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Stall while uploading image with several tabs open

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  • Stall while uploading image with several tabs open

    I had 4 tabs open to different forum threads using an up-to-date Firefox browser on Linux.
    In the most-recently-opened tab, I clicked the Image icon.
    I selected the Upload tab, Browsed to a 140KB JPEG file and clicked Send to Server.
    A progress bar was displayed, showing about 60%. The bar never moved again. No URL was visible in the Image Info tab.
    Eventually I clicked Cancel. I tried this 4 times, same results.
    Then I closed that tab.
    I used the first-opened tab to navigate to the Kanthima's Scratchbuilt Structures thread. I was able to upload the same pictures I'd tried without any problems. No progress bar, the upload appeared to be instant.