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    Good morning all, from 39f and overcast N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn has just signaled READY with Caboose Stove blend. The special French toast and Canadian bacon. Oatmeal pot is simmering at the end of the line, along with the Dr.Pepper and other non-standard beverages.

    Had a full day yesterday as I drove 350 miles round trip to Indy and back. We brought our old synthetic Christmas tree, ornaments, some old photos down to his place. It was both happy and sad. Wife and I bought that tree 51 years ago, to celebrate our first year together. It is remarkable how well it has maintained it's shape and good looks. We also celebrated a belated Thanksgiving with him and his fiancee. After the feast we started putting up the tree. Stories of the past Holidays brought back some great memories. We'll miss that old tree, but it will go on and on.

    On the way back, I thought, we didn't see a single deer out there. About 8 miles from home, an unmarked police car came whizzing across the road in front me doing probably 90+. On an unlit highway, I slammed on the breaks to avoid t-boning him. Looked over to my left, and maybe a half mile down the path he was following were probably 5-6 emergency vehicles. The 11 o'clock news reported 4 people dead in that house out on a country further information. Scared the heck out of me, always wear cheap shorts!

    No modeling yesterday. Planning on bench time today.

    Have a Super day!

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    Good morning Jim and. all incoming crew it's 38 and sunny here in SE Ohio. Your lucky you didn't have a wreck.
    the man was on your side!! nothing planned for today



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      Good morning to the entire crew. It is 34 degrees and foggy here in S.E. Michigan. We had another inch of snow over night. Some above-freezing temps for the next few days, so what snow we have will mostly melt away. After that, more snow is in the forecast.

      Some basement and garage work, a trip to the store are on the agenda.

      Have a great day!


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        Good morning Jim, Mark, Bruce and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening for our daily chat and cup of brew.
        30 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island the littlest State in the Union.
        Getting in some more work with my vacuum car today. Found a filter for it yesterday at Wal-Mart.
        Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

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          30 and fog in MI. Some new snow but the walk and drive look ok w/out much intervention.

          Still trying to track down an Rx I need, doc and pharmacies frustrate me.

          The Doll has me wrapped up in a project.

          I understand the upset with that situation, Jim. We had a 20yr old a half mile from us kill his mother in most unpleasant manner 2 yrs ago. Still upsets to drive by there. Place was torn down since.

          Be well all.
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

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            Good morning, Jim and crew. Tidewater Virginia is going to be in the 50's today. I've been wrapped around the axle planning a complex trim we're doing next spring. Planes, trains, ships, busses and a car. I have a Skype call to make this morning and more online reservations. No mrring other than reading the postings here on the RR-Line.

            Have a good day.
            Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


            • BurleyJim
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              Sounds like Around the World in Eighty Days, or the less spectacular Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!


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            Good morning, crew. It’s 52F here on the Olympic peninsula with rain diminishing in the early afternoon.

            Our plans are to relax, walk later, have a nice lunch somewhere and relax some more.

            Have a great day everyone!



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              Good Day, All!

              It's afternoon here and morning west of here, so.... 36 and headed for 39 in the northern mitten, with the grey blanket firmly in place and trending toward the ground, but apparently not going to leak anything for awhile. Lovely snowfall visible in the trees and the yard at around 0400, but it had melted by the time I rolled out shortly after dawn. Jim's Brekkie sounds like it must have been wonderful, and I may sniff around some to see if there's any left before I head out to my next appointment.

              Make it a great day, All, and as I keep insisting, Stay Safe!!!

              in Michigan


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 8.05.33 PM.jpg
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ID:	974062 Well, I abandoned part of my SketchUp class project, but made some progress on the more important parts. Off to class today to consult with the TA to see why some other stuff isn't working as expected. What a pain in the posterio!

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                Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


                • Philip
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                  Rafters are more important. Is it really that hard to learn?

                • deemery
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                  What I found REALLY HARD is to put stuff into the right location. For example, I drew some stair components ('zig-zags'). Then I extruded them to make 3D stairs. The idea was to copy-drag the component to build up the staircase of the required height. Instead, each component was located some arbitrary/bizarre place in 3-space, and when I tried dragging a component back to the staircase, it refused to snap to the staircase, and fought me every time I tried to position it.

                  Mebbe it's because I have 55 years of thinking in 2D projections, but the idea of drawing a component in 2D and then positioning it onto the larger structure was basically an exercise in massive cussing and frustration. And then, I'd get things connected, when all-of-a-sudden that surface that I had carefully constructed got interrupted somehow, and there was no longer a face between the lines that (used to) define it.

                  5 hours of design work, 20+ hours of fighting the bleepity-bleep tool to actually capture the design.

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                I received this just today. I was a victim of HobbyRails and had to file a claim with Discover card to get my money back It was a real pain in the back side. Some of you "up north" may already be aware of this, if not, take head.

                Please read the entire article as there is a list of "Bogus" stores listed.


                GULF COAST & WESTERN


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                  Morning! Thanks for the coffee and heads up on these scammer. A special place in hell awaits them.