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  • A hint of an upcoming sun rise, with some sun! Temp is mid 30s and may have a heat wave ~50 later. I have to roll our and head to the eye dox this morning, see how long before the white cane shows up.

    I hit the local Tractor Supply yesterday and picked up a pair of Winchester gun safes, one for home and the other for Northern Command's Survival bunker. The Doll and I were whipped when we got the one inside and set up. 215# of totally dead weight.

    Roland, nice that someone remembered your lady's b'day. I've lived here at Southern Command for 20+ and hardly know any of the neighbors, a waving acquaintance is about it.

    Got to get at it, Rick, enjoy "friday" Sounds like an embarrassing situation with the railroad, someone get their t-t in a wringer over that? Dispatcher or Engineer?

    Everyone have a good day, hope you've got the turkeys out and in the fridge thawing. The Doll tells the story of a thanksgiving she was hosting for family, prior to our meeting. Her brother arrived and asked how long she'd been cooking the turkey, he couldn't smell it cooking. She said it'd been in the oven for 2+ hours, double checked and noted the oven wasn't on. She's a character. Great gal but has only a thimble's full of cooking instinct. Rigid recipe follower, I only use recipes as a guide to be freelanced from liberally. Daughter cooking tomorrow. Then son's wife for second shift.

    Everyone have a fine day and Thanksgiving.

    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI


    • Morning! Coffe and breakfast is good you two!

      55high today! I need to change oil in the wifes bomb! It's a heat wave!

      HBD to Mrs. Roland!

      Rick...not sure I understand what happened? Sounds like and east bound heading west....

      Still catching up on the resin casting. Did a fair amount last week.

      Have a great day!




      • Good morning Rick, Jerry, Karl, Philip, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge for a chat and cup of brew.
        29 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today.
        I don't know if it will be marketable, but I guess I'll be doing some more work on my vacuum car project anyway.
        Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

        Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


        • Morning fellas!
          Thanx for the breakfast and coffee. OK it's time again for the KYLE CREEL THANKSGIVING MENU:

          roasted turkey
          prime rib (got it at 55% off) med.rare
          cornbread dressing
          green beans
          smashed potatoes w/bacon
          sweet corn
          sweet potatoes w/marshmallows on top (slightly browned)
          cranberry sauce (jellied)
          deviled eggs
          hot buttered rolls
          pecan pie
          pumpkin pie w/whipped cream
          apple pie
          iced tea

          YA'LL HAVE A WONDERFUL AND SAFE THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          KYLE CREEL
          SUPT./GM BCRR


          • Good morning Rick, Jerry, Karl, Philip, Louis, Kyle and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

            Thanks for the coffee Rick and the breakfast Jerry.

            Rick, Tractor is built and ready for primer, I'll post pictures tonight. Had to go out of town yesterday morning and had meetings all day, by the time I got home I didn't feel like doing anything.

            Jerry, a lot better than last year when the championship was decided with 6 races to go.

            Roland, belated happy birthday to Mrs R.

            Well it was -10C (14F) when Gracie and I went on our morning walk, looks like winter is coming. Found out yesterday that my next project will be in Virginia starting sometime in January 2022. Need to get my work visa renewed as it expired last February and with the border closed getting it renewed was not possible, will be doing that next week.

            Have a great day everybody.
            Ron Newby

            General Manager

            Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



            • Good Morning,

              Rick thanks for the cup-o-joe. Sounds like you had quite the time at work; I don't
              imagine you can stop a train on a dime....just glad you didn't end up in Philly. Being
              on the "other end" of store remodels or reset I can tell you from first hand experience
              that people get quite upset when stuff gets moved around.

              Jerry thanks for breakfast. Our inside decorations will go up around 12/1 and hopefully
              we'll be done in a couple of days. The tree will go up a week or so later.

              Roland Happy belated Birthday to the Mrs. That looks like a really nice place to live;
              it's like you have your own "little house"; not to be confused with the one on the prairie.

              Karl Tractor Supply rocks!!!!, love that place. Speaking of stories: years ago I was working Produce
              on Thanksgiving Eve at Wegmans when a customer walked up to me and asked what was the best
              way to thaw a frozen Turkey, which he had in his cart. My answer: you should have bought it a week
              ago. If you want Turkey tomorrow then buy a fresh one instead. With that the customer turned and walked
              away grumbling. I should write a book with 40 years worth of "customer stories".

              Philip have fun with the oil change. Nice that you can cast stuff yourself. Heat wave? sounds good
              to me.

              Louis have fun with the build; it's pretty neat.

              Kyle looks like your having quite the spread for Thanksgiving. Tums?.....good move.

              Ron your moving right along with your build. Looking forward to seeing the finished
              product. At least Virginia shouldn't be as cold in January as Canada.

              Rest of the Crew have a great day.

              A sunny but chilly 27 this am here in New York with high of 45. The Forum is giving be
              problems with disconnecting from the server.....what's that about? I'll try and post some
              photos of the CC&W in a few days. Getting ready for tomorrow so maybe some bench
              time in between everything else?

              Have a wonderful day. Be safe and stay healthy.

              Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


              • Philip
                Philip commented
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                Happy Thanksgiving!

                Casting is like washing dishes. The exciting part is seeing if 18 hours waiting is successful. Sometimes the rubber fails.
                Oil change went well. Hardest part was resetting the oil life to 100%

            • Good evening

              Logs are on the fire and it's nice and warm in here.

              Right now the temp in South Jersey is 31 heading to a low of 24 overnight.

              Well it's the night before Thanksgiving so I thought maybe some of you guys would be around.

              The bar is open Rick is buying for the holiday so have what you want!!

              I'm going to have a nice Four Roses on the rocks.

              Just sitting here by the fire thinking of what my plans are for the Cripple Creek Mining RR.

              So if your around stop on by. Have a sip and enjoy the fire.

              "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


              • Happy Thanksgiving!



                • Good morning Philip and the rest of the crew that drops in later.

                  Everybody must be sleeping in this morning due to it being Thanksgiving. We celebrated that a month ago.

                  Coffee is on and for breakfast there is omelets, bacon, sausage, ham and fried potatoes.

                  Larry, the Mrs was showing what the temperature in Virginia is compared to Ottawa, Canada and she is already jealous.

                  Primed the top side of the tractors last night and started working on the steam engine that will power the line shaft. it is a metal kit so the first step is cleaning off all the flash, which I started last night.

                  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
                  Ron Newby

                  General Manager

                  Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



                  • Rick
                    Rick commented
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                    Good morning Ron.
                    Thanks for the coffee.

                • Good morning everyone.

                  Coffee, hot water for tea and an assortment of cold sodas are ready for your enjoyment.

                  Partly sunny, with a high near 53

                  Jerry, I didn't stop into the lounge after work so I didn't see had the bar set up.
                  I did have some Eagle Rare while I was unwinding.
                  Thanks for keeping the place warm and there are more logs on the fire now to keep it that way.

                  Philip, we're on the main line at our last stop before heading to the yard.
                  We are traveling west then.
                  The first interlocking we come to is Morris and this is where we diverge off the main and head to the yard.
                  Dispatch (CETC 7) had us lined to continue on the main.
                  Engineer didn't realize until we were past the switch, so we have to continue west till the train clears the opposing signal on the east end of the train.
                  So now we had to do whats called a shove move and go east again to clear the switch again.
                  I went to the back of the train and relayed to the engineer via radio when we had a signal better than a stop and how far he could proceed before I had to tell him again how far he could go.
                  This went on till the engineer cleared the switch on his end.

                  Larry, odd that you had a server issue.
                  Hope it's OK now.

                  Louis, always good to have you here in the lounge.

                  Karl, the engineer got the same signal we usually get (Medium Clear) when we're lined for the yard.
                  We didn't hear anything about it but I'm sure the dispatcher did.
                  We did get an extra 1/2 hr of OT out of it.

                  Kyle, thanks for the feast, can't wait to dig in.

                  Ron, any idea how long in VA?
                  I'm sure you're not going to like being away from your new modeling room.

                  Philip, good morning.

                  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone regardless of where you live.

                  Already did my bike ride.
                  Need to run to the store to pick up some adult beverages and snacks for later today.
                  A cigar at some point and then dinner at my brothers sister-in-laws place.

                  Have a great day everyone.
                  Last edited by Rick; 11-25-2021, 08:41 AM.


                  • Good morning all. Rain and mid 40s this morning, nearly like spring......but....We are at the edge of the cliff weather wise with a passing front this afternoon taking us to the 20s with a pretty stiff wind by dark this afternoon.

                    Happy Thanksgiving!! everyone. A moment of silence for all those that have given their lives so that we can have a bountiful meal with our families mmmm love those Turkeys

                    Dinner at noon at the daughter and son in law's in suburban Lansing then sometime after 2 at my son's in nearby Portland, MI for round 2.

                    Interesting situation Rick, all's well that ends well.....
                    We did get an extra 1/2 hr of OT out of it. Can't beat the OT. That was the best part of having the K-9 job. OT by the bucket loads, that really boosted the retirement compensation that was based on an averaging of the last 5 years.

                    Everyone have a great day, enjoy a peaceful meal and celebrate the bounty we've all been blessed with. I thank all here for the great fellowship and entertainment and education we share with each other here thru out the year.

                    Be Well

                    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                    Cedar Swamp
                    SW of Manistique, MI


                    • Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Philip, Ron, Rick, Karl, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening for our chat and cup of brew.
                      41 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island. I'll be heading out for a family Thanksgiving day. No chance of modeling today.

                      ​​​​​​​Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum tomorrow.

                      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


                      • Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

                        Ron thanks for the coffee and breakfast. I had forgotten that Canada celebrates a month earlier; hope yours
                        was enjoyable. Have fun with your modeling.

                        Rick that sounded like a complicated process trying to get the train "back on track" (pun intended). The
                        server issue happens when I take too ling writing any post and don't know why.

                        Karl enjoy dinner with your family. Your weather is about as lack luster as ours.

                        A cloudy 37 this am here in New York with a high of 47 and rain. Our Daughter and Boyfriend will be here @ 2 pm-ish
                        for dinner with tons of food; sure hope their hungry and lots of leftovers will be traveling south with them. It's always
                        nice to see them and will be the last time until Christmas.

                        Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remember to count your blessings. Thank you to everyone here for your friendship
                        and just plain fun. Be well.
                        Owner, General Manager, and all around "chief cook and bottle washer" of the Caz Coal-and-Wood Railroad


                        • Morning everyone

                          Rick thanks for opening & the coffee.

                          Have a great day with your brother!

                          Karl sounds like your going to have full stomach by the time you get back home!!

                          HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

                          Hope you all have a wonderful day! Don't eat and drink to much!

                          Everyone have a wonderful day!!

                          "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


                          • Good morning on Thanksgiving morning. May you all have a great day

                            Click image for larger version

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                            • Larryc
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                              That is too cute!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving.