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  • TRAINS1941
    Hey Karl thanks for setting up the bar!!

    I'll throw on a couple of logs that will keep the place warm till Rick shows up in the morning!

    Meanwhile I'll have my Old Fashion with the Old Forester bourbon.

    Nothing got done at the bench today. I watched the games.
    At least my team the 49er's won in spite of there stupid coach and that's being nice!!
    Tampa Bay with Tom was a shoe in. Even though there defense got a little lax in the 2nd half.

    Time to watch another episode of Yellowstone!

    If your around come on in sit by the fire and have a beverage or two!!

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  • k9wrangler
    Mutton’ on TV tonight, just thought I’d toss a log on the fire and open up the draft damper a bit and declare the bar is open. Was a beautiful clear dolling sunlit day here in Michigan starting off at 3-4 degrees and just approaching but not quite 30 before the drop.

    Ran off to pick up an Rx and drifted by the sporting goods store getting a shirt and pants that were not quite the bargain their ad said but did find a very well stocked ammo section, added a few rounds to my supply.

    How’re y’all in the path of Izzy doing? So lucky ya can live in an area with the right demographics to get a named storm! Here we just call it winter, after all it is just mid-January.

    Be well, stopping by for am repast in 11-12 hr. L8R

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  • Larryc
    commented on 's reply
    Actually Mr. B has never even hinted at getting up on the layout. Plus it's about 40 inches off the floor and I don't think he wants to get up that high; he's more of a floor cat and lap cat of course.

  • elwoodblues
    Good morning (barely) Larry, Karl, Louis, Rick, Tom, Jerry, Mike and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

    Put a fresh pot of coffee on.

    Les, buckets with adult beverages are looking great.

    Tom, another great layout picture.

    Mike, didn't make it too the workbench yesterday, but I did finish unpacking and organizing the rest of the "stuff" I brought with me so I have officially ran out of excuses. The plan is to get at the workbench this afternoon while the games are in.

    It is presently 25F and snowing here in Northern Virginia. Judging from the last snow they got here, could be interesting tomorrow.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • Rick
    commented on 's reply
    Larry, I had to come back because I forgot to grab some coffee and breakfast. {insert [:-banghead] emoticon here.)
    Thanks for getting us started and for the coffee and breakfast.

  • friscomike
    Good morning you all,

    Larry, thanks for coffee and breakfast. Mr. B is one big cat. I hope he doesn't traipse across your layout.

    Karl, with all that sun, I hope you wear sunblock when you are outside.

    Jerry, that meal with the neighbors sounds delicious indeed.

    Les, admiring your cad and 3D printing skills. Nice work.

    Philip, what have you been up to?

    Tom, layouts look real nice and lots of fun to operate.

    Louis, glad you said the bench, not the beach.

    Ron, did you get to the bench yesterday?

    Rick, hope your Sunday is without events.

    We are in Biloxi Mississippi this morning. Drove down yesterday to spend a few days on the coast. Wife likes the casinos; I like the food. Chilly here this morning, but no ice or snow. Snow later today in Newnan. I'm still studying 3D cad. Youtube has a big collection of videos for learning 3D stuff.

    Have fun and stay warm,

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  • TRAINS1941
    Morning everyone

    Larry thanks for the coffee and breakfast.

    It's cold here in South Jersey cloudy/15.
    40 later and rain!

    Maybe some bench time later.

    Everyone have a great day!!

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  • tloc
    Good morning from Wisconsin.

    Will have the games on this afternoon but not much interest. Programming a locomotive is the plan for the day.

    Enjoy the day

    Solitude Sunday
    Click image for larger version

Name:	848BB814-8147-417F-8A01-2C2DCF3BBF1A.jpeg
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Size:	174.0 KB
ID:	981049

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  • Rick
    Good morning everyone.

    Increasing clouds, with a high near 33.

    Louis, I'm OK.
    Weekends I don't get home till almost 2 AM and try to sleep later.

    Karl, They say, no news is good news.

    Les, those buckets with the adult beverages are a great idea and turned out very nicely.

    Jerry, sounds like a very delicious meal.

    Larry, thanks for the picture of your handsome BIG kitty.

    Tom, Mike, Ron, Philip and Roland, hope you are all well.

    Got into the single digit temps last night at work and it's not much better now.
    Threw some extra logs on the fire to keep that chill away in the lounge.
    Lots of talk all week about getting a hugh s@#$ storm today but looks like it will be mostly rain.
    A cigar and football before work.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • desertdrover
    Good morning Larry, Karl, and all incoming crew. Where is everyone this morning? I hope Rick is OK. Thanks for opening up the lounge Larry for our daily chat and cup of brew. I was bounceing around waiting for someone to open up. Best way to start the day.

    It is a cold 9 degrees here in Rhode Island, sunny, but very clod. I guess its another day at the bench, not the beach.

    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the RR-L Forum.

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  • k9wrangler
    Sun, frost, 4o in Mich.

    No news.

    Be well.


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  • Larryc
    Good Morning,

    Coffee's brewing and also hot water's ready and an assortment of cold sodas. Eggs any way you like them
    with sausages and english muffins along with butter.

    A brisk 0 degrees this am with a high of 30 later. Possible several inches of the white stuff between this afternoon and Monday
    afternoon; so we'll see if the "weather weenies" are right or not. Started planning the last 32 inches of the layout yesterday and plan on
    starting the back part later. This is the part of the layout that I have waiting to do...the business end of the layout.

    Hope you are all well...have a great day....stay warm and I'll check back later to see what everyones up to.

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  • visman48
    Good Morning all, yesterday I had to fix a garbage disposal leak, so today is printing and designing day. I am continuing on the course of alternatives for the buckets, they are designed to be 3/4 full of water, and in this case with some long neck bottles with adult beverages. I am going to print sometime today a test tank too for the 2-4-4-2 Bachmann loco.

    here is what I am printing today...
    Attached Files
    Last edited by visman48; 1 day ago.

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  • TRAINS1941
    Morning everyone

    Rick thanks for opening and the coffee.
    Thanks for keeping the place warm.

    Weather herein South Jersey with the wind -2!
    Later on a scorching 23 but hey sunny!

    Dinner was great last night with neighbors.
    Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans top with gravy.
    Corn bread with butter coffee and apple pie for desert!

    Nothing from the bench again though.

    Ron have fun with your friends after work.

    Nice picture Tom.

    Larry picture of the cat yes please.

    I hope the rest of you get to do what you want today!

    Everyone have a wonderful day!!

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  • Larryc
    Good Morning from the frozen tundra of New York,

    Rick thanks for the java, it really hit the spot this morning. The dog is going to love you
    for sure...T'bone....yummy. Have a good work day. Here's a photo of Backstrom, who we call Mr.B:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Cat.jpg Views:	0 Size:	85.0 KB ID:	980847

    The cat is 18.5 lbs. of fluff and fur. To give you an idea of his size, each plank floor is 10 inches wide and he covers five of them.

    Tom nice pic of your railroad. Keep that fire going sounds really cold there and hope you got some good sleep.

    Ron don't work too hard and enjoy dinner with your mates. Looking forward to some more of your modeling in the
    near future.

    The rest of the Crew have a wonderful day.

    Well it's -6 here this am with projected windchills between -30 & -10 throughout the day; "baby it's cold outside". Only
    going to a +5 all day. The furnace is running lots just to keep the house warm @69 degrees. No outside for me sir!!!!
    Perfect day to be at the bench.

    Have a great day. Stay warm and be well!!!

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