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The 2022 Forum Renewal Challenge

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  • The 2022 Forum Renewal Challenge

    To celebrate the re-birth of the RR-L Forums with our new software, we will dedicate this year’s Challenge to Joe whose willingness to spend his time and money to migrate the RR-L’s content to a new platform will keep us moving forward for many years.

    As is our usual practice, some choices of modeling projects will form the structure of the Challenge.

    Our choices this year are:
    1. Loading Dock Mini-Scene: Build a loading dock of any type and create a mini-scene using details either scratch built or purchased.
    2. Brick Wall Project: Take a section of brick wall – made of any material (plaster, plastic, laser cut wood, etc.) and use your imagination to paint, weather, and detail it. You could even combine this with Choice #1 and put a loading dock in front of your wall.
    3. Finish a model: If you have a partially completed model sitting somewhere on a shelf, pull it out and finish it up!
    4. Start anew: Take a kit of any type of model off the shelf and have at it! Or, make some plans of your own and scratch build a model of your choice.
    5. Layout Project: If you have been wanting to attack some project on your layout, why not do it as part of this Challenge.
    Time frame will be our usual January 1 – April 30, 2022

    I will open the official Challenge thread in the Mike Chambers’ Craftsman’s Corner by January 1st.

    We look forward to your participation.


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    Well, Bruce, I'm obviously in on this great challenge...

    So diverse we can all jump in on it, and challenging enough in our own individual circumstances to get everyone working on a project.

    Great stuff, I'm looking forward to joining in on this one.

    Thanks for starting the ball rolling...


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      I'll be on the train. The challenge is going to be deciding which challenge to do, they are all good.


      Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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        At first glance, I thought most of the challenges were not a good fit for me. But after some thought, them seem just right.

        My challenge will be to finish! Looking forward to Jan. 1st.



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          The perfect challenge & opportunity for all to join!
          I have another NRMA show March 19th. Onboard!


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            The Superintendent of the North Coast Railroad accepts the challenge. The Mayor of the city has issued a proclamation for the modeling year of 1951 to finish those structures of the harbor of Oswego before 1952 gets here.

            Fifth Dave on the right.
            Home of the HOn3 North Coast Railroad, along the shores of Lake Ontario.