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    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers, from warm and partly Sunny N.E, Indiana. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Floquil Engine Black blend today. The special is a short stack, two eggs looking at you, and a bacon smile, All other beverages at the end of the line.

    Well, everyone kept awake during our Zoom meeting last evening. Afterward I flipped on the tube, and watched Monday Night Football. It was a very exciting last half hour. You could see and feel the emotions of the crowd.

    Today, I need to locate some underground wires and a gas line that I put in over 25 years ago out in the yard. I'm renting a trencher to bury some drain pipes from the new downspouts out into the woods. Yesterday it got up to 88 and humidity was too high to work out there very long. High today lower 80s.

    Hobby activity is still slow on this end with all the other 1:1 projects yet to work on, before the snow flies. House still looks like a 'crack house' while we wait for the new windows to be delivered.

    Have a Super day!


    Take the red pill

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    Morning everyone

    Jim I'll have a cup of coffee.

    Yes I did get my hand fixed. Just had he stiches taken out. A lot better but still a little sore.

    Now I've been going to a Doc because I lost my hearing in my left ear. They think it's from a reaction to the "SHOT"! Tomorrow another hearing test then will see this will be my 3rd test.
    Been getting shots in my ear.

    On a lighter note. Bruce is there any action in the basement? Train wise that is!!

    Everyone have a great day!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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      Good morning, Jim, Jerry and later arrivals. Another nice day in the lower Merrimack Valley - sunny and bound for the mid-70s. I worked on house foundations yesterday before a long Selectmen's meeting, another meeting tonight but railway preservation this time. Today could be more scenery, airbrushing or both.


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        Good morning Jim, Jerry and the rest of the crew. We have sunshine right now in S.E. Michigan and should break 80 later today. We had a tremendous storm yesterday afternoon. It got as dark as night for a while. The rain gauge shows we got 1.5 inches of rain total yesterday. More significant rain coming this evening and over night. I'm starting to think that the farmer behind us might just get a third cutting of hay this year.

        Jerry, small steps. We did get the carpet changed in the basement this summer. We figured it didn't make sense to try to do that after the layout was up. Baby steps.

        I'm heading over to the tire place to have them put the original tires back on the Jeep. The lease is coming up, and I want the better tires that I put on the vehicle for the next lease. There is still plenty of wear left on them.

        Jerry, sorry to hear about your hearing issues. Interesting post yesterday from a Detroit news station. They asked for examples from listeners of non-vaccinated folks getting sick and passing away. Instead, they got hundreds and hundreds of responses from folks who had friends/relatives (or personally) who got the shot getting sick and/or passing away. The number of examples of folks getting very adverse reactions to the jab was eye opening. Again death was included in many cases. What they didn't get was any answers to their posted question. Don't you just wish we could get accurate facts and figures on this? Feel better!

        Have a great day!


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          Good morning Jim and Jerry and anyone else who shows up. It's clear and warm today in WV, expecting highs in the 80's.

          I'll do a few outdoor tasks, maybe go for a walk, but today will be more of an indoor projects day. I cut a new threshold for the outside door for the room I'm renovating. Today I'll wander down into the cave (basement) to retrieve the stain I need and see how damp things are. Some LED's I ordered came yesterday, so maybe I'll play with them.

          Have a great day!



          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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            A sunny and warm day on tap, storms late in the afternoon are forecast. 1:1 to do as the weeds need mowing, much more than the grass Jim, the weather report I saw shows the storm line down your way by mid afternoon could be fairly big, but then, "they" are only guessing.

            The trip home was short circuited, or rather LONG circuited, when theDoll got shook up in hard rain and lightning and suddenly hit the first exit ramp she came upon....the X-way going hell and gone off to the West side of the state....after what was a 30 minute or more side trip including a mile and a half flag man on a 2 lane road we sat at for 15 minutes, we did finally get back on the right track and home. With a new driver

            The outdoors in calling, everyone have a fine day, dry and safe.


            Interesting last paragraph, Bruce.....I won't light the fuse....
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            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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              Good morning Jim, Jerry, James, Bruce, Mike, KarlS and all incoming crew. Here in Rhode Island we are at 68 degrees and sunny.
              Not sure what today will bring. However the lawn is continually growing and in need of a mowing.
              Everyone have a great day, stay safe and healthy. See you all on the Forum.

              Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                Looks like another hot day here in No VA; plenty of paperwork to shuffle on my consulting business home office and then sneak off into the shop for breaks.

                Watered the peppers yesterday late so I'll keep an eye on them with the heat today. Lawn keeps maybe push the mower around to work myself up into a good state for tonight NMRA MER Board meeting.........yippee!
                In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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                  Good morning Crew. The high for the day was to be 72f degrees, it is now 75 and climbing. Back to the smoothies yesterday for breakfast and upping the exercise. My lab tests from Friday were pretty good but this morning on My Chart there is a message saying the Friday blood draws at my Clinic were contaminated. New blood draw, free of charge, tomorrow. Oh yeah, another message stating I may have been exposed on Friday to Covid. The health department will contact you if they think you had contact. Well guess what, I had contact, that test is this afternoon.

                  This unhappy camper is starting a new project because the old ones are not finished, so why not! But this one has a deadline of 10/14/2021. The grandkids are getting a new slot track next to my railroad. I knew lumber was still high but birch cabinet grade panel prices are crazy. My daughter has the designs for the bleachers and pit buildings. I told her I will deliver the wood today and she needs to start immediately or I blame her for any delays. Her kids, her laser machine, no excuses.

                  Michaels notified me part of my florist wire order is in and curbside is ready. Need more trees for the layout and that was prior to the new slot track. The slot track will replicate the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Not to many trees needed but still some. Still waiting for track materials and turnouts for the layout expansion.

                  Have a great day


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                    Tom, you need to build that track on a 'spit' and be able turn it over's LeMans!

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                  Good afternoon, All!

                  78, feels like 81 and blustery, with southwest winds at 15, gusting to 29 here in the northern mitten. Just had a look at the radar, which shows the entire mitten clear. Yippee-skippee.

                  Had a row of boomers go through this morning. It moved quickly and disappeared to the northeast. Just as I was getting ready to head in town for doc appointments and errands, the power went out, on again, off again and then on. Took the phone and the cable with it. I left. Came home, opened the garage door on the way up the drive, and realized that the generator is on, so power is out again. Phone and cable work. Go figure....

                  More appointments this afternoon, and then more soldering. Last night's festivities went mostly well. Did lose a connected LED and lampshade on the ceiling of the station. Found the shade, and miracle of miracles, I found the LED. This thing is about half the size of a sesame seed, and I have no idea how the supplier soldered it to the magnet wires.... Thrill a minute.

                  Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                  in Michigan


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                    I'm trying a new approach for wood (clapboard) wall sides. After terrible warping (plus mis-measurement) of the wall for a background flat, this time I started by spraying the (NESL clapboard) wall with shellac. Then I applied a coat of BEST Vetero stain to each side. After each treatment, I put the wall piece on a flat surface, sandwiched by wax paper, with bricks on top to keep things flat. My plan is to do the wall color today, another day under the bricks, and then cut out the window/door openings. (My hypothesis is the openings provide yet more surfaces for water/alcohol to infiltrate the wood causing warping.)

                    This AM I had a Dr Appt ("not dead yet"), and this afternoon my Roman Architecture course, with more lessons on designing structures in SketchUp. I got my book on Classical Roofed Theaters yesterday, my project for this class will be a model of the small theater at Pompeii.

                    Over on my construction blog ( ), I posted a question on yard scenery. Looking for feedback on coloring and scenic treatment of my visible staging yard. Thanks in advance!

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      Finished mowing, start around 70 degrees,it's 84 now, decent breeze kept it tolerable. Cold pizza and an icy can'o diet Dr P and I'm fine. Warmest i've been in 2 weeks. 80s in forecast for the next few. Today presents with one of those feels like it could: "blow up a cloud" as my kin folk in the deep South would say, TV girl said so for late afternoon.

                      404 on both my "i" devices after using them to log in this morning. Using Safari on them. Desktop PC I'm using is fine, this time.
                      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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                        Bruce, I'd look carefully at that post. I know a bunch of people in medical jobs, from HS classmates to children of HS classmates. All are vaccinated, all very definite that the people filling their beds (even in MA) are almost all unvaccinated. Since February, the worst side effect I've heard of is a day or two of flu-like symptoms. And my sample is big enough to include one break-through case (one of my sons, now recovered).

                        Karl, I haven't seen 404. The 403 error goes away if you clear cookies, but you have to log in again. I'm getting the idea that asking the site to search for anything is one of the cause.

                        Good news for all is that both Google and Duck-Duck-Go search are starting to return results with 'node' and 'page' numbers, so the old ' xyz" trick is back.


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                          Afternoon all,
                          Speaking of vaccinated- is this forum site program vaccinated?, because I'm still having the most wonderful time clearing my cookies on edge, chrome & the old i.e. every time I enter a thread and want to read another page and back buttons don't help, browsers don't help, only a constant finger on clearing cookies and start over. I was bringing everyone some donuts and muffins, but I dropped the boxes having to constantly reach for the clearing cookies button. I'm frustrated with all things forbidden to me in this solar system and going walk-about to another galaxy is looking pretty good right about now!
                          Thanx Thom...


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                            Edge? IE? Eeuuww!

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                          OK, fat finger day, 403 it is Currently on the aforementioned iPad,,after, vacuuming the cookie and history setting.
                          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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