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Monday Lounge 10/18/2021

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  • Monday Lounge 10/18/2021

    Good morning Crew. I checked the front and back doors and Jim is not online yet so my old key works, the Lounge is open. The coffee is the old and easy for me Ashpit blend plus we have hot chocolate and diet sodas and real juices on the serving line. Food is bacon or Canadian ham and fried eggs on an English muffin and I guarantee it doesn’t taste like McDonalds.

    Its 40 and a dark morning heading somehow into the 70’s in So Central Wisconsin.

    My day should include riding the green goat and the daughter purchased a couple new electric lights for the front entrance and I have been elected to install them. My very slow weathering project continues. Enjoy your day

    Tom Click image for larger version

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    Good morning Tom and the rest of the crew. It is 41 degrees and heading up to 60 later today under sunny skies.

    The day will include yard work and an afternoon trip to the range.

    Have a great day!


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      Morning Tom, Bruce and incoming crew. Cols and windy here. Looking for the second cup of coffee.

      Don't know what the day will bring. To early to tell what I'm doing. maybe after the second cup. Landscaping crew will be here today to finish up the back of the house and plug in the water feature. Wife wants here new kitchen window stained also. Guess I now know what I'll be doing.

      Have a great day everybody.

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        Good morning Tom and the incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge and the fine breakfast!

        I got to bed about 0130 this morning. I started working on a Great Northern Stewart FT that I had squirreled away maybe 5 years ago. I had put a sound decoder in that didn't fit. I left it, and put it in a box to be fixed later. So after another Aaron Rodgers toyed with the Bears once again, I decided to solve the FT project. The old (new, never ran) Stewart/KATO was pre DCC so the decoder was hard wired in. As usual, the instructions were long gone, and the 30ish gauge wiring was dried out and brittle. So, removed the decoder, ended up soldering all new wires to the decoder (very tedious). and then pulled the FT apart, modified the chassis, and reinstalled the decoder. And it didn't work! Sound YES, train movement NO. After a litany of bad words, I removed the tightly fitted decoder and discovered a solder bridge that I made while rewiring the decoder board. So at 0115 the FT was running around the layout , tooting and bell ringing. I can't remember which decoder that actually is. The Digitrax PR3 doesn't want to talk to it, But my old DCS51 Zephyr is able to. Anybody have a clue as to which decoder doesn't respond to the PR3?


        Looks like the decoder is a Soundtraxx...Step 1 "turn down the volume!".
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          Good morning Tom, Bruce, Bernd, Jim and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up for a chat and cup of brew Tom, breakfast sounds good.

          It is 50 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today. Signs of Fall are here now. Not sure what's up for today in my schedule.

          Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

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            It's up to 50 and an everything bagel and it's office time this morning; raking leaves this afternoon,

            If it warms up enough, maybe some outdoor painting and staining...

            Have to clean out the plant room for wintering over soon so I have a place to put the cacti......they exploded in growth this year and I gave a lot away, but.........bigger is still bigger. Still hopeful of enough sun to get the tomatoes to ripen a bit - one last spurt of fresh ones for the salad for the year....

            Got to finish getting set for the NMRA MER much as I want to go, I don't. Odd to be on the cusp this year......but that's where a lot of things have been and that's not over.
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              Good morning, crew. Thanks for opening, Tom. It's 45F with high in the sixties expected here in northern WV. Beautiful blue sky.

              I will probably continue the garden work I started yesterday. I did get the last of the plants and the bulbs in the ground. I still have to dig gladiolus bulbs, pick out the largest and store them for the winter. No painting yesterday; maybe today.

              Have a great day.


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                Good morning, crew. Thanks for opening, Tom. It's going to be in the 70's in Tidewater Virginia. When I'm done here I'm going for a walk an then some yardwork. Our leaves haven't begun to turn, but the pine trees are dropping their old needles big time.

                Jim, I have an A-B-B-A set of Stewart Kato F7's that need DCC sound. They're the nicest running locos I have. I guess I need to get off my butt and do it.

                Have a good day.
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                  George, I have set of Santa Fe Warbonnet Stewart Kato F A-B-B-A units that I Super detailed, and all have Digitrax 16 bit sound decoders in them. I'll run them as a single consist, and all 4 sound systems sound off together. Just about runs power meter off the wall. If you have an old NMRA Calendar from 2018, they are pictured in one of the months. Sweetest running engines here, Even though I model the C.B.& Q. You can't look awayt from those Warbonnets.

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                Good morning folks

                There is a chill in the air with the temperature being 55 and the high being 59.

                I got the outside Halloween decorations done before the rain the hit. Saturday my wife and I had an adventure getting gas for her car. We usually go to Delaware to get gas since it is 20 to 40 cents cheaper than Pennsylvania. Normally the drive takes about 30 to 35 minutes. Saturday with the insane amount of traffic it took us an hour. Coming home we bushwhacked and went many miles out of way but there was no traffic. We would rather drive further if it means we are moving and not stuck in stop and go traffic. Sunday we ran a few errands.

                I got to run trains this weekend. I tested my new Broadway Limited PRR I1sa 2-10-0 loco. It was able to pull 30 cars with only a slight decrease in speed. I was very impressed. I changed out the plastic couplers on a coupler of Walthers passenger cars. I started subjecting the 30 cars from the I1sa train to inspections and tuning up as needed. I then went back and started to rework my computer database to help keep track of which cars and done and what work is needed on the unfinished cars.

                Today is chores and a pharmacy run. Later work on the database and the rolling stock.

                I hope everybody has a good day.


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                  I was saddened to hear of the passing of General Colin Powell this morning. He's been at the top of my "people I'd like to have lunch with" list since I started it 30 years ago.

                  Yesterday I did more ballasting and base texture. This morning I checked, and it looks pretty good, I think.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  I also cut wood for a loading rack that goes between the NG and SG track, across from the Laird Stone Co building.

                  Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                    Dave, are you going to scatter some debris and weeds in that yard? The randomness of the ballast looks a lot more realistic than not. I like it!


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                    Yeah, this is just the first layer. I'll put some more cinders, etc to blend things together, and then think about foliage...