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    I just saw the little camera. I want to see what happens.


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      Hi Roland. Nice to see you here.
      My condolences to you for your friends and relatives.
      If you use the Image Icon which is two thirds of the way to the right from the Camera Icon your picture will post full size.


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        Welcome back Roland! Sorry about your situation. Just terrible.

        Been checking the forum in the am but really not much happening in my neck of the woods.
        Made a couple caddy's for the modules. Hope they work & still need to taper the legs where they fit in the pocket..
        Painted 3 figures.

        Suppose to hit 70 degrees Monday.

        1:1 project today was making a wood framed screen to fit the door opening so the adult cats can be introduced to the kitten.
        So far the adult cat is doing that hissing crap.

        Looks like we are on the way to 100 more pages ! Salute!

        Remember clocks fall back Sunday
        oh the joy of 4:30pm bedtime.....



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          Good Late Afternoon,

          Rick I'll take an ice cold Coke from your fridge. I was just curious about the 100 page
          lounge...makes sense for searching though. Hoping your feeling better soon.

          Jerry looking forward to your new EH thread.

          Karl I think a lot of us have had a few 1:1 projects, myself included.

          Tom nice to hear from you. paradise treating you well? Loved the little story.

          Louis the 1:1 projects done?

          Philip it'll take time for the felines to get used to each other. The big cats are
          probably wondering "who the new kid is".

          Ron all moved into the new room yet? Enjoy you time in your new

          Mike how's the move prep coming along?

          Roland welcome back, it's nice to see you here again. You have my deepest
          condolences for your friends and family. My wife lost one of her sisters this
          past summer so I know what you're going through.

          A very busy day today with lots of 1:1 projects to get done before "the you know what flies."
          Hoping to get to the bench this weekend a little bit to work on ballasting some more track.

          Enjoy whatever is left of your day.
          Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


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            Hope I'm not tooooo late here today. Just wanted to reach out to Frisco Mike and say "Hell-o". When I joined the Texas Western RR club, Mike was one the first to introduce himself and really made me feel at home. He knows me as Tim Holt...hope he remembers as it has been quite a while since I was a member there. I made some great friends there and sadly some have passed on. I saw a few at the Plano train show in early October this year and enjoyed talking about old times. Best of luck to you Mike on your move.

            GULF COAST & WESTERN


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              Roland sorry to hear of the loss of family and friends.

              If you need help posting a picture give me a call or email.

              It's 33 here in South Jersey. Fire is going and its nice an warm in here. Drinks are on the house tonight so stop by and have whatever you want.

              I'm going to have a Wild Turkey rye on the rocks tonight. Sit by the fire and then do some more on the MS.

              If your around please join in!!


              "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                It is a tough life I currently am living. It’s 78 but feels 81 per the WeatherChannel app. Just being lazy by the pool at 2:04 pm. It’s not bad for November 5 in Wisconsin, it’s 44 feeling like 36.

                The girls all took off. My son and SIL are out checking a few beaches for tomorrow. My brother is on the golf course.

                Terry told me this morning using the unused greenhouse for my trains is out. I know I have enough room in the garage as I added space for the trains but called it storage.

                I am doing retail therapy and have placed orders with Midwest Model RR and 10 minutes later I have the tracking numbers and delivery for Monday. I also placed orders with Lombard Hobbies and Spring Creek. Midwest is coming here the other 2 are going to Wisconsin.

                Roland losing friends or family is tough made tougher by what the world has experienced the last 18 months or so. My best wishes to you.

                Our contractor has an idea he will share with us Monday. My brother is meeting his realtor Tuesday about the now 4 offers he has on this place. Real estate on Maui is NUTs. I thought the kid in Austin’s real estate market was crazy, this makes Austin seem tame.

                Mike, did you sell your place in Texas? If so how quick?

                Back to doing nothing today

                this was almost done when we left
                Click image for larger version

Name:	AD17696D-0497-49D1-8F0D-66F51598034B.jpeg
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                Attached Files

                IT’s OK not to be OK

                visit my Facebook page at Wisconsin River Valley and
                Terminal Railroad in HO scale


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                  Good evening Roland, sorry for your losses, that is not fun at all. To post pictures I just click "upload Attachments" just below the box there you write what you want to post. Once you click the "Upload Attachment" button, it will ask you picture you want to post, pick it and click upload. Once uploaded you will get a choice of what size you want the posted picture to be. Hope that helps.

                  Tom, love the story, made me chuckle out loud.

                  Jerry, got myself a glass of scotch and will sit by the fire a bit with you.

                  Have a great day everyone.
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                  Ron Newby

                  General Manager

                  Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                    Good Morning,

                    Coffee and tea is on and ready to go as well as your favorite cold sodas and there's a Diet Pepper if Tom stops by.

                    Rick hope your feeling back to your old self.

                    Jerry excited about seeing your new, well old, project.

                    Louis how's the back half of the Camp Store progressing.

                    Mike hope your making some good progress on the packing front.

                    Philip how's the new addition to the family.

                    Tom enjoy paradise and the warm weather; maybe you could send us some.

                    Ron all settled into the new work room.

                    Roland nice to have you back. Can't to see what you've been up to
                    modeling wise.

                    Hope I didn't miss anyone.

                    A crispy 27 this am here in New York with a high of 54 and sunny. Have a couple of 1:1
                    things going on today so hopefully some more track will get some ballast then I can
                    continue with the foreground.

                    Have a great safe and healthy day. Enjoy yourselves.
                    Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


                    • Philip
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                      Morning, She is doing great. The other cats are having episodes of hissing. Go figure.

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                    Good morning everyone,

                    Thanks for the coffee Larry, left some danishes and muffins on the counter.

                    Was another brisk walk with Gracie this morning with the temperature at -1C (30F) but the sun was shining so it was a pleasant walk.

                    Finished moving into my modeling room yesterday and I posted a tout in my room build shed. Last night I also repaired the damage to the Lyons Tractor and Railcar building, now I am ready to start finishing the kit.

                    Have a great day everyone.
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                    Ron Newby

                    General Manager

                    Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



                    • Philip
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                      I need a dog, as our cats refuse to do anything but boss us around.

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                    Good morning Larry, Ron and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening and getting that cup of brew and our daily chat.

                    Its 39 degrees but sunny here in Rhode Island today. A brisk one. Remember to turn back your clocks this evening.

                    The camp store in moving right along, soon I'll be back posting progress. Thanks for checking in Larry. Time will tell what today brings. No agenda yet for me today.

                    Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

                    Louis L&R Western Railroad
                    Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


                    • Philip
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                      Morning Lou~

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                    Good morning everyone.

                    Larry, thanks for the coffee.
                    Guess I'll whip up some breakfast today.
                    Huevos rancheros for all.

                    Larry, happy ballasting.

                    Tom, very nice weathering on that car.

                    Jerry, make any good progress on the MS?

                    John, thanks for stopping in.
                    Please join us any time for coffee or just to chat.

                    Philip, next to s@#$ and freezing temps getting dark at 4:30 is the worst.

                    Roland, how do you like working in the smaller scale?

                    Ron, saw the pics in your thread and was amazed by the amount of electronics you have.
                    All those drawers are for decoders, wire, resistors, etc?

                    Karl, any drone flying yesterday?

                    Louis, keep making progress on your project.

                    Feeling a little better today.
                    Got the lab results back and it's a negative for Covid.
                    Friend of mine is driving up from VA. today and we're going to a Feelies concert in Jersey City.

                    Have a great day everyone.


                    • Philip
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                      Interesting breakfast! TY!

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                    Nothing much to add today.

                    Had my ears lowered, stopped at the Deere shop for a gallon of hydraulic oil. Asked the fellow how things were with the new owners, a Deere corporate backed group from out of stat just bought up a dozen or more outlets around S. MI this summer. He said good, farmers are currently getting good money for their fall crops and “spending a lot of it here…”

                    I stopped and picked up some makings and once home brewed up a big pot of chicken noodle soup. That took up most of my day running about.

                    No flights of the drone yesterday. Things to do today so not sure what’s happening.

                    Both of my Windows “confusers” say that Windows 11 is ready to be installed. Anyone jumped onto/into that morass?

                    I absolutely hate W-10. Can’t ever find anything in it. Every upgraded improved way to go seems more dumbed down and illogical in most everything. I’ll wait. I’d just as soon go back to XL or Vista. I look under files, find what i want and click…it’d be nice to have a Windows Essentials with just a simple “like you’ve always done it” interface. Fewer gee-haws and pretty bs.

                    Tempts me to go back to the fruit of the poisonous tree. After my video crash I’d looked, just for grins, at a new MacBook Pro NFW $2k plus. No grins there.

                    My crew is taking Jim’s crew van down to IN today to let of the steam out of PU’s Boiler. 3:30 on ABC

                    Things to do after the frost goes away..later.

                    Last edited by k9wrangler; 11-06-2021, 09:20 AM. Reason: Fix stuff a bandaid on my rambling…not much to add I said…Ha
                    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                    Cedar Swamp
                    SW of Manistique, MI

                    AVATAR Image stolen from Model Train Stuff advertisement in my e-mail


                    • Philip
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                      I love how windows force feeds version11 OMG! Like the todays special...

                    • Larryc
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                      Karl you may want to hold off on the W11 install for awhile until they get all the "bugs" worked out of it. Personally I've used a Mac since 2006 and would NEVER
                      go back to the "Gates mess". Macs are a little pricey but they work well without a ton of updates. Just my 2 cents worth.

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                    Morning everyone

                    Larry thanks for the coffee. And Rick for the breakfast.
                    Glad your feeling better and its not the COVID!

                    Cool here in South Jersey sunny/39. Later on 55.

                    One wall framed for the machine Shop 2 to go!

                    Meeting a friend later today at the OTB lounge he's plays the horses. Today is the Breeders Cup.

                    Then later tonight were going to the Clubhouse with friends to see a band.

                    Everyone have a great day!!

                    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


                    • Philip
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                      Bout time!

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                    Good morning. Going to try again with a picture. This is the N scale building I did for a friend. The O scale figure is 19 feet tall Never again. Roland Click image for larger version

Name:	nfinished.jpg
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Size:	176.0 KB
ID:	970556


                    • Philip
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                      I can respect that conclusion. Looks great tho!