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Boston & Maine Maroon & Gold EMD F-7 units

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  • Boston & Maine Maroon & Gold EMD F-7 units

    I'm preparing my layout for an article or two in a future publication, which I'll keep where under my hat for now. My area is New England, roughly late thirties to late 50s. No specific prototype/location.

    I've spent so much time on construction that I've neglected some areas of supporting rolling stock and motive power. I'm good on steam and diesel switchers for yard duties and short haul stuff. The layout supports a peddler freight operation & light passenger service throughout, so nothing too large.

    Of course, now that they seem to be long gone, it would be really nice to have one of the B&M maroon & gold F units. Of course, I've missed the Athearn Genesis. the Broadway Limited, The Intermountain, the Stewart/Kato (Is that all of them?)...and the solution seem to be to compete for meager pickings at inflated prices. Given the size of my operation (small towns, single track) I think just the A unit would do (though A+B would make for a nice photo op.

    I do have time ( a year or maybe better) so any suggestions as to upcoming availabilty and the best choice of all those that were made would be greatly appreciated. I do realize yesterdays's prices are probably a pipe dream, so just finding something is the first step.

    Thanks, Bob
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    Pick a unit or two from wherever, strip and repaint. Highball Graphics (NH) and Micro-Scale (CA) have decals for the Minuteman scheme, which is in "Dulux Gold,"not "Gold!!" Your biggest issue here will be finding the "B&M Maroon" paint, as a number of the "right" manufacturers have discontinued their hobby paint lines. The good news there is that given that Mother Nature attacks the paint the moment the locomotive leaves the shop, you have various options available that with some weathering will get you "close."

    If you run out of time, there are a number of folks in your general vicinity who might loan you the right power for the photo ops.

    Don't forget to share pix with us!

    in Michigan


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      Good seeing you here Bob!

      Any open houses in the future???

      "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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        Since I was there last you've done an absolutely incredible and beautiful job constructing your layout. You really have a good eye for things. Congrats to you brother! Perhaps this will help on the paint? Tru-Color Paint~TCP-88~Engine Maroon~2 Bottles~B&M/MEC & Other Railroads 200316000880 | eBay
        Thanx Thom...


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          Hi Bob, welcome to the new forum.
          Thanks for the link.


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            Hi Bob, simply amazing work !!

            welcome aboard.



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              Nice to hear from people! I have been remiss in attending to news on the forum & other places. On the M&G B&M F7, Painting, lettering, decals etc. with motive power are not high on my skill set - in fact, my skills in that regard are really non-existent. I am just starting to explore weathering rolling stock. Bottom line, since I scratch build virtually everything on my layout, I know if I get started on a paint scheme I will devote 6 months to it, trying for some kind of perfection. So, with time ALWAYS in short supply, (being smart, here) if I fail to come up with a RTR for purchase, I will probably do the suggested loaner - already have a couple prospects. Be nice to own just the A unit, though...

              On opens houses. I generally don't do open houses - but I do showings for small groups that organize to do a tour. I've had several small groups of 4-6 that will come every year - either in the summer, fall or (weather permitting) around the time of the show in West Springfield, MA.
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                There are two colors involved in the paint scheme... Maroon and black. Black roof and ends (mostly-- the maroon wraps around the end a bit) and maroon car body. The rest is decals! This would be a good learning experience! You can determine lining for portholes, etc. in photos, but a Sharpie marker will get you through those.... Go for it!

                in Michigan


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                  Looking on Fleabay just now, I see an Intermountain FT A/B set DCC/sound for more than I'd pay and an Athearn F-7 A/B/A set priced like it's DC-only.