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  • k9wrangler
    Snow/sleet looking blah this morning, 31 degrees.

    Visit with the Doll's daughter and grandson went fine yesterday.

    A trip to the post office today and then hunker as the weather is supposed to stay sub-freezing most of the day. It doesn't look like enough to activate the green machine.

    My hoops boys looked pretty good yesterday, took the precaution of recording it and watching later after determining the outcome. Defeated the MD Turtles by 10. That finished off the regular season, big 10 tourney this week, and NCAA, maybe, after that.

    Plenty to do here, may re-load my eBay sales.

    Be well all, be safe

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  • Larryc
    Good Afternoon,

    Jerry I'll take a cold Coke please and thanks for the breakfast which turned into lunch.
    Keep taking those photos then you'll have a nice thread opening.

    Rick hope Mom's doing well. Don't work too hard...take some rest time. Thanks the detail
    parts are certainly time consuming but lots of fun.

    Mike sounds like the move is progressing nicely; it'll be over soon I'm sure. Yes the detail parts
    are going to take way more time than the actual buildings took.

    Karl no matter what home repairs you have to do they seldom take the time that you first thought
    that they would take. Yup plastic seems to be the wave of the future....does last so buy another. Congrats
    on the ebay sales but sounds like their the big winner here.

    To the rest of the Crew have a wonderful day.

    A sunny 50 this am already with a high of 72 here in New York; yippee. Been pecking away on the detail
    parts for the porch. It's a lot of fun but it is very time consuming. Maybe some photos later today.

    Have a great day!!! Safe travels, don't work too hard, and make some $.

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  • TRAINS1941
    Karl it's good when you can remember!!

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  • k9wrangler
    Watch yourself, the thermometer just blew off the fence post, 30gusts to 50 with quite a drop in temps from 50+ early, dropping thru 39.

    Dinner at Dolly#2s was good, we had a fine meal of chicken fajitas and a pleasant visit. Before we left I was able to beat back a severe case of procrastination and finished up the plumbing project. “Simple” stopper lever repair turned into 3 days and 2 trips to the store and a half dozen trips to the shop,or basement for tools and rust buster spray…

    ​ Ta-daaaa Shiny metal piece from sink to where my hand in was found out to be PLASTIC with a shiny finish like a 1:24 scale car bumper. It sure is becoming a long way up from the floor…lol

    I got notification yesterday that the last of my items sold on eBay so I’ll pack that up to,ship out tomorrow. I will need to prep some more stuff to sell as well. Once I got rolling the payout from them settled into a reasonable routine. They take your money, buyer gets charged X for shipping, you use the USPS to ship, as a buyer you’re getting a reduced rate thru eBay so they make money there, plus the % they charge for fees plus the money they make sitting on your money for a couple days. BS, but, where the heck would I be trying to sell this stuff with the big market it’s exposed to? With research of prices things have sold for recently as a guide I’ve made a profit on a couple of things over what I paid. Knowing the cost breakdown going in I’m not going to gripe…no really! An example, the Doll Friday sold a store display for Bardoll (SP) engine additive from 1930s. It was in her booth at the local antique store for over a year with no activity. She figured $100 value…no sale…put it on eBay and it went for just over $300.

    No big plans today, sit home and bitch about $4 gas and work in the eBay shop. The Doll’s other daughter is coming over later.

    Oh NOOOOO……..INVALID SERVER ERROR…..I’ve run my “mouth” too long….oh the humanity…lost everything!!!!

    Thanks to Joe….the RECALL managed to save 90% and I remembered the rest….

    Last edited by k9wrangler; 03-06-2022, 11:00 AM. Reason: Insert stuff the RECALL forgot…

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  • friscomike
    Howdy folks,

    Jerry, thanks for coffee and tasty breakfast. I'll have one of each.

    Rick, nice temperature there. Perhaps the bonds of winter have broken. Hope your Mom is well.

    Larry, looking forward to all the detail parts. Sometimes they take longer than the structure.

    Ron, sounds like the structure is coming along, but you should have built the outhouse first. Those workers need...

    Tom, avoiding TV is a good thing IMHO, unless Emperor of the North is on.

    Louis, I feel the same way, but have resisted watching the war. Model railroading is fun.

    Karl, agree.

    Philip and Kyle, hope you are well or getting better or having some fun.

    The forecast for today is cloudy and 81F; I'll take it. I'm back over at the new place trying to decide what to unpack. We have a lot of boxes, but not the furniture the box contents go in. I haven't been up to the train loft since the packers left., so maybe I'll take a peek this morning.

    Have fun and stay warm/safe,

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  • Rick
    Good morning everyone.

    Showers likely, mainly between 10am and 2pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72.

    Jerry, thank you for the coffee and breakfast.
    Congrats on two pictures.

    Larry, take as much time as you need with those details.
    You're doing a fantastic job with the kit.

    Ron, you're time in VA. flew by.
    Safe travels home.

    Tom, wise choice in regards to the TV.

    Louis, turn the TV off.

    Karl, I'm with you in regards to yesterdays post.
    And, I saw your edit.

    Mike, hope the move is finished soon and you can get to work on the layout.

    Roland, Philip, Les, Mark and everyone else, good morning.

    Check in with Mom and take some more boxes to store there.
    Then come home get more done before work.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • TRAINS1941
    Good morning everyone

    Coffee is on an water for the tea guys cold sodas in the fridge.

    Scrambled eggs with cheese or not. Sides of sausage, bacon & home fries.
    Toast of English muffins with butter and assorted jams and jellys.

    It's 55 here in Cloudy South Jersey. Going to the low 70's.

    Worked on my building a little last night.
    So we are getting close to posting something I jus wanted more than one picture to start so now I have two!!

    What's on your agenda today??

    Everyone have a wonderful day!!

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  • Larryc
    Good Morning,

    Tom great looking car trucks. Like Rick said everything is going up no matter what it may be.

    Rick thanks for the java. Yup the detail parts are fun and will probably take quite some time
    to do right.

    Mike your moving right along on the Pods....I bet you'll be glad when everything is unpacked.

    Jerry have fun getting the new thread going.

    Karl they think we're all a bunch of idiots!!! Sadly there are plenty to go around. Give up guns?....
    as soon as you pry them out of my cold dead hands. Wow you saw a Robin already? Sweet. Enjoy
    dinner with the family.

    Louis take a TV some modeling and relax. I don't even bother watching the news anymore since
    you don't know what to believe and I don't miss it and my blood pressure is happy.

    Ron sorry to hear you have to navigate all the bs to get back home; Gov't needs to get over it already.
    Have fun building the outhouse....and when was the last time you heard that?

    The rest of the Crew hope all's well.

    A sunny 30 this am with a high of 43 here in New York; going to warm up the next few days. Started working
    on the detail parts and there sure is a lot of them. Have everything sorted out just for the porch and did the
    tall cabinet; this is going to take some time to get them the way I want them.

    Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the warmth and be well.

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  • elwoodblues
    Good morning Rick, Mike Jerry, Karl, Louis and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

    Thanks for the coffee Rick.

    Karl, my last Mac lasted 9 years before I bought my new one. It seems that after nine years it is no longer upgradable (software wise), but the MRS sure is liking it.

    Had to go for a Covid test this morning so I can get back home tomorrow. Interesting fact, don't need a Covid test when I come into the states, just proof that I am vaccinated. Going into Canada I have to prove I am vaccinated and have a negative test result.

    I did manage some time at the work bench last night, the outhouse is coming along, got the floor built, three wall glues to the floor and the 4th wall built. OK, the studs are done, they still need siding.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • tloc

    a couple hours after the previous post. The bright sunshine is missing replaced with heavy clouds with a very heavy downpouring of water. It is accompanied by much loud thunder. The high wind warnings are still showing up but it is fairly calm out there.

    Next life, being a weather guesser

    I am avoiding the TV as much as I can. Terry is home meaning the TV is either a soap or news. I am recovering from anxiety caused by “Covid fatigue”. I will not let the skirmish in the Ukraine overwhelm me. Yes, I know it’s a war

    Last edited by tloc; 03-05-2022, 10:13 AM.

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  • desertdrover
    Good morning Tom, Rick, Mike, Jerry, Karl and all incoming crew. Thanks for the chat and cup of brew to start off the day.

    35 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today. Seems like we will have a great weekend weather wise.

    Being an ex-military man, I'm stuck to the TV, not a good thing I'm finding. It is getting me over excited and anxious. I need to give it a break and get back to model railroading.

    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the RR-L Forum.

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  • k9wrangler
    Bright sun and mild going to almost warm today, a really suck you in day, but tonight high winds t-storms and plunging temps to remind you, t'aint't spring yet.

    Slept quite well, thank you, and here shy of 0900 the Doll is still out.

    Biggest load of horse puck I heard is the crazy idea that we should be proud to pay 100% increases, in last year, for gas in support of the Ukrainians....same with the "give up your guns" so they can be sent to the war effort over there. Probably a bunch of sheep reading that on HateBook will que right up. btw the Doll canned Hatebook and within a day her spam risk "unknown caller" phone calls have stopped. I had a call yesterday wanting to confirm my address and payment info for an amazon order of $1 thou.

    Mike, I'm sure the diesel cost went up that much overnight. "They" think we're a bunch of drooling fools that will fall for anything.....but then, there is plenty of evidence of that.

    Looking at a Robin outside the window, heard sandhill cranes chortling and the road kill is picking up. At least we can eat well, .

    I have to send in my dues to the procrastinators club, I'm paying more as I've attained Journeyman status. Ah, maybe later.

    I went thru an apple phase but early demise of high dollar items sent me back to pc. Daughter the graphic designer/advertizing exec loves her apple, cost as much as a used car. But then she has a millions dollar budget.

    Well, on with the day, dinner later at the daughter's. The other daughter comes over tomorrow. Her girls sure love their mom.

    Later all.
    Last edited by k9wrangler; 03-05-2022, 09:19 AM. Reason: Rant baby rant...(Hi Rick ;-)

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  • TRAINS1941
    Morning everyone

    Rick thanks for opening and the coffee.
    Yes we are very close to opening the thread.

    Mike glad your making progress on the move in.
    Los of work when you move.

    Weather in South Jersey cloudy/31. Later on 50.
    Might even be a nice day!

    Not sure what's happening today!!

    The rest of you guys when you get tell us what's on your agenda today?

    Everyone have a great day!!

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  • friscomike
    Good morning folks,

    Rick, thanks for coffee.

    Diesel jumped in price from $3.49 to $4.60 in one day. !#$@#$!

    Two PODs unloaded, two more delivered today. Unpackers come back Monday... This too will pass!

    Gotta dash...

    Have fun and stay warm,

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  • Rick
    Good morning everyone.

    Sunny, with a high near 40.

    Mostly cloudy, with a high near 52.

    Tom, inflation's effects have impacted food and gas prices quite a bit.
    One example is avocados.
    Used to buy a bag of 6 for 7.99.
    Now they are 9.99.
    Don't get me started on oil importing.

    Larry, have fun with all those details in the kit.

    Ron, I threw PC's out the window around the same time I threw out the printer.

    Jerry, are e close to being a new thread?

    Karl, hope you were able to sleep better last night.

    Philip, Mike, Louis, Les and Mark, stop in and grab a cuppa coffee.

    Back to the Dinky today.
    Much more to do around here before then.

    Have a great day everyone.

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