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    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers. It's 23f and clear in N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Switchman blend. The special is #1, 2 eggs your way, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausage patties, and 2 slices of toast. Remember inflation has raised the price to $.35.

    I went to the bigbox home improvement stores yesterday, and saw that the price of superglue has increased by 20%. a gallon of paint is over 30% higher. Then I went to COSTCO, and saw that potato chips were also up over 20%. I guess the fuel costs to deliver goods is a key factor. It's a general 'tax' across the board. At least the COSTCO chickens were still $4.99.

    Today we're heading South to celebrate Thanksgiving with our youngest son who worked the 4 day weekend. His girlfriend's birthday was yesterday, so between those two events, we'll put up their Christmas decorations, it'll be a full day!

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning Jim and incoming crew ditto here on your forecast. speaking rising prices my natural gas went from 2.65 to 5.99. bike ride then maybe train room need to
    get moving on it!! just decaf today thanks



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      Good morning, all. The overnight snow forecast for the Lower Merrimack Valley didn't materialize, so I'm looking at an overcast with slow clearing. Yesterday was Tour de Chooch, which I enjoyed. ~22 visitors was less than 2019, but most were here for a while. Today is working on my well, time to get on the phone.


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        Good morning to the entire crew. It is 25 degrees and sunny here in S.E. Michigan.

        We ended up with about 3.5" of snow yesterday. Another 1"-3" expected this evening and over night. I'm glad that I got the snow blower on the tractor. It worked great clearing the driveway yesterday afternoon.

        After have some turkey soup with our dinner last night, we froze 9 containers for future use. Today we'll make a batch of Creamy Turkey & Noodle Stew and that should finish up the leftover turkey.

        Have a great day!


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          Good morning Jim, Mark, James, Bruce and all incoming crew. At $35.00, I'll start my weight loss program. Thanks for opening the lounge for our daily chat and cup of brew.
          34 degrees and cloudy here in Rhode Island today. I'll be doing some more work on my vacuum car.
          Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

          Louis L&R Western Railroad
          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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            $.35 is thirty-five cents Lou.

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          Hi all. Just passing thru. 29 with an occasional peek at the sun with snow forecast this afternoon.

          I waited too long to blow the snow yesterday. There will be more I’m sure.


          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

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            Hello Crew-
            Light WGFA coming down here in North Central Wisconsin. It looks like we'll be sharing some of it with Karl and the rest will go East for our friends in Michigan. (Great game for Mich last Saturday). All of the fall chores are done and the Christmas ones are just beginning. The wife wants a blizzard. I told her maybe later, just not now. The rest of the week is pretty much open so I'll be getting some modeling done.

            Has anyone heard from Walt from Rusty Stumps? He used to be a frequent contributor but cannot recall seeing anything from him in ages.

            Have a great week

            Mark B


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              Good morning, crew. It's 52F and rainy here in Portland.

              Yesterday we visited the Japanese Garden. No wait getting in but there was quite a line when we left. We figure people decided to go once they discovered it was going to be a nice, non-rainy day.

              Not a lot planned for today. We will be driving up to the Olympic Peninsula later.

              Have a wonderful day everyone.


              Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin