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  • Program Operating Guidelines

    Rolling Stock Interchange Program

    Operating Guidelines
    The Interchange Program is open to anyone who has been an active, contributing member in good standing of the Railroad Line Forum for at least 3 months.

    1. Rolling stock involved in the exchange remains the property of the original owner, and participants are NOT to make any changes in parts, modify, weather, or paint another member's model unless approved by the owner.

    2. Damage from shipping, from wear & tear, or from an accident while in the possession of another member must be reported to the owner immediately. If the model is damaged after it is in possession of a participating member, a plan for the repair will have to be submitted to and agreed upon by the owner. All repair parts and associated expenses will be the responsibility of the member in possession at the time the damage was incurred.

    3. It is strongly suggested that a model be packed tightly in a regular kit box so it won't move. That box should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside another box with surrounding plastic peanuts or adequate packing material and then well taped with packing tape. Models should be sent out first class mail...not expensive for a small, light box - insurance optional. This shipping box should be retained by the recipient for use in re-shipping the car to the next member of the group.

    4. Failure to return, report damage to, or abuse of another member's model will result in expulsion from the group.

    5. Models should be shipped on or close to the date released by the coordinators of the program. Approximately one week notice of the shipping date will be provided to group members.

    6. The activities of the group are in no way connected with, its owners, administrators, and moderators. Participation in this group is strictly voluntary and each participant assumes all liability for loss or damage to their own property.

    7. Participation in the Interchange Group as a member constitutes agreement with these"Arial">