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    Good morning from Batavia, NY where it is in the low 60's with partly cloudy skies.
    Breakfast is quick this morning before Bonnie and I hit the road: hotel waffles with some kind of syrup; a mixture of fruit in little cups, and a coffee that we will call a "mystery blend".

    We've been on the road for a week. Had a group birthday bash for myself, my brother and my sister who all have birthdays this month, saw some great fall colors in Vermont, and are now about 8 hours from home.

    We are glad to see Tyson back on the forum!

    Have a great day.

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    Looks like a double header this morning.....

    Good morning all from 54f and dark N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Gladtobeofftheroads blend. The special is pancakes and thick cut black peppered bacon. Oatmeal pot was left on overnight, and we might use some of it to wallpaper the back wall. All other bevs are at the end of the line.

    Only had one close call on the way back from Eastern Maryland. Some tattooed monkey decided to change lanes without looking, and it was horn and brake city. Obviously a ‘distracted’ driver. He dropped back about 20 car lengths and was probably glad he was wearing cheap shorts. Even with all the construction delays and 20+ mile stretches of orange barrels without a sign of activity, we made it home in one 12 hour drive. There was one multi-vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, at the tail end of a construction zone.

    I bypassed the old MB Klein store on Saturday, (not open as mentioned as being open on their website) I did however stop in to Tommy Gilbert’s in Gettysburg. Nice shop but I was looking for a connector to plug into the TCS sound decoder that was packed with a wrong part. No problem, I just need to wait 3 weeks until TCS sends me the correct part.

    Well, I need to see what has been going on the Forum for the past 5 days.

    I see Tyson Rayles has been reincarnated good deal!

    Have a Super day!


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      Good morning, Bruce, Jim and later arrivals. The NH seacoast is clear though the sun isn't over the trees east of my house. No model railroading yesterday, but we did install and adjust a ground throw mechanism at Seashore. Back up there for work days today and tomorrow, but possibly some layout work in the evening. Restaging is one job, the other is building and installing a signal I've put off since 2016.


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        Another gray day here in No. and more coffee!

        Office and shop time today, and if the weather ever clears off, work on that cabinet out in the garage prepping to stain and poly it, all while waiting for the new stove to be delivered today.

        Have the MER convention next week and I'm still debating the wisdom of attending. I'll have to kick that around more between now and then.

        In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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          Jim must have had vision correction surgery while he was out East, or maybe he's adapted some Yankee ways, using less space to conserve. Glad to see you back and safe, Jim.. Be careful on the home leg, Bruce.

          Some sun at the moment but it seems transitory here in MI. We may take the ride back to Northern Command tomorrow. I'll keep y'all advised. Like to take off before I need to mow again.

          The trip to Battle Creek went well, we then headed NNW to just S of Grand Rapids to a garden center, only customers at the place, the Doll picked up some Mums...but I'll stay silent about it. Mist drizzle was the theme of the day. Not enough to run the wipers but had to bump the lever every 30-45 seconds. Chilly, too, 64 after Monday's 80.

          Everyone have a good day. Stay safe.


          BTW: The original Tuesday lounge that I posted to, started by Michael Hohn, is still missing from the menu, but Martin's Tuesday... post is still showing,
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            Good morning Bruce, Jim, James, Martin, Karl and all incoming crew. Sounds like it has been a good trip for you and Bonnie. Be safe heading back home.
            It is 62 degrees and sunny here in Rhode Island today, the littlest State in the Union.
            Not sure what's up for today, but I too was relieved to hear that Mike (Tyson) was indeed still with us.
            veryone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead of you. See you all on the Forum.

            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              Good morning guys. Overcast but dry, high expected in the upper 70's in northern WV today.

              Thank you for opening Jim. Apparently I mistakenly opened yesterday morning's lounge under under General Forums rather than the Crew Lounge topic, making it hard to find. I shouldn't do that so early in the day.

              Anyway, welcome back, Jim.

              And welcome back Tyson Rayles. Good news indeed.

              I'm planning to paint today now that my post-vaccination aches have gone away. We'll see how that goes. Meanwhile my wife and I are talking about redoing one of our bathrooms.

              Have a wonderful day, everybody!



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                Good morning from Wisconsin where the rain has begun and we have not hit 60 yet today. Heading towards Pete, Karl and Bruce in the great state of Michigan.

                We beat the rain doing 2 Farmers Markets this morning.

                Jim, glad you made it home safe. I don’t do the 12 hour driving stints anymore. Karl, beat the grass mowing head north. Bruce, safe travels. Everyone have a great day

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                  Well, last weekend's NER convention motivated me sufficiently that I tacked one of my least favorite projects, fixing track problems. I had another instance of buckling from humidity expansion, so I removed a couple ties, cut gaps with the Dremel, added a (loose) rail joiner, spiked down either end behind the rail joiner and finally added the ties I removed. I also worked out the kink by drilling and adding spikes. I still need to add track feeders on the other side of the new gap, but that's less frustrating than messing with out-of-gauge track.

                  Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                    Goooood Late Afternoon, All!!

                    Hope Bruce and Bonnie made it home OK... they seem to have been a day behind me, as I left Batavia Tuesday, bagged it in Birch Run (near Flint) last night and eased on home this morning. Nice drive overall, but the orange cones are everywhere and some of the folks described above seem to be everywhere....

                    Dave is correct... the convention was indeed motivating, and I need some of that. Seeing a couple of eye-candy railroads and a bunch of friends was a delight.

                    But now I need some additional sleep! Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                    in Michigan


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                      One of the good clinics I attended last weekend was Pete's description of how he worked with a small number of prototype photos to recreate a prototype scene. His description of how he then worked the NMRA Achievement Program credit was icing on that cake. It dovetailed nicely with Rich Breton's talk about modeling a specific town in NH.

                      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                        Editing a comment
                        Thanks, Dave! It was fun!

                        in Michigan

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                      Played with the video editing a bit today. Silent vid from the cedar swamp aka Northern Command

                      Taken with a dji Air 2s drone and "edited" with Adobe Premiere Elements 2021
                      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                      Cedar Swamp
                      SW of Manistique, MI


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               yields a black screen and notification of "Private".

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                          Originally posted by Dutchman View Post
                          Good morning from Batavia, NY where it is in the low 60's with partly cloudy skies.
                          You were only about 50 miles to the west of where I live. Could have had breakfast here. Where you on the thruway or Routes 5 & 20?


                          New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds