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  • Paper/Cardstock Structures

    On my On30 "Chatham & Bitchfield Railroad" most of my structures are made out of card stock with paper textures applied to them. Being able to construct them, I'm open to build any style and size to fit into my layout. And the cost is a lot cheaper that commercial bought buildings. With some care and design these paper buildings are acceptable to any layout.

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    c_dash_16 making paper/card stock models certainly can save lots of $. I've
    made a few but have issue with card warping over time. To remedy that problem
    I switched to foam core instead of card as it usually doesn't warp and it's still cheap
    to buy. Have you ever tried Cleaver Models? I bought a file online from them and
    downloaded it a few years ago. Their design and coloring is top notch.
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      I've had made a couple of Cleaver Models buildings, but I tend to shy away from commercial bought buildings because I like buildings that are not on other layouts and are unique only to my railroad.

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    I've used card stock, mostly Bristol, as a building material. I often laminate two sheets together for walls and then add a lot of bracing. There are building that are over 10 years old on the club layout that haven't warped a bit.

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