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  • Good Morning,

    Jerry thanks for the coffee and I'll take bacon with that....yummy. Your one up on me,
    still have the back porch lights to do as well as the steps.

    Karl that's what so nice about being retired...if the weather sucks you can just stay inside
    and 'thumb your nose' at it. Have fun in the s#$w.

    Rick I did manage to get the back porch enclose with plastic to keep the snow off but the
    lights will have to wait for another day when it's a tad bit warmer. Enjoy your FB and cigar;
    although pretty soon you'll have to shovel the deck off to sit out there.

    The rest of the Crew hope all's well in your world.

    A snowy 30 this am with a high of 37 here in New York. We lucked out with only a dusting
    of the white stuff but It's still too early for this. Not sure what's on tap for the day.

    Enjoy your day. Keep warm, stay safe, and be healthy.
    Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


    • Good morning guys and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge for our daily chat and cup of brew.

      33 degrees, partly sunny and again with the possible snow flurries today here in Rhode Island. We escaped the dreaded snow idea yesterday.

      I guess I'll put some more time into my vacuum car. It is moving right along.

      ​​​​​​​Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the forum.

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	tree.jpg
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ID:	973735 Morning!
        Thanks for the coffee!
        Doing well guys, just the 1:1 stuff in the way.
        Little stuff like the screen door closer broke,2 hr event to transit for parts.
        Rewired and cleaned old ceramic Christmas tree.

        Sat at the cad desk yesterday drawing up disconnect frame. Fun stuff! Have a great day! Philip​


        • Larryc
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          Not to make you feel old or anything but my Mom had one of those her cousin made for her; nice job.

        • Philip
          Philip commented
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          It's dated 1971 on the base.

        • Larryc
          Larryc commented
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          Mom's was made in the early 60's when I was just a sprout. Nice to see they were still in style in the early 70's.

      • Good morning Jerry, Karl, Rick, Larry, Louis, Philip and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

        Thanks for the coffee and breakfast Jerry.

        Was a brisk -9c (16F) when Gracie and I went on our walk this morning. Wasn't too bad, was sunny with no wind and none of the white stuff on the ground so it was a pleasant walk.

        Rick, assembly is going well but slow as I am using epoxy to glue all the white metal parts together, so it is more setting time than anything else, hopefully will have something worth posting soon.

        Philip, love the Christmas tree.

        Today, it's make a grocery run, put up the outside decorations and then watch football.

        Have a great day everyone.
        Ron Newby

        General Manager

        Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


        • Good morning everyone.

          Coffee, hot water for tea and an assortment of cold sodas are ready for your enjoyment.

          Mostly sunny, with a high near 43.

          Ron, I see you got the engine done.

          Philip, I remember seeing trees like that in the sixties.

          Louis, vacuum car progress?

          Larry, the porch I sit in when I watch football and have my cigar is fully enclosed.

          Jerry, any motivation to get back to the bench?

          Karl, hope there wasn't any more s!@#.

          Mike and Tom, hope you are doing well.

          I was up earlier, had my coffee and did a bike ride.
          Went back to sleep afterward.
          I'll get a couple of things done around the house before going to work.

          Have a great day everyone.
          Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
          FaceBook link:


          • Clouds, 28 and forecast of wintry mix to snow this afternoon with no need to go out. We did venture out for a couple of hours yesterday after most of the snow was gone. Went to GR and got a few things for my loco project, stopped at 2 places the Doll likes then home before dark.

            I have to chase down a couple Rx that doc’s said they were refilling.

            Everyone have a good day

            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

            Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


            • Good morning Rick, Karl, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge for our daily chat and cup of brew Rick.
              34 degrees and cloudy here in Rhode Island today. Again we kept away from the snow. The weather people have a great job of being wrong, and still make good pay.
              I'll be doing some more work on my vacuum car. It is getting close to done.
              Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

              Louis L&R Western Railroad
              Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


              • Good morning, Browsing around looking at all the cool threads with coffee. Thanks Rick.

                PAying county and city taxes today. Feel the love

                Been printing some disconnects.Coupler height is still being dialed in. Nothing fancy.
                Have a great day!
                Philip Click image for larger version

Name:	logging frames.png
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                • Morning Gents,

                  Rick thanks for the coffee. Closed in porch? well that's no fun. Have a great day at work as
                  you countdown the days until that lovely "R" word.

                  Karl nice that you have a train shop to go to. The one I used to go to closed when the guy retired.
                  Sadly there's really nothing else around the it's online only.

                  Louis weather people aren't the only ones making good money for being wrong most of the time.
                  So any thoughts for the next projects?

                  Philip paying taxes is like playing the lottery: you seldom see any return on the money spent.
                  Interesting project with the disconnects...have fun.

                  To the rest of the Crew hope all's well in your world.

                  A cloudy 30 this am with a high of only 34 here in New York. It's spitt'in some snow but nothing serious.
                  Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

                  Have a great day. Stay warm, be safe, and stay healthy.
                  Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


                  • Morning everyone

                    Rick thanks for the coffee. I put on a fresh pot seeing I'm so late today.
                    Reason I slept in! The dog was tired!!

                    Nothing from the bench maybe a drawing today of the first small building for the Cripple Creek RR.

                    Weather is cloudy/41. Later 44!
                    Seems like winter is trying to stay with us.

                    Mike how you doing?? Tom to how's the golf game going??

                    I hope you all get to do what you want today!

                    Everyone have a great day!!

                    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


                    • Good afternoon (4pm here) on another wonderful weather day in Paradise. I know food and other types of home goods are increasing but out here in Paradise we really can’t tell as what were normal prices here was already 20-30% higher than Wisconsin when we left in October.

                      Lots of decisions made since I last checked in. The brother has accepted an offer for his house here. All furniture but his bedroom and gun safe are staying, including the bar and wine cellar. He is taking his cars. Basically yesterday from noon to 4 there was a back and forth between the agents to get this done. Terry and I will leave 12/5/2021.

                      Next was today, we will rent a condo from a friend of the brother who I have played golf with during this stay. Right on the water but a very good deal, 6 month rental with an option for another 6 months. We will be back in January and I promised the contractor I will be pushing him to work on my house and play less golf, he laughed until he realized I’m serious.

                      We have decided that the taxes be damned and become residents of the great State of Hawaii. Until the house is done we will be staying roughly 10 miles from where it is being built. Terry can expand her 4 stall stable to bring all 6 of her horses here, 2 are here now. One of the 3 ladies who purchased the greenhouses back in Wisconsin from Terry last year has been here since early November. She now wants to move out here and operate the 3 already built greenhouses. There is a real market for produce here and it’s a good opportunity but Terry is too old now to do it. Tomorrow, Terry and I are purchasing another 11 acres adjoining the 20 we already have. This will protect our compound with the brother and sister, separate out the greenhouses (3 acres) and give 6 horses pretty of space to roam. The brother is working with his realtor to buy acreage to the east of the compound to give us more water rights.

                      My sister’s house will not go any further then the foundation already done, until the main house is done then ours. She can stay with us in the Condo as the brother is going home to Arizona till probably Easter of 2022. The contractor will work on the brother’s place 1st ( it’s the main house) then ours. But, the materials for my sister’s house will go towards the other 2 to help the supply issues. The contractor says instead of using his 3 crews on 3 houses he will have 3 crews work 1 at a time. Gee, we thought he should have been doing that already. His crews only work 4 days a week!

                      I have been playing golf but not well. Shooting 79-85 the last 4 times out. I have finished the wall for the train room in the garage but the final inspection was changed from today to Wednesday at 8am. The son flew home with his g/f who wants to stay here at 1 this afternoon. I looked at cars online this morning. Wow! Sticker shock hit me big time. We will be waiting to buy and use one of the brother’s fleet until I find what I want at a decent offering.

                      I have not been online much the last week or so. Too much to do and actually doing it. I hope everyone is well and stays safe.


                      IT’s OK not to be OK

                      visit my Facebook page at Wisconsin River Valley and
                      Terminal Railroad in HO scale


                      • Good morning everyone.

                        Coffee, hot water for tea and an assortment of cold sodas are ready for your enjoyment.

                        A slight chance of s@#!, mixing with rain after 2pm, then gradually ending. Cloudy, with a high near 43.

                        Tom, congrats on your decision to become residents of the 50'th state and on the land acquisition.

                        Jerry, I didn't get to do what I wanted yesterday.

                        Larry, it's closed in but windows all the way around and they all open.

                        Philip, I wouldn't mind paying taxes so much if I knew it was being used wisely and economically.

                        Louis, hope your streak of staying away from the s#$@ continues today.

                        Karl, any luck with the loco parts and Rx's?

                        Ron, hope you're getting a break with the temps on your walk with Gracie this morning.

                        Mike, hope is well with you.

                        I was happy seeing the final score of last nights football game.
                        Nothing special planned for today.

                        Have a great day everyone.
                        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                        FaceBook link:


                        • Morning

                          Rick thanks for opening and the coffee.

                          Fried egg & Taylor ham on Hard rolls. Cheese if you want it with a side of hash browns.

                          Weather in South Jersey sunny/27. Later on 44.
                          No "S" in our forecast!

                          Nothing from the modeling bench. Just fooling around with drawings for a small building.

                          Mike hope your okay?

                          Tom good to hear from you sounds like your enjoying the island.

                          Well RIck I hope you and everyone else gets to do what they want today!!

                          Everyone have a wonderful day!!


                          "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


                          • Morning!

                            Thanks for starting us out Rick and Jerry!

                            Well the tax man is payed! Not sure what the day brings.

                            Searching for train truck screws and coupler screws. Looks like the internet is king as far as prices go.
                            The local hardware store wants almost 20 cents each for a #2x1/4" pan screw. Online around 8 cents. Looks like I'll have plenty.
                            Also buying #2x3/16" & #2x1/8" just to have.

                            Heading out in a few for provisions Have a great day!



                            • Good morning folks,

                              Rick, thanks for coffee. Glad your team won. I sorta remember what that was like...

                              Congrats Tom, sounds like you have a plan in paradise.

                              Jerry, how is the Cripple Creek RR going?

                              Larry, the Caz is lookin' good!

                              Louis, I think I missed it, are you making a vacuum car to clean track?

                              Philip, still printing I see. Nice skills.

                              Ron, sorry to hear you won't be able to enjoy the terrific hobby room. I am thinking you will take a modeling setup with you.

                              Well we have been in Georgia for two days staying with our daughter. So far the days have been sunny. Today's high is forecast for 79F. The departure and activities leading up to it were horrendous. I moved many times while in the service, but this move kicked my posterior. Alas, it's done. Six PODs are in storage here in Georgia waiting on us to buy a house. Our house goes on the market today. It's a tough time to sell, but finders crossed. I sold the MGB the day before we left, so that wasn't a problem. I hauled Sharon's car on a uHaul trailer which was an easy tow behind the X5 diesel. We have been resting mostly, but today we plan to drive around the neighborhood. We lived 10 miles from here for 10 years before moving to Dallas. Wow, has it grown.

                              Have fun and stay safe,


                              • Philip
                                Philip commented
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                                Been wondering about you. Glad your intact and on the hunt. A little bit different doing the duffle bag drag at this age.