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  • tloc
    Good morning fellow modelers. A nice morning in store for the citizens of So. Central Wisconsin. This the up day of the temperature yo-yo we have been on. Possible mid 60’s today and it shall be bright but the high wind warnings are out from the NWS.

    Dinner out and without masks with the spouse and daughter’s family. Her new SUV from her uncle only seats 4 so she drove the six of us in her SUV for her last drive. Her SUV was purchased in September 2021 and 2 dealers offered her 10,000 more then she paid and it has 11,000+ miles on it.

    Hadn’t been to the dinner stop last night in maybe 3 years. Definitely not the same prices as this place really went up. The traditional Wisconsin Friday night fish fry was not a good deal yesterday. But it was excellent.

    Work in my train room is still the moving and combining the paint bench spot with the spray booth. Today, I am going to do the one house fix thing I prefer to hire out. I am adding 2 circuits to the paint area. I am adding a circuit for lights and my incoming Vortex paint shaker, picture follows from Amazon. I am adding a circuit for the compressor, a fairly quiet pancake type.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	887BAEED-C721-4D01-B242-954F44E9E2A7.png
Views:	39
Size:	389.6 KB
ID:	987914

    There are better ones and also less expensive but the Continous mode switch, the reviews and it’s weight are the reasons I went with this one over the less expensive ink shakers. What the heck, I can’t take any money with me so I am spending it to enjoy for myself.

    Funnt thing my Amazon order when I orginally placed it shipping was free and this portion still is. 3 other items being shipped from elsewhere had 3 shipping fees added on so I cancelled them. Never had that issue as a prime member. No issue, the son ordered the 3 items on his prime account and they will be here on 3/11.

    Gas, I didn’t bother to try to look as we drove by one last night. We still import oil which is a travesty and 3% from Russia. Why did we ever need Russian oil. If we are going to needlessly import oil that we can supply ourselves it should come from Canada and Mexico. That’s not political that’s our oil companies truly thinking profits only for themselves.

    have a super day


    hand brushed last night
    Click image for larger version

Name:	BDB997F4-5F1B-407A-9C55-5CF7BB0487B9.jpeg
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ID:	987915 Click image for larger version

Name:	A821575F-C8CB-42D5-818D-37DE63966D8A.jpeg
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ID:	987916 Click image for larger version

Name:	558B336E-90D6-426B-A1BC-3BFEA07A8CC6.jpeg
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ID:	987917

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  • k9wrangler
    commented on 's reply
    "Take a nap you'll feel better for it!"

    I did. Except for a sore throat and headache.....I do! -wink smilie-

  • Philip
    commented on 's reply
    64 pounds per second.....The interesting part was when the table moved ever so slightly. Broke me....

  • Philip
    commented on 's reply
    We have been testing different coffee's as of late. Just added El Bustelo Dirt & Dunkin dirt to the lazy susan. Kinda like Bustelo from Dollar General.

  • TRAINS1941
    Originally posted by Rick View Post
    Ron, click the 'New Topics' link above and you'll see all the new posts since your last visit.
    Thanks Rick that sure makes things a lot easier!!

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  • Larryc
    Morning Gents,

    Karl thanks for the coffee and breakfast....mmmm....biscuits and for me. Yup I think you need to grab a nap and I
    hope your sleep issues are not ongoing. I had to chuckle when you said "But then the last colonoscopy they didn't find my head, either"
    Love the wit!! Gas is about the same here as well. Thankfully a tank goes about 2 weeks since being retired.

    Rick I do have an appointment with one company in about 2 weeks for an estimate; and hopefully one local guy will get back to me soon.
    If the others snooze they'll loose because I have lots planned for this summer around the outside of the house that I need to get done.

    Philip hope the MRI shows something that can be fixed or treated. Hurting backs are no joke!!

    Tom great to hear your lab work is looking up and your getting better.

    Jerry how's things this fine day.

    Ron that's a horrible price for gas in Canada....sounds like California here in the States. Have fun building the outhouse....I'm sure the LP's
    will be glad of it.

    The rest of the Crew hope you're all well.

    A sunny 18 this morning with a high of 36 here in New York. Ran some errands early this morning and noticed the price of gas.
    I pity anyone that has to drive any distance to'll be working to fill your gas tank. Going to start going through all the detail
    parts for my build just to see what I have. I probably will follow the photos for placement kinda, sorta, but not really. Should have enough
    left over to add to the coaling area when I get to it. Need to place a paint order today before any serious detail work can commence.

    Have a great day everyone. Be well, stay warm, and catch some z's if you can.
    Last edited by Larryc; 03-04-2022, 10:40 AM. Reason: Can't seem to spell this morning.

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  • Rick
    Ron, click the 'New Topics' link above and you'll see all the new posts since your last visit.

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  • elwoodblues
    Good morning Karl, Rick, Jerry and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

    Thanks for the coffee and breakfast Karl.

    Karl, Gas is currently $1.52/liter (or $5.75/gallon) at home but it hasn't been fun watching it climb about 40c/gallon here.

    Larry, Rick, got the printer to work with my Macbook pro easy enough, it's my window machine that is giving me issues. I believe it is a anti-virus setting issue.

    Tom, glad the lab results are looking good.

    Philip, hope the back starts feeling better soon.

    Presently 36F and Sunny here in Richmond VA. Did a little bench time last night, cut some timber to length and sanded them all to be equal lengths, and built the framing for the rear wall of the outhouse. I also managed to build the floor.

    Now that I have been back on the forum for a bit, there is one thing that I miss. There used to be a heading for “posts since your last visit” which made it easy to see what was happening and follow along build threads. Now it only shows the latest post to the thread. not all of the ones since your last visit. I miss it.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • TRAINS1941
    Morning everyone

    Karl thanks for opening and the coffee & breakfast.
    Take a nap you'll feel better for it!

    Philip I hope they get your problem figured out.
    MRI if they don't find the problem it least you have a headache from the noise.

    Rick I'll pass the wishes on to Aunt Marie.

    Louis, Mike, Ron & Larry good morning to you all.
    If I missed anyone I'm sorry.

    Mark hope to see you here everyday!

    Everyone have a great day!!

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  • Rick
    Good morning everyone.

    Sunny, with a high near 40.

    Karl, thanks for the coffee and breakfast.
    I always enjoy reading your edit comments.
    I was able to see the last pic you posted and hope you can get some Z's soon.
    Also, it's never a problem having two different brews to choose from in the morning.

    Philip, hope they find a cure of your back issues looking at your MRI.

    Tom, good news about the lab results trending for the good.

    Larry, I know what you mean about finding a handyman to either return a call or come to the house.

    Ron, I threw my printer out the window years ago.
    Now if I need something printed I go to the library.

    Jerry, an early Happy Birthday to Diane's aunt.

    Mark, nice to have you stop in.
    Hope this becomes a regular thing.

    Louis, Les, and Mike, good morning.

    Meal prep and house prep after.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • k9wrangler
    Dark and chilly here at too damn early in the morning. Getting TomO's syndrome......saw a few "Zs" but wasn;t able to catch any.

    Never got to the plumbing, Doll wanted to run out and buy a new sink and hardware, not have me fix the drain stopper. Went and bought parts for drain, will do that sometime today.

    Philip, hopefully the MRI will find something that 'they' can help you with. I've had one, was able to not let it bother me but understand how it could. Worse part for me was the crazy middle of the night time they scheduled. Must need more machines. Actually maybe I've had two. One early in my Meniere's oriented on the head. Nothing there. But then the last colonoscopy didn't find my head, either.

    Gas will be $4 in the next day or two. The opportunists in that business are on a mad rush to really mess with our lives. Lots started to say but just let go play with out trains.

    Sausage Eggs and grits with biscuits and gravy. Got a pot of Postum and Chicory infused tobacco field coffee like Grampa Nelson and Grandma Sweeter had on the farm way back down the muddy road in Irwin Co., GA. Really back in the wtf am I country.

    Plenty to do, probably be half asleep all day once it gets light out, everyone have a fine day, be safe.


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  • Philip
    Evening, Finally got in today for the cool contrast MRI. They killed me. See the specialist Doc on 19 April. Was actually doing better as the stiffness & spasms receeded until they flat boarded me on the MRI table. Good grief! Glad it's done. Perhaps the longest 30 minutes ever.

    Hope you guys are all well!


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  • tloc
    Good evening from So. Central Wisconsin where it was mid thirties. Compared to the 40’s and 50’s of the last 4 days today actually felt nicer. The winds were down and the dampness felt gone.

    Good visit with the Endocrinologist who handles my thyroid cancers and my diabetes. Lab results are trending very good.

    Daughter’s gift from my brother was super received. My wonderful speedy wife loved it so much she wanted one. Then she did a search online and she will keep her 2 door German hot rod. Told her she doesn’t need an Italian car owned by VW. She is now online tracking what the VW auto group actually owns. She did find out her German car brand is not owned by VW.

    Enjoy your evening

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  • Larryc
    Good Afternoon,
    Rick I'll take a cold Coke please. Sounds like your "off to the races" with stuff to do. I've called 3 different companies for
    handyman stuff and so far 1 has returned my call. Hopefully estimates will be forth coming in a few weeks. I've always
    done my own work but now some things I can't do anymore....old age sneaking up I guess.

    Mark nice you dropped in. Hope you enjoy the time with your modeling friends....personal contacts are so much better.
    Have a great lunch with your daughter.

    Jerry....101 years old....that's impressive. Sounds like longevity runs in Diane's family. My wife and I need to go get a Will done
    as soon as we're done with her sister's estate. Hope you make it to the bench.

    Karl glad the Doll's account is straightened out and switching banks is probably a good move. Enjoy the breakfast glue and
    hope the plumbing issue isn't too bad. Nice test photo and explanation.

    Ron there's two things in this world you can't rush....computers and printers. Hope you get the printer working before you destroy it.

    The rest fo the Crew hope all's well in your world.

    A sunny 23 here in New York and that's about it for the day. Going to warm back up the next several days; but it did manage to drop a
    couple more inches of yuk last night; the snow blower made quick work of that. Been a busy day with phone calls and such. Did manage
    to finish the Shed and will post an update soon.

    Stay warm, don't play in the yuk too long, and be well.

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  • TRAINS1941
    Just stopped again before the day gets busy.

    Your picture is fine Karl.

    Good move on your part Ron that could have been expensive!!

    Where the hell are the rest of the sleepy heads this am??

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