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Paul asked in another thread about the jig I use to build fences. I thought I'd put something together in case it might be of use to others. I hope it is.

I've built quite a few scale feet of fencing for various diorama's I have built. The first few were tedious so I designed a jig to help make it easier.

It is made out of two pieces of 1/8" hardboard and is cut on the table saw. The top board is 2" wide, the bottom 4". They are glued together. Mine is 12 inches long to accomadate longer fences (the stripwood I use is 12" long) , but it can be any length you wish. Each slit is 1/2" deep by a saw blade wide. They are spaced 1" apart. I use 1/16" square stock for the posts which are cut 1 1/4" long for a scale 8' tall finished fence. The posts are put in each slit depending how long you want the fence to be. (the posts pictured are not cut to length)

The next step is to cut to size and glue the lower horizontal support. I use scale 2x8" stripwood for this. It is placed tight to the length of the jig. You can either start this board on the right side fence post or to the edge of the jig in case you are going to join it to another piece of fence. You don't want two posts meeting at a corner.

Next, I glue the second support to the posts. I use the black line to position this board. It is 3/8" from the edge of the jig and I place the top of the board even with it.

I'll let the glue dry at least a couple of hours before proceeding. The next step is to place a couple of 1/4" spacers behind the posts to move the fence away from the bottom of the jig. (one is pictured on the right post) This will allow to get the vertical fence boards even and enough fence post left to plant in the ground. I'll then start to glue the vertical boards on. I usually start on one end. (These are just placed for illustrations)

The vertical fence boards are also cut to length using the jig. I again used the table saw to make a couple of slits. One is 1" deep, the other is 7/8". The boards are scale 1x8's. Since I don't have a chopper, a blade is used to cut them.

Here is a finished fence.

Now, I used the unstained wood to make them easier to see in the photo's. I usually cut about 50-100 posts and soak them in alcohol/india ink before assembly. I do the same with all the other boards and let them dry a few days before starting.

That's it. Makes fence building a whole lot easier and enjoyable and they are real wood.