap' after my 'trip' to the Ortho joint. We Ate lunch, drove home, and 7 hours later, I woke up ready to go! So, my schedule is wonky. I do feel about 100% better, and am walking normal again. See you later.

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    Good morning, Jim. Thank y0u for opening. I'm glad you are feeling better and getting around.

    It's a cold 15F and partly sunny here in northern WV.

    We built more benchwork at the club yesterday; the next build session is scheduled for tomorrow.

    Today as things warm up I hope to get out on the rail trail. for our house I have a picture to hang and door hardware to reinstall now that the door has been repainted. For my layout I plan to continue doing scenery.

    Have a great day!


    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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      Sun is just coming up, under those clouds somewhere. Was 2o at 0333 when I looked, closer to 9o now going to ~20o later, on air "talent" calls today's prognostication: "QUIET" that means "don't hold me to anything...take what you get" The several days of extreme, at times, winds have diminished.

      Enjoyed the DAWG! show on TV last night, UGA came to life and chinked the armo(u)r of ALA, whose coach's name is X rated in Spartan Country, one of his stepping stones on his trip SEward.

      Trip to post office will be highlight of the day once Jim's casserole is done. Another ebay item headed out. Selling off some things.

      Everyone have a nice day.

      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

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        22* here in No. Va; pumpkin muffins slathered with maple syrup with lots of coffee.

        Fireplace is still nice and warm from last night's fire and the one log is still smoldering; will re-load that later today to maintain that room. Jut have to go outside a bit for kindling and 2 boxes of wood.

        NMRA writing tops today's agenda; shop time and reading thereafter. Fun, funner, and funniest........

        Garbage has not been picked up for 2 weeks now - supposed to be today. I'm not betting on it. But it's nicely frozen so I'm not caring all that much. Lots of red foxes about.....


        In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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          Good morning, hope your internal clock settles down soon, Jim. Suns's been shining in my windows for about half an hour but the guessers say it won't get above 10F today. Tomorrow it's supposed to be up to freezing, then above freezing Thursday. Only half the kids in my kid's class attended yesterday. Selectmen met last night, budget committee tonight. I cut materials for my occupancy display project last night, will start installation today.


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            Good morning guys and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge for our daily chat and cup of brew. Best way to start the day.
            14 degrees and cloudy here in Rhode Island today. I'm guessing maybe some bench time with the challenge project.
            Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the RR-L Forum.

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            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              Good morning again . It's now 16f and sunny heading to 32f. Feeling great! I made good use of my late night, and got a lot done on my first challenge project, maybe pictures later. If I can ever figure out the i*Phone. Might have to resort to bring out the old standby.

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                Good morning Crew from chilled So. Central Wisconsin. +2f degrees but feeling like -15. No walking outside today. High is supposed to get to 31f degrees but that is at 7pm and no mention of wind chill but the winds then should be around 15mph.

                Jim, glad the Ortho visit worked out well. Since my blood glucose levels have been out of whack lately I will work something up at home. Normally I would dig into the casserole. I am trying to completely wipe diet soda from my menu and I have whittled it down to the morning diet Dr Pepper that contains caffeine and 1 later in the day but prior to dinner. Today Terry and I meet with the diabetic dietary counselor. Need to learn how to eat all over again since what I have been doing isn’t working.

                Mean Girls was touring and we had tickets to Thursday night’s performance. Really have been torn to attend or not but that I was settled about 8 last night when Terry got the cancel notice. The cast has Covid, rescheduled into 2023. We have managed to see the one play that has actually played in Madison since 3/2020 when the balance of the 2020 season stopped.

                Enjoy your day


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                  Mornin' All!

                  Plus 12, headed all the way to 25, feels like 12 and all is calm under the grey blanket here in the northern mitten. But the Gale Warnings are up for this afternoon and into tomorrow, so early is better out there if one has errands to do. Just had three deer (where's the fourth one???) and two enormous turkeys wander through on their daily search for breakfast. Glad I can live indoors!

                  Jim, the Ortho News is good today. Please keep it that way! TomO, best wishes on your dietary conversions.

                  Make it a great day All, and stay safe!

                  in Michigan


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                    Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. Jim, glad that all went well yesterday, including the long nap.

                    We started a jigsaw puzzle yesterday, the first in a few years. We enjoy the joint experience. We approach the puzzle differently, so our combined efforts seem to augment each other's nicely.

                    Some NMRA work today since some pesky boss wants a progress report.

                    After that, some modeling time and some puzzle time and some more reading of Churchill's book(s).

                    Have a great day!


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