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    Good morning all, from a chilly 39f and dark N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Railbender blend. The crew van is warming up, and will be heading over to 'The Greek's for our Sunday brunch meeting. Nick had to let GPL hit the bricks as she was eating up all his profits. So, Elvira is back as the front door hostess.

    The train show turned out better than I expected. A previous one that I didn't go to, estimated attendance was down 50-60%. Yesterday's was maybe down 20%. At least when the doors opened, there was a line of folks to get in. I haven't heard the official count, but one of my OP session buddy's said upwards of 400 were in the event. I sold or gave away about half of what I brought. One gal fell in love with some of the Jordan kits I brought, and bought a dozen of them. She claimed they were therapeutic!

    Honk, honk the van is leaving.

    Have a Super day!

    Go Bears!


    Take the red pill

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    Morning Jim & crew

    I'll have a cup of the coffee! But will miss the bus we have breakfast going in the other lounge!

    Weather in South Jersey sunny/49. Later 64.
    A nice Fall day on tap here.

    Hopefully some time at the bench later on today!!

    Everyone have a great day!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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      Good morning, Jim, Jerry and crew. It's in the 50's, heading to the mid 60's in Tidewater Virginia. A nice change from yesterday's 80's. Pat and I are going for a walk soon. Nothing planned after that.

      Jim, it's good to hear train shows are returning to normal. I hope you had the self control to leave with with less than you went to the show with.

      Have a good day.
      With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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        Good morning, all. NH had rain overnight but the sun is out and 65F is forecast later. I spent a while last night finding threads and repairing links, but that job stretches out ahead. It did remind me of projects that seem to have fallen by the wayside: It's been years since an update of the CNJ Bronx Terminal site. Also the Bonaventure & Chambly, and the South Station Project. Have fun at the brunch, I've signed up for my wife's pancakes. More time on the layout later...


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          Good morning Crew on a crisp at 41f degrees morning in So. Central Wisconsin. I see Jim has returned the Crew Van from its 1st run.
          Click image for larger version

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          Personally that Van never gets old to me, thanks Karl.

          Grocery run today and we are going in store. The last curbside pickup Monday was only about 40% of our order. We will check out the store today, maybe the 4th time major grocery shopping since March, 2020. I also have Meds to pickup.

          Tomorrow we should get the temps into the high 70’s and the grass will get cut. Today at 1 on TV the #1 ranked Badger Women Hockey plays in Duluth and we will be watching. Terry is torn as her beloved Packers play the hated Bears at noon. I no longer have multiple TV’s in the cave to watch multiple games at once so she has to make a choice. Probably Hockey on the big screen with the Packers on her IPadPro.

          Trains, still weathering the pulp cars.

          Jim, thanks for opening. Glad the train show left you with less when you left then when you entered. I saw your message yesterday afternoon in the Saturday Lounge. I know many of the Amish in Central Wisconsin have electricity. They can run trains. Some sects though refuse the modern amenities but those in Wisconsin anyway are getting rarer.

          Enjoy the day

          I am still trying to learn this
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            Morning, all......high 40's here and coffee, short stack, and a generous helping of bacon off the new stove is making the morning more tolerable.

            Long day yesterday with the Strasburg O scale meet - best sales day I've ever had!!! But, long drive home as I ran headlong into that front that dropped the temp 15 degrees and tried to drown me with rain.......and then the last hour plus was going about 18 miles on the DC beltway where they had a lane closed for construction......on the rain..........but they were out there the 2.5 hour drive became a 4.5 hour drive home.

            Unloading the car and sorting the unsold out for next April, and then reloading......stuff has to leave!!!!

            Bought next to nothing - 10 pack of couplers and an ancient work trolley - double end work flat - no idea if it runs or not but price fairly reflected it's condition. Another project in the queue......

            In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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              Good morning, crew. It's a cool sunny day in northern WV, expected to be in the sixties.

              A walk and garden work are on the menu. Maybe some touch-up painting. I assembled the tools and supplies I will take to the convention in Toledo later this week. I'm also pricing stuff to sell. First convention for me in over two years.

              Have a great day everyone!


              Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                Good morning guys and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening Jim. Glad to hear the train show went well.

                It is a brisk 56 degrees but sunny here in Rhode Island. Rain sometimes heavy last night. Glad to see it passed this morning.

                Updated my progress on the split camp store yesterday evening. Now for the interior stud framing.

                Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

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                  Morning Men! Have a good day!


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                    Good morning to the entire crew. It is 48 degrees and sunny here in S.E. Michigan. We might reach 60 later today.

                    It is our younger Michigan Granddauther's birthday today. We will head over for dinner and cake later this afternoon.

                    I did get some outdoor work done yesterday - one small step towards winterization of the yard.

                    Have a great day!


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                      43 at first look this morning out across the big lake toward what eventually would lead you to Pete’s bailiwick. A few puff clouds and a mid level bank to the ESE.

                      Danny the builder found a garage sale that wasn’t really open but the fellow let the Doll come over and paw thru some things for 30-45 minutes or more, sort of like sitting in a taxi, the meter seemed to run at about $1 a minute… Fellow was a talker, talked about a collection of cars he’s got that his uncle, the local Dodge dealer had given him in the 70s…Yada ya da, ya da, I left there much less impressed with him than he seemed to be, but still enjoyed to visit. He told me of some interesting happenings around, a new campground going in a couple miles or so down the road back to US-2 from our place as well as the upcoming paving of a big stretch of the road past our private drive to allow for traffic to be detoured for some major culvert repairs on the main road on the West Side of our peninsula. Should render the eponymous sign just a mile or so to the south “Pavement Ends” on a big yellow diamond roadsign with the appended “Like Begins” that is unofficially below that. That should be met with very mixed feelings, especially for the certainty of the tax man’s attention to the “added value” of those residing on the new Macadamized road.

                      We ran into a roadblock on our trail on the way out yesterday. A foul tempered sob with a 3-5 ton old International truck with a high sided box and a wood chipper was 150 ft. S of our place. He was angry that I wanted out, but managed, with great difficulty, to get off far enough to let me pass. After by, I walked back to inquire as to what he was up to…he explained he was hired by the builder of the half million dollar eyesore next to us to trim 4 feet of the edge of the roadway to “leave room for snow” to be plowed…but..he was not on the property of the project, the drive are gentlemen’s agreement easements allowing access to those farther in…quaintly overgrown and tight but rustic, natural track back to camp(s). The buffoon went into a mouth foaming rant from no one working for him showed up, the current crew in DC, inflation, being challenged and on and on…. found out from Danny the guy’s a low ball and his absentee crew are ponds scum with chemical dependency issues and lengthy rap sheets among other negatives. Later investigation the Doll found he’d cut 30 trees and the property owner where he was working had not been afforded a courtesy of being asked nor informed by the builder. I guess folks with $$ from the big city really don’t give a darn about the look and feel of the place before they and their people show up waving the stack of $$$. Sam the angry sawyer told me he was getting $1500 for his hack job.

                      Thought I’d lost this literary tour de farce… better post b-4 I do. -subject to additions-
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                      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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                        Mornin' All!

                        60, headed for 61 and mostly sunny and breezy here in the northern mitten today. Good day to go sailing, but that requires a sailboat, so... <sigh> Fortunately I have enough railroad projects demanding attention that I have plenty to do.

                        Karl, the Uber-Uber folks come up from the moneyed areas to see the beauty of da Great White Frozen Nort' dere, den, and dey love it, eh, so they buy and build and move in and breathe the fresh country air, and life is Good. But the day after the raccoons get into a disagreement at three in the morning the perimeter lights go up and the area goes from "Dark Sky" to looking like the perimeter of a maximum security prison. Yuck! Don't ask how I know this.... Best wishes!

                        The morning is fading, the projects are calling, and it's time to get underway. Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                        in Michigan


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                          Originally posted by Orionvp17 View Post
                          Mornin' All!

                          Karl, the Uber-Uber folks come up from the moneyed areas to see the beauty of da Great White Frozen Nort' dere, den, and dey love it, eh, so they buy and build and move in and breathe the fresh country air, and life is Good. But the day after the raccoons get into a disagreement at three in the morning the perimeter lights go up and the area goes from "Dark Sky" to looking like the perimeter of a maximum security prison. Yuck! Don't ask how I know this....

                          in Michigan
                          I hear yo, there. Heard the tale of a fellow dropping mega-grand on a beautimous desirable lake frontage lot down a bit that came in the first spring weekend the newly landed outlander was able to get in and spent a long day in the brush cleaning’ and trimmin’ up…went back to the motel for the night and found half a dozen ticks in his dungarees…..split for civilization ands never been back…
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                            Karl, IANAL, but it might be worth seeing what the Small Claims Court limit is for MI, and looking into a Small Claims suit for damages. Mebbe mr-out-of-town won't bother showing up. Then you can put a lien on the property for the judgement.

                            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)