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    Good morning all, from 50f and cloudy N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with CabooseStove blend this early morning. The special is the Bacon, Egg, Cheese, and American fried potato casserole. It'll be ready just about the time you wake up.

    I'm heading out to get setup for the train show. About an hour drive to the location.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning, crew. Thanks for opening, Jim. Have fun at the train show.

    We're going to be in the 80's again today. We're supposed to get some much needed rain later today. I'm going to run to the train club this morning. I want to test run a couple locos in preparation for our open house next month.

    Have a good day.
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      Good morning Jim, George and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the lounge Jim for our daily chat and cup of brew. Best way to start a day.
      Good luck and enjoy your train show today. I miss those shows around here. Wish they would get back to normal once again.
      This is 69 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island. Unusual warm for this time of year, but a welcome while it lasts.
      Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. See you all on the Forum.

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        I got my Covid booster yesterday, arm is a little sore today. We got some rain last night, so I don't have to go move the sprinkler to water the over-seeding. But wife's iPhone lost its cellular plan in the last update, not sure what happened there! We'll take it to T-Mobile in case the problem is a bad SIM card. Probably some sort of bizarre glitch, and all they'll have to do is re-register the phone on their network.

        Yesterday I put down some wet-water and matte medium on my yard tracks and space in between. Last night it was still a little wet, today I'll see how well (or poorly) that actually worked.

        Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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          Sun and 43 at first peek this morning.

          It got up to around 65 at times yesterday. Here is a look as we drove in off the “main” road yesterday.

          We’ll probably head out for colors in a bit. The sun is bright with a clear sky, so far, this morning.

          ‘Good luck at the train show, Jim. Hope you don’t have much to bring home.

          Have fine days, everyone.

          KS in da Yoop
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            Good morning from still chilled Wisconsin where it is 43f degrees heading to a balmy 49. There is not a cloud in the sky. They are claiming we will hit 70 on Tuesday.

            Jim thanks for opening, have fun at the show and remember you are there to Sell, not buy!

            Excellent pictures Karl. Love the colors in that tree lane.

            Dave, we got new phones after 6 years in September from T-mobile. Terry’s phone worked great in the store. We left and she was testing and decided to call my phone. I had zippo, turned around to go back to the store. They forgot to add the SIM that was still sitting at the service desk.

            Louis, enjoy that warmth!

            George, enjoy the 80’s and the club.

            I tested the DC on the layout yesterday. Today it is the DCC with and without sound, without sound will be first. Still weathering pulp cars. Had to order more steel wheels.

            enjoy your day

            IT’s OK not to be OK

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              Good morning, all. The NH seacoast has hazy sun and temperatures headed for 75. I delivered fruit to the farmstand yesterday, so today is pretty much open. My wife and stepson are out taking wreath orders fundraising for our school; with fewer than 10 eighth graders, each has more than a mile of road to cover.

              I spent a while on the layout last night: Only 2 operators showed up for my 2nd Mill City session, so work wasn't done at quitting time. Passenger re-staging is almost done, but freight re-staging still needs switching out a lot of cars. Good overall, as I better understand why several classifications got overfilled. I'll try my first attempt at a solution next session.


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                Moring all. Just went through the new forum posts and am heading out the door to the basement. Raining here in Up-State and the "basement Redo" is calling me to getting going.

                Catch you all on the way back tonight.

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                  Good morning to the entire crew. It is 50 degrees, sunny and breezy here in S.E. Michigan. We will stay in the 50's all day.

                  We saw a group of Whitetail does heading across the farmer's field this morning. A little while later a smallish buck was following along the same path. We are approaching the rut.

                  Probably no outdoor work today as everything needs to dry out a bit. The sprinkler guys will show up sometime this afternoon to winterize the system. I will clean the garage and put the leaf vac adaptor on the mowing deck. After that, we will see what catches my fancy.

                  Have a good time at the train show, Jim.

                  Karl, those are great photos!

                  Have a great day!


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                    Good morning, crew. Rainy and cool in northern WV. It will be inside jobs today.

                    Beautiful pictures, Karl.

                    I finished the brushwork yesterday on the ceiling, although I might second coat some places where the stains bled through. Used a stain block but it was not completely effective. I might give it a rest today to do other things.

                    Have a wonderful day!


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                      Mornin' All!

                      54, feels like 50 and "unsettled" here in the northern mitten today. Rain showers off and on, and likely to continue. Division meeting on Zoom is on a break, with a good clinic coming up.

                      Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                      in Michigan


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                        Originally posted by TomO View Post
                        Dave, we got new phones after 6 years in September from T-mobile. Terry’s phone worked great in the store. We left and she was testing and decided to call my phone. I had zippo, turned around to go back to the store. They forgot to add the SIM that was still sitting at the service desk.
                        As someone once said, "Trust, but verify!"

                        Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                          Back from the train show, and will probably come down with pneumonia. The facility was great, but they had 6) 10'X10' garage doors open for 3 hours this morning to let everyone of the vendors to have access to their tables. It was 48f with about 15mph crosswinds. Froze my butt off. I unloaded about half of what I brought. Gave away some cars and an engine to several kids. I'm still wondering how the Amish kids run their trains (and they do like them!). Probably waterwheel generators charging a battery? Inquiring minds want to know!

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