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  • foscale o scale gas station

    i woke up at 2 am with horrible heartburn and by 2:30 i knew i wasn't gonna go back to sleep, so i went down to the bench and cracked open a new kit.
    foscale's o scale gas station.
    i read over the instructions twice and dove in.
    i separated the wall sections from their carrier sheets and penciled in some stud lines. i'm not going to follow the instructions to closely because i don't really like using clapboard siding for the finished walls. i'm going to be adding scale 1 x 8s to the clapboard and i wanted the stud lines as a guide for when i butt siding boards together.

    then i braced the walls per the diagram and stained the walls with silverwood so i have a good undercoat of color.

    then i grained and stained the corner trim boards.

    then i damp brushed them with the trim color on two sides. (the other sides will be glue points.

    my original intention was to use yellow for the walls and green for the trim, but i decided to go with foscale's color scheme.
    i'll get back to this in a day or so. i still have sierra west's logging and tractor repair on the bench, but i'm taking a break from it. it's a pretty intense build.

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    this is my first time posting since the new software and i don't know how to embed the pictures into the post. i'll get help and figure it out.


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      To post pictures full size don't use the Share Photos icon (the one that looks like a camera.
      Instead use the Image icon which is about two thirds of the the to right of the Camera icon.
      Click the Upload tab, select your picture, click send to server and then OK.


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        I'll be following.


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          You get a lot done in the wee hours!



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            it's actually myfavorite time to be at the bench


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              Good seeing you here and posting a new build. I'll be following along!!

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                Good morning, Kevin. I'll be following and am especially interested in changes you make in the kit


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                  Looking forward to your progress with this kit. I model HO scale and like the Foscale kits for their size and construction.

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                    Nice start Kevin. FOS make really nice kits. Should be a great build.

                    Because you used the camera icon to post your photo, it only loads it as a thumbnail. so have to click on the thumbnail to see full size.

                    to load full size direct to the forum, Instead, use the Image icon about 3/4 along the editing bar for photos (see below)
                    Click upload tab, choose file (then select your photo, then click send to server, and then post reply. Apparently the max photo size is now 2mg

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Regards Rob

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                      Kevin nice start to this project. I too model in HO scale and have built a couple of their kits very nice and easy to put together. Looking forward to seeing more.
                      Mike Mace

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                        i got the tw0 smaller walls sided last night and one of the side walls is under the iron until the glue cures. i really prefer adding my own siding boards over the clapboard and usingthe clapboard as guide. i think the realism speaks for itself.Click image for larger version

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                          Yes, the realism does indeed speak for itself. Very nice.

                          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                              Looking good Kevin. A worthwhile extra effort indeed.
                              I'm following along.