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    Dear Staff,
    How do I set things so I can automatically go to forums without logging in each time?

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    Same here!!!

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      I have the same problem but also have to log in twice in android.


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        Doesn't the software on your computer allow you to remember the password for all Forums one visits? I know in Windows it will ask if you want to save the password for a specific forum when you log in.

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          my credentials are saved in chrome.. i sign into my google account on my phone / tablet / work / home / and travel laptop and it logs me in no matter what device i use..



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            From the Help section of the forum:

            Login to the site by locating the "Login or Sign Up" link located in the top right corner of the page.

            Click the link to activate the login box.

            Enter in your username and password with the option to "Remember me" then click "Log in".

            Remember me allows a user to stay logged instead of their session with the site timing out after a default of 15 minutes without activity.

            Please note: The Remember me feature sets a cookie in order to function properly, if you have specified in your browser to clear all cookies upon closing the program or similar then the feature may not work properly.

            A short message "Logging in..." will appear until the login process is completed then you will see your Messages and User Options available on the top right where the login link was prior.

            Alternatively you may also login using Facebook, if enabled by the Site Administrator.

            To do this, Click the Log in with facebook icon.

            If you have logged into facebook recently and/or within the same browser session login will take place immediately.

            If you have not logged into facebook recently it will prompt you for login.

            On the subject of facebook login, please note your facebook account must be associated with your forum account in order for login to take place. To locate your facebook details simply visit your User Settings then the Account tab and scroll down to find the options for "Facebook Connect".

            Basically, if you clear your cookies before coming here the 'Remember Me' function at log in won't work.
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              I found that android works with this sequence of steps well. If I click on the "remember me" box first, the log-in dialogue box opens. When I click on the user name section, my saved user name and password are auto-filled. Thanks, Rick!


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                  Okay, this is a little bit of odd bit.............but I thought it was not remembering my log in on the home page as when I would close the tab and then when I would come back it gave every appearance of my needing to log in again.

                  Appearances are deceiving!!! If I proceed into any part of the forums, then the heading at the top of the page indicates that I am already signed in.

                  It's just not showing that I'm being remembered as logged in on the front page!
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                    You're absolutely right, Martin! I just tried this on Android and it works just like you said. Hmmm....


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                      Seems like a small glitch with the home page but at least it's remembering we're logged in!!!
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