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    Good morning crew, readers. and lurkers, from clear and 12f N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Getoffyerduff blend as we start a new week. The special is a Denver omelet and Texas toast. Karl's grandma's recipe grits on the side. Oatmeal pot is has a fresh batch gurgling away. All other beverages are at the end of the line.

    Well yesterday, was pretty low key as spent some time on the bench painting parts for my challenge project. Right now the biggest challenge is finding a piece of 2mm or 5/64th steel rod to move on the assembly. I'll probably have to order it online, as I can't find it locally. I ended up wiring up the DIY keep alive and looking for a good candidate to install it in. I'm leaning toward a steam locomotive, as they always seem to be the culprits that want to stall out on the double crossover. I'll locate it in the tender, where there is a little space.

    That activity will have to happen later in the day. I'm getting ready to get a 'little procedure' done at the Ortho joint this morning, and I'll be flying at about 30,000 feet for a while.

    Have a Super day.

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim hope all goes well at the ortho clinic. it's 19 and dreary in SE Ohio not going to get to warm today maybe high 20s. I got the
    first section of track running yesterday thanks to SIL!!! he is a great help. 3 more sections to go I'm not up on trains like most of the crew are
    I just like to mess with them don't have the money or resources also not educated enough to figure out a lot of the layout progression??

    that's all for now stay safe



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      Good luck Jim !!


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        Made it back late last night from the Bills game. Spend some quality time with my daughter. It was a good day.
        Home of the HOn3 North Coast Railroad, along the shores of Lake Ontario.


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          Good morning all. Cold, but sunny here in southeast Illinois. Day number 3 of my vacation and really enjoying not being at work. I have to go by work today to exchange some faucet supply lines I bought since I bought the wrong size. Stupid me knew exactly what to buy and I still managed to pick up the wrong ones somehow. Need to pick up some other hardware items while I'm there and then hopefully won't see the place again till Saturday.

          Going to spend some time with out oldest granddaughter today (and buy here lunch and college books). Growing up, she spent nearly every weekend of her life with us and I sure miss her now that she's out on her own. She was my little buddy and we did so much together.

          Haven't started on my Accurail kit yet. Need to run somewhere for glue. I did find some good candidates for weathering practice so I can learn on them before doing anything to stuff I care about. I had forgotten about a box of old freight car shells out in the garage. Those will be perfect to learn on. Just need to get some weathering supplies and do a little learning before getting started.

          Nothing else going on. Hope you all have a great day!
          Ken Pryor
          Oil Belt Traction Company (someday!)


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            Good morning guys and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge for our daily chat and cup of brew. Best way to start the day.
            28 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today. I'm guessing maybe some bench time with the challenge project.
            Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the RR-L Forum.

            Louis L&R Western Railroad
            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 14 degrees and heading up to 20 degrees later today. Mostly cloudy which is pretty much the norm here in winter.

              We took down the tree and inside decorations yesterday and all is packed away for another year.

              I've been fighting a head cold for the past 4-5 days. Our great grandkids both had the sniffles when they were here, and they are great at sharing.

              Jim, good luck with the procedures.

              Off to the modeling bench shortly.

              Have a great day!


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                10 degrees here on the west central side of Michigan where it’s overcast and breezy. I went from I to _ in about 1/10 second yesterday on the ice. Lucky, no ortho needs. Just a psych eval., did I say lucky?

                Speaking of psych issues, saw where a school teacher inTexas put her 12 yr old in the trunk after they, she, he or wth, tested positive for covid. The whole world needs a psych test.

                Off to see what’s up.

                Later. Grandma Sweeter’s grit’s, Jim, what a treat just thinking about her.

                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

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                  Mornin' All!

                  Not sure whereBruce gets those big numbers he throws around... it's 9 here and the wind chill is -10 with snow showers blowing like stink and delivering WGFA here in the northern mitten. Forecast high for the day is +10, so....

                  Keep an eye on the sniffles, Bruce. My youngest grandson just tested positive for Covid-- sniffles, scratchy throat and so on, and yes, he's double-vaxxed. Stay safe!

                  Good day to stay inside and work on projects. Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                  in Michigan


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                    Good morning Crew. Cool in Wisconsin at +7f degrees but feels like -14f. The high today is going to be 8 but with winds gusting into the 20’s. Not a nice day. I went for a walk this morning as I misread the wind chill. I thought it was -3 at 8:30am but Terry looked as I was heading out the door saying it was wind chill of -13. Yep, it was cold walking into the wind. Did 1/2 mile down the hill trail to the warming shed that is newly added and then 1/2 mile back. The treadmill will see the other couple miles today.

                    Need to head out to Kohls (Xmas presents to be returned) hopefully without major crowding at 10. Then the Home Depot for new masks, NK95’s are now being recommended in Dane County, Wi.. Finally this morning we will finish up at the HY VEE grocery store. Seriously thinking of going back completely to online shopping and the curbside pickup.

                    We have 3 more days on the offer for the properties in Maui. I am leaning to saying no but seems like I might be out voted and I’d be fine with that. I like Maui, but I do not love it. The weather and the beauty while it can’t be beat on a day to day basis is limited as to what you can do. Terry already told her greenhouse manager who left Wisconsin for Maui that she definitely will be taken care of if we sell. Andrea told Terry she is not coming back to Wisconsin and will explore other islands before coming back to the mainland.

                    This afternoon I will be in the train room. I replac3d some rail yesterday. I need to inspect every piece for floating above the tie plates. I think my misadventures with the mineral spirits is the cause of popping rails. I was too enthusiastic when wiping the rail and the fluid seeped into the tie plates loosening the glue.

                    Enjoy your day
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • k9wrangler
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                      Editing a comment
                      What glue had you used, TomO?, just reading and listening to the MRH info on mineral spirits as the be-all and end-all for rail cleaning. Joe Fugate gave us a spiel on it at lunch the day here was here. I'd always used lacquer thinner for track cleaning with my CRX(?) car. It's disheartening to see that much stuff come apart. There'd probably be a new dent in the wall somewhere if I had that problem. I use the same track gages, painted mine yellow so I can find them easier when I lose them.

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                    I don’t know how to quote a quote but…

                    The rail is laid on Central Valley tie strips. The glue initially used was Barge cement/MEK. Worked extremely well for me.

                    I believe the issue was I over saturated the cloth I used with mineral spirits. I use the finger tip pressing the rag against the rail head. Based on where the sections of rail lifted I basically doubled or more the amount of fluid allowing in to drip to the tie plate.

                    I read a reply on Facebooks HO Scale Shelf Modelers from a guy responding about using the MEK. 1st time a guy gave personal experience why not to use MEK. The can I had is on the deck outside evaporating as our local government won’t dispose of it . I am using Gorilla Glue CA stuff to re-glue the rail. So far and I didn’t do much today the setup went well and the rail is holding. Another few feet tomorrow or when I get at it and the trains will run again on the main.

                    in the picture you can see the left rail a few inches in front of the locomotive floating above the tie plates. No derailments happened and no trains were injured in this photo shot

                    Click image for larger version

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