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decoder capability: smoke generator

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  • decoder capability: smoke generator

    OK I did finally get the shell of my MTH H8 off and might try to preserve the smoke unit because I can add a speaker behind it. Is it possible to drive the smoke generator with anything less than a Loksound 5 L decoder like a 5 DCC or micro. The MTH generator is a 4 wire set up without a temp probe. The heater and fan resistances are 13 and 16 ohms respectively so at 14V the unit would draw about 1 amp each to the heater and fan. The aux outputs of the Loksound 5 are rated at .25A and a total draw of 1.5A so while in total I think the decoder could handle it but not an individual output. Would it be practical to amplify the current from the aux outputs (transistor or relay circuit)? Or I could jut rip the smoke unit out and be done with it. I suppose I could use the loksound 5 L and deal with the maze of wires to the loco but it otherwise seems like overkill
    - Your thoughts? Thanks,

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    Nice locomotive. It looks like you've already realized that driving the smoke generator far exceeds the output of the decoder, and would turn the decoder into a 'one time smoke generator'. You might take a look at a MOSFET Solid State relay that to handle that load. I've checked the C247S device on this page. Look over the data sheet for heatsink, and driving requirements etc. NO GUARANTEE from me, but check it out.

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      Jim -- Thanks for the input and the link -- Bob


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        Let us know if that solves the problem.

        Thanks - Jim
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