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  • Afternoon everyone

    Mike I'll take a bloody mary right now!!!

    Time to hit the road with the little lady...

    I see my 49ers really pulled one off last night!

    Everyone have a wonderful day!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


    • Good early morning, 1:52CST as I type this. Considering where both lounges were visited on Sunday was the forum down for a few hours?

      We have snow again coming down, received officially 4” over night into Sunday morning. We may get the same as they are calling for 1-5” depending where you live!

      Great ball games today. No train stuff except looking but not buying anything online.

      The bar is still open. The adult beverages, the sodas both regular and diet, plus the teas and hot chocolate. Logs on the fire and I see someone refilled the firewood holder on the deck outside. Wind chills again this week will be -20’s like last week. I hate this wind chills, I’d take the snow and 20’s over that



      • Rick
        Rick commented
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        I don't think the forum was down, but don't know for sure since I was at work.
        Maybe everyone was glued to their TV's watching the games.

    • Good morning everyone.

      Coffee, hot water for tea and an assortment of cold sodas are ready for your enjoyment.

      Mostly sunny, with a high near 34.

      Worked late last night and need to go back again in a bit so I'll keep it brief.
      My mom feel down at home Saturday night and couldn't get back up.
      She has a medic alert device but it didn't work.
      Maybe she forgot to charge it, I don't know.
      In the hospital and she's basically OK.
      No broken bones just some bruising.

      That's it from here.

      Have a great day everyone.


      • Temp in the teens and a steady snow, at a rate such that were it "rain" it would be defined as a mist....light and steady and barely visible. It seems the needle skipped on the weather report....We had almost enough yesterday that I got the big GREEN Machine and cleared off the driveway and path to the gas pig. It is supposed to be a most all day event with us being at the margin between 1-3" and 3-6". Temps peaking in teens and dropping into single or even negative digits over the next 2-3 days. But then, if IS still Winter. I had to brush off cobwebs from the machinery yesterday before going out.

        Enjoyed seeing the second half of the LA-Tampa Bay game, the "GOAT" gets to golf early this year. The kid that was wasted for years at Detroit, moves along. It seems to have been a weekend of underdogs.

        We had Yooper dinner last night, eating Pasties. Funny thing is we rarely have them when we're at the Bunker in the Cedar Swamp.

        Working on some things on the bench today, most likely, and watching the misty beauty of the snow....delusional I guess... surely will hear disparaging words from the Doll who is having a hard time with things this winter.

        Everyone have a good day, a tip of the hat, and the mug, to the underdogs....

        BE WELL


        Rick, best to Mom. Mine had one of those things and never wore it, even after a couple falls she was stubborn in her irascibility.
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        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

        AVATAR Image stolen from Model Train Stuff advertisement in my e-mail


        • Good morning Tom, Rick, Karl and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

          Thanks for the coffee Rick.

          Rick, glad to hear that your Mon is ok and nothing major happened.

          It's a balmy 34F and sunny here today, I'll take this weather over the bitter cold and yucky stuff.

          Managed to get some work done on the boxcar under construction while watching the ball games (two very exciting games) yesterday. Got the card sides build and attached to the frame and started on the roof supports. Tried uploading my progress last night but kept getting internal server errors, whatever that means. Will try again tonight.

          Have a great day everyone.
          Ron Newby

          General Manager

          Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


          • Morning everyone

            Rick thanks for opening.
            Glad your Mom didn't break any bones, hope she feels better today!

            Weather in South Jersey sunny/27. Later 35.

            Couple of errands to run this morning.
            Then maybe are mile walk.

            Nothing from the bench.

            Looked like whoever got the ball last won yesterday!!

            Everyone have a wonderful day!!

            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


            • Good Morning,

              Rick thanks for the coffee, it hit the spot. Sorry to hear about your Mom but glad it wasn't any worse.
              My Dad had a setup like that but his ran on a battery which was changed every so often. It was nice to
              have the peace of mind for the both of us knowing he could get help if needed.

              Karl my wife complains from the first snowfall until Spring...she hates winter with a passion. Have fun at
              the bench while "snow watching"....hey maybe a new hobby.

              Ron I think you "lucked out" this winter being in the U.S. I get those errors too if I've been signed too long.
              I usually back out of it and resign in which seems to help. Maybe it's a "time out" issue.

              The rest of the Crew keep warm and hope you all are doing fine.

              A nippy 7 this morning with a high of 23 here in New it Spring yet? Ran a couple of errands early this
              morning and hope to get to the bench later. The tree line on the layout is done and am going to put down the
              basic ground cover between them next before going any further. Hope to post an update later today.

              Have a great day. Stay warm and be well!!!!
              Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


              • Sorry about your mom Rick. Hope she is on the mend.
                TY for the morning coffee!

                Another close to winter day in the valley. Nothing planned. Gena on a provision run today.
                The white stuff is moving in.

                Cats are piled up. Punks!

                Upcoming MRI and waiting on tricare appointment, slow as molasses.

                Have a great day!

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                • Good morning after blowing snow out of the driveway and other places.

                  Rick, glad mom isn’t more seriously hurt. That’s scary

                  Snow, I was up this morning looking out the window when I noticed one of the bigger snowblowers parked outside the garage. Hey, I paid for the damn thing, I can drive it. Did the driveway, did the mile walking trail into the woods, did some of the stable area only because the crew was already there. Came in and listened to the talk I got from the wife about doing too much, hell I was sitting in a heated cab all I did was steer. The SIL shook his head and told me he already heard about it from my daughter. The driveway looks GOOD though! We had maybe a couple inches except where the County plows dump at the driveway entrance. The weather guessers are saying 3” more by 5 unless of course it moves away quicker. They now include the excuses with the predictions.

                  Train room time will occur today but I may just veg out in there. The SAD lights are due tomorrow and the girls which now includes my Endocrinologist who seems to have almost moved in when she’s not doing med-a-videos from her home office have laid out where I am to install them. Need a shower now that I have had my 45-60 carbs breakfast. Then we shall see how the day unfolds



                  • Originally posted by Larryc View Post
                    Good Morning,
                    A nippy 7 this morning with a high of 23 here in New it Spring yet?
                    Yeah 8 is less nipply.. Soon enough!~
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • k9wrangler
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                      Geesh,Philip…mine is cross threaded!

                  • Just saying hi. Sorry to hear about your Mom, Rick. It seems to be a pretty common thing here at the old folks home. Seems like there is always a ambulance somewhere on campus.

                    Started taking an 11 week course on US history, The Founding Fathers, Relearning some and learning new things. No homework or tests, just interested. It is being held right here at the home.



                    • Good early morning from cold and wind swept So. Central Wisconsin. Not a nice day right now, +1 f degrees but the wind chill is -15 and it is heading to -20 to -25. The cold warnings are up till noon today.

                      Spent a few hours at the bench today painting windows. I have some background buildings I am thinking about using in a scene with the new engine house.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	6D7933F4-413A-4E1B-8D36-11D6D15BF65B.jpeg
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                      The track the GP35 is on gets removed later today. I am going to add a inspection pit, install the outside overhead crane but only after I put down some smooth it to level out areas I removed the ground cover from.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	266B3E14-4B92-4EE4-85EA-01A3A20ED063.jpeg
Views:	30
Size:	206.0 KB
ID:	982549 I dug through my not as organized drawers of supplies for a sanding tower and a few other things. I have a project list and today I will follow it.

                      Logs on the fire please



                      • Good morning everyone.

                        Coffee, hot water for tea and an assortment of cold sodas are ready for your enjoyment.

                        Mostly sunny, with a high near 43.

                        Philip, hope those medical appointments went well.

                        Larry, nice to read you're making progress on the layout.

                        Jerry, any bench time lately?

                        Ron, I'll be on the look out for progress pics on the boxcar.

                        Karl, hope the s$#@ has stopped.

                        Tom, nice to see you're making progress on the layout.

                        Roland, have fun with your history class.

                        Les, how's the printing going?

                        Thanks for all the well wishes for Mom.
                        Spoke to her on the phone and she seemed to be in good spirits.
                        Just sore and not happy about being in the hospital but It won't be a long stay.

                        The mis-casters have started beating the drums about a possible big storm heading our way Friday and Saturday.

                        Have a great day everyone.


                        • Good morning Rick and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

                          Thanks for the coffee Rick and glad to hear that your mom is in good spirits.

                          Tom, looking forward to following along on your progress for your engine house scene.

                          It is a balmy 40F right now, supposed to go to 46F today. going to be getting colder as the week goes on with the yucky stuff predicted for Saturday.

                          No Bench time last night, decided to just veg out.

                          Have a great day everyone.
                          Ron Newby

                          General Manager

                          Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



                          • Good morning folks,

                            Rick, thanks for coffee. Happy to hear your Mom is doing better.

                            Breakfast menu today: Crepes topped with cream cheese sauce and filled with salmon.

                            The weather is improving a bit, 44F now headed to 57F.

                            My new patient visit went well at the doctor's office. Going back in a month for labs and further evaluation.

                            Played games with the family last evening. Today is our Son's last day visiting in Georgia. He'll be back in April with most of the family.

                            Have fun and stay warm,