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How to post photo's on the new forum

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  • How to post photo's on the new forum

    Some here has asked how to post photo's on the new forum. I had already done this over in the Photo forum, but some have missed it.
    So am re-posting it here. I hope it helps, and they can start posting photo's, and threads.
    Apparently the max photo size is now 2mg, but I still resize my photos to 800 x 600, so as to not use up a lot of forum space.

    I assume in time the Mods will update the thread on how to post a photo, as it's now completely different than before. Far easier. But here's a quick lesson that will help for now.
    If you use the camera icon (top left) to post your photo, it only loads it as a thumbnail. so have to click on the thumbnail to see full size.

    To load full size direct to the forum, Instead, use the Image icon about 3/4 along the editing bar for photos (see below in yellow)
    Click upload tab, choose file, (then select your photo), then click send to server, click OK, and then Post Reply.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_68.jpg
Views:	116
Size:	21.1 KB
ID:	977910
    Regards Rob

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    If you can't see the above, then you are missing the editor bar. To get the editing bar to show, click the Advanced editor icon, (yellow A ), that will expand it for you. Then you can use the Image Icon above.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_117.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.2 KB ID:	977914

    Reach out if you need more help.
    Regards Rob

    Despite the cost of living, it's still popular

    My current build.


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      One of things about posting pics that others been gracious to point out to me is concerning the title of the image. Get rid of spaces between words in the title. Spaces screw things up.

      " My locomotive 1" loads better as "mylocomotive1"

      Additionally, I learned through others, like my friends here, Pennman and Bernd, to use a size reducing program first to keep under that 2MB limit. A width of 1000 will work.

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        One thing that never seems to get a mention is or asked, is from where are you sending the picture from, a cell phone, a computer, do you store your pictures someplace else like I do. I have my own website. All my pictures I post are uploaded from the server I store them on using the fifth box from the right that has the mountain with sun in it icon. I've also used the upload from my computer, but if my computer dies I loose the pictures on it. That's one way.

        I would ask Potsy from where he sends his photos from, and we may be able to solve his picture problem by telling him which of the, I count three, methods he should use for uploading pictures.

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          As with the old (Snitz) forum, uploading your pictures to RR-Line means they will be viewable for the life of the forum. On the forum site, they're safe from computer crashes, house fires and internet photo sites whose business plan changes. As Dave(5) notes, the size limit is 2 megabytes, but I keep my uploads under 200 kilobytes. Joe promises not to purge old photos in favor of new, but I will help keep the cost of that policy down.