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A question about 'social media buttons'

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  • A question about 'social media buttons'

    Does RR-Line get any money from Facebook and Twitter in exchange for putting their tracking buttons here?

    Personally, I find those really objectionable. I do NOT want Facebook tracking me across the internet.

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    Dave, we do not.. i dont believe that you would be tracked.. you can click the button and add to your facebook or twitter feed if you desire.. but you would have to set up the account.. it doesn't know your passwords so it wouldnt / couldn't do it with out your info / permission



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      Joe, these buttons allow FB/Twitter to track via IP address. When your browser sees the URL for them, the requesting machine, browser (and a fair amount of other information) is recorded by FB/Twitter (or by any other Ad company.) They then correlate this information with the other stuff they scrape off the internet. Even if you have a dynamic IP address, the browser information is often enough to provide a "fingerprint" that allows their AI to correlate.

      I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU REMOVE THEM. If they are not paying you for the privilege of sucking down my identity, they have no real purpose here!
      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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        Guys, shots across the bow !!! lol rest assured I'm concerned about your privacy and mine and honestly I'm not an expert at facebook's or twitter's data mining algorithm, but I can certainly look into how those buttons actually operate. Correct me if I'm not understanding your theory properly. but if you are correct, any page you visit with a facebook link will harvest your info?. That seems like you wont be able to go to most pages as facebook is everywhere. My initial thoughts are that the buttons only collect information if you click them. This new forum software does quite abit more than i have it set up to do. there are integration features that will allow you to access the forum with your facebook account credentials. thats not something im am considering but may come in handy somewhere in the future.

        I would be interested in furthering this discussion but lets keep it friendly!




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          I would like to add, im not sure anyone is using them, but the buttons could help bring new folks to the forum


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            When there's a link, including an image, on a website: (1) there's a DNS lookup (e.g. to get its DNS address). (2) then the browser contacts the server, sending an HTTP request to That request includes the IP address of the requester, the browser, and other information from the requestor. (See The server uses this information to provide the correct response (e.g. to decide if it's sending a regular webpage or one optimized for smart phones.) The request is almost always logged (by default). NOW what FB and other slimeballs do is they take the information in those server logs to build up their profile of not just users of Facebook, but of everyone ("They might become a Facebook user in the future" is the excuse FB uses.) So the mere display of an image from Facebook sends a lot of data to Facebook.

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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              This is what i found.



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                As someone who thinks all anti-social media sites should be outlawed my vote is to remove em'. They have become way to political.


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                  By the way, ALL forums, including Railroad-Line, could be considered "social media sites". If you want to "outlaw" all of them, that means this one too.
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                    I can see in the page script that there is some thing, presumably the buttons that are being loaded from thru java script , exactly what that does or what the consequences are of that I,m not sure . Its not a problem for me because I can block it if I need to .

                    If you are worried about being tracked I would make sure that your are not using the Google DNS server. Thats their primary way of tracking you . Even if you use a different search engine , If you computer uses the Google DNS , they know exactly where you been. They may even be using your MAC instead of the IP.


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                      I don't see the FB buttons because I use Firefox with NoScript; I don't allow the domain they're loaded from.


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                        Im going to use Duck Duck on my computer I believe Dave is on to something You have no Idea what Facebook is CAPABLE OF
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                          I use nothing but Duck Duck Seems like I've gotten less ads. Helps too if you have an ad block. I use AdBlock Plus. works great.

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